We have a moral responsibility to help refugees | Letter

I have read the Bellevue Reporter for a number of years appreciating the local content. However I have noticed over my years of reading letters to the editor a cadre of writers who practice what I call the current administrations disinformation practices. I call it the three M’s Mislead, Misrepresent and Manipulate.

I had to leave out the most significant practice, “Lying” because it doesn’t start with M.

A recent letter to the editor, from a member of this cadre, regarding Inslee’s stand on sanctuary status for Washington State claimed that Inslee “wants to defy President Donald Trump’s administration and accept all unvetted refugees.” This is completely false. The current vetting practice in place is rigorous and extreme in its thoroughness. For those who would like to see a flow chart of the process, a good one can be found at JKDoyle.com under “The Current Vetting Process for Refugees Seeking to be Resettled in the United States”.

I am tired of the Three M’s. Anything that does not agree with the beliefs of these individuals is labeled “fake news”. I often ask people who use that phrase, what they consider real news. Other than Fox, I receive no answer. But even Fox doesn’t claim that refugees undergo no vetting.

The writer also makes the claim that refugees will create social welfare costs. While there may be a cost it will be a fraction of the cost to our moral standing in the world.

The President recently claimed that the chemical attacks in Syria crossed “a number of lines” for him. Yet the images didn’t seem to move him to help those affected by the attack. An acknowledgement that we must offer more than missiles would have been a compassionate beginning. That should start with resettlement in the country we claim is the greatest in the world.

We have a moral responsibility to help. If our country can’t recognize and act on that responsibility, God help us all.

Jeffrey Masnari