Letters to the Editor

Bellevue City Council should declare Bellevue a sanctuary city | Letter

The recent executive order promulgated by President Trump and his administration — clearly a Muslim ban — has deepened the fissures in American society. While… Continue reading

  • Feb 24, 2017

House bills will endanger firearm owners | Letter

As written to my 48th District representatives and senator: There are two types of people who use firearms for violent and destructive purposes: Criminals, and… Continue reading

  • Feb 19, 2017

Why isn’t Bellevue Council mandating viable parking solution? | Letter

Can someone explain to me why is it that the Mercer Island City Council is the only government entity that is upset about the solution… Continue reading

  • Feb 18, 2017

Bellevue University Bookstore closure is a loss | Letter

It was a sad and sorry day for Bellevue when the University Bookstore closed its doors on Feb. 15. In her open letter to bookstore… Continue reading

  • Feb 16, 2017

Basic facts about Affordable Care Act | Letter

A recent letter writer should revisit a few basic facts about the Affordable Care Act. First of all, major parts of the law were written… Continue reading

  • Feb 16, 2017

DeVos does not have students’ best interests in mind | Letter

I am a student at Western Washington University and a graduate from Interlake High School. I just wanted to express my thanks to the Bellevue… Continue reading

  • Feb 10, 2017

Finding a home for the homeless in Bellevue | Letter

Here is an uplifting story of how one-on-one support and team effort helped the homeless person in my neighborhood of Eastgate, Bellevue. For years, Dennis… Continue reading

  • Feb 9, 2017

Bellevue’s response to mosque fire should serve as example to world | Letter

This is regarding the letter to the editor in the Jan. 20 edition about the case of arson at the Islamic Center of the Eastside.… Continue reading

  • Feb 7, 2017

No urban freeway could be built faster than light rail | Letter

Your Jan. 13 opinion page led off with a citizen’s letter proposing a new “I-205” freeway to bypass Everett, Seattle, Bellevue and Tacoma. That idea… Continue reading

  • Feb 7, 2017

Be considerate of opposing voices | Letter

We’re living in a time in which our country is very divided. We’re seeing everyone around us in one way: Democrats or Republicans. People have… Continue reading

  • Feb 6, 2017

Veterans, beware of not-so-easy discount at Bellevue Home Depot | Letter

I was recently at Home Depot in Bellevue and when I was checking out the clerk asked me if I was a veteran. I replied… Continue reading

  • Feb 6, 2017

Nearby employees take over Bellevue park and ride parking, enforcement needed | Letter

In the article about the loss of commuter parking stalls due to the closure of the South Bellevue Park and Ride, Sound Transit suggests there… Continue reading

  • Feb 5, 2017

Disappointed in energy bill failure | Letter

I have appreciated the Bellevue Reporter’s coverage of the importance of conservation to our region, and specifically the federal Land and Water Conservation Fund. I… Continue reading

  • Feb 4, 2017

Puget Sound Energy fails to prove local need for Energize Eastside | Letter

Puget Sound Energy claims that the Eastside transmission grid is running out of capacity. Prove it. Stop hiding behind Critical Energy Infrastructure Information (CEII), and… Continue reading

  • Feb 3, 2017

Transportation agenda doesn’t meet our needs, but new freeway may | Letter

You reported on the recent meeting of our elected officials on Eastside transportation concerns. A conclusion was reached at the meeting — to have another… Continue reading

  • Feb 3, 2017

Bellevue homeless shelter: Apples and oranges | Letter

In the Dec 16 Reporter, a writer expressed her support for the low-barrier homeless shelter, which is proposed to be built next to the Eastgate… Continue reading

  • Jan 6, 2017

Fire Station 10 process does not protect Bellevue neighborhoods | Letter

In every Bellevue City Council candidates forum that I have attended since 1969, each candidate pledged to “protect the neighborhoods.” This promise was obviously political… Continue reading

  • Jan 6, 2017

Time to create better plan to combat homelessness in Bellevue | Letter

You can’t be all things to all people and be effective. Congregations for the Homeless (CFH) provides an appreciated service in our city. They have… Continue reading

  • Jan 6, 2017

Applaud Bellevue for planning homeless men’s shelter | Letter

As a longtime Eastgate resident, I support and applaud our council members and the city staff for planning a shelter for homeless men, a day… Continue reading

  • Dec 16, 2016

Magnet attracting more homeless to Bellevue? | Letter

While the proposed Eastside men’s shelter location near Bellevue College would seem to be an obvious concern, the location near the Eastgate Transit Center is… Continue reading

  • Dec 11, 2016