J’Accuzzi | Bellevue Police Blotter April 10 – April 15

April 10

PROWLER: Officers arrived after a prowler was reported in the area of Northeast 24th Street and 148th Avenue Northeast. The suspect fled on foot through underbrush near the highway. Officers found a backpack containing stolen property and a hammer.

April 11

GASSED: Suspects were witnessed siphoning gas from vehicles on the 14500 block of Southeast Newport Way. The suspects then left in a U-Haul truck, which was stolen and had stolen plates. An officer located the suspects in a nearby parking lot.

TRICKY SITUATION: Two suspects ran out of a store on Bellevue Way Northeast with stolen BMX bikes. Employees gave chase and caught them and retrieved the bikes. One suspect got away and officers found him hiding behind a car. He fled, and officers pursued on foot. The suspect gave up after six blocks.

KISS OF LIFE: A swimmer was located unconscious at the bottom of a pool at a gym on Main Street. A citizen pulled him out and began CPR. Medics arrived and after 25 minutes were able to get a pulse. He was rushed to the hospital.

J’ACCUSE-Zi: A woman called police when she heard a male voice downstairs say “hello?” when the woman thought she was home alone. Officers arrived to find three males in their vehicles nearby and a male and female hiding in the bushes on the side of the house until a K9 unit scared them. The female hiding was daughter of the homeowner who made the call. She had invited the males over for a hot tub party.

April 12

SAVED BY NATURE: A business owner on Bel-Red Road called police after a burglar alarm went off. Surveillance video showed the suspects pried the door open with a crowbar, looked around and then left when they realized it was a naturopathic pharmacy and didn’t stock any narcotics.

STICKY, TINY FINGERS: A woman took her children, ages 4 and 6, into a store on Bellevue Way where she selected several items and left without paying. The children carried some of the items. She had used the children in similar thefts before to avoid arrest, so she was arrested and the children put into protective custody.

April 14

ANARCHY NOW: Security at Bellevue College were told a person put up anarchist posters on the campus, damaging college property.

April 15

I SWEAR THIS NEVER HAPPENS: A man on Diamond S Ranch was disassembling his Glock pistol after completing trigger work but forgot to clear the round from the chamber. He pulled the trigger to disengage the slide and discharged the round into his left hand.