Protect services that prevent and end homelessness | Letter

Every one has a right to have their basic needs met and it is our responsibility to make it happen. Please support HB 1570, Washington Housing Opportunities Act by calling and writing to your state legislative representatives.

The state legislature needs to eliminate the sunset on the fees paid to file real estate related documents which provides Washington’s most important source of funding to combat homelessness. The fees fund domestic violence shelters, youth shelters, outreach services, short and long-term rental assistance, permanent supportive housing services and more.

In addition, be aware that Washington State law RCW 36.01.290 makes it possible for religious organizations to host temporary encampments with much needed support services for the homeless on property owned by the religious organizations. The intention is to encourage our local governments and religious organizations to work together on providing solutions for the homeless.

Write a support letter to our city council on their efforts to provide a permanent shelter for the men and affordable housing options.

In summary, our “future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” for a more loving and compassionate community to take care of us as mensches.

Farida Hakim