Vote on emergency men’s shelter at Eastgate should not be delayed | Letter

The Bellevue City Council should support the proposal to build an emergency men’s shelter and permanent affordable housing at the Eastgate site. The council was elected to serve the entire Bellevue population, including its homeless population. By delaying a decision, they are wasting taxpayer dollars and avoiding their obligation as elected officials. Their cowardice in the face of a loud and misinformed opposition is a disservice to their community.

An elected official’s responsibility is to make decisions, even if they are tough and unpopular. The council committed to building a permanent shelter in 2014. Other sites have already been considered and experts and city staff recommended the Eastgate site months ago. The council needs to decide now to support the shelter.

They cannot let a few squeaky wheels derail the process and waste more time and money. Every additional council meeting and study session keeps people sleeping on the streets of Bellevue. The current site has already been thoroughly vetted and chosen from a long list of proposed sites. The correct recommendation was made months ago and only needs the council to approve it. The council should do what is right and support the project.

Jeff Whitehill