Letters to the Editor

Pest control work isn’t done yet for Bellevue schools

Thank you for the recent article about the Bellevue School District receiving pest control star. I would like to clarify a couple of points. The school district is at the start of the journey and has not yet realized the standards set forth. While the award should be applauded, there remains much work to do to come into compliance with all program goals.

  • Jun 26, 2008

Letters Carlson misses boat on cars, mileage

John Carlson seems to have missed the BTU boat when he cites Wired’s “Inconvenient Truths” in “WIRED magazine: going green perhaps not all it’s cracked up to be.” When a used vehicle is traded for a new one, the carbon debt already been amassed. Happened as soon as the new Prius or Hummer or whatever got built.

  • Jun 26, 2008

Blackstrom’s words touched me

I have just read Walter Blackstrom’s opinion, “No Excuses in 2008,” which is in the June 18 edition of The Bellevue Reporter and I want to say “thank you” to Mr. Blackstrom.

  • Jun 25, 2008


Carlson argument shoots some blanks- and other opinions

  • Jun 2, 2008

Letters Concentrate on 520

Like many Eastside residents, I regularly see e-mail notices of meetings dealing with future light rail systems in our area. The Sound Transit representatives describe some of the planning they’re doing such as selecting sites for stations and proceeding with initial designs.

  • Jun 2, 2008

Letters: Safety hurt by county spending

A recent story in the Bellevue Reporter paper reports how the county Sheriff may have to lay off 100 deputies. How come there is enough budget to replace logo on every sign owned by King County, all the stationery, and all the uniforms, but not enough to keep citizens safe?

  • Jun 2, 2008