It takes smarts to know when you’re being lied to | Letter

I am so happy that President Trump is cutting funding for the EPA. I have worked on environmental causes all my life. However, I know that GloBull warming is an absolute lie. There is not going to be any GloBull warming. It’s just not going to happen.

Science is my favorite subject. Most modern scientists know the climate is driven by the sun. There is no such thing as a carbon footprint. That is a joke. One volcano can put out more C02 than an entire industrial sized nation. GloBull warming was made up by ENRON. That should give you a clue.

When I was in college, they told me I was the only person to get a perfect score on every science test in the history of the college. However, I learned that I was not very smart. I did not prove anything. I did not discover anything. All I did was to tell other people what they wanted to hear.

Everyone was very nice to me, until I started to test things and ask questions. I learned that if you can tell when someone is lying to you, now, that is smart.

Thirty-thousand scientists sued Al Gore, now that’s smart. President Trump is doing a fantastic job.

Go Trump.

Martin Ulstein