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Washington primary: Judges worth voting for | John Carlson

Judicial elections are different from all other elections in Washington State. First, if one of the candidates gets more than 50 percent of the vote in the primary, he or she automatically wins the race and it won’t appear on the November ballot. And second, most people don’t learn as much about the candidates as they want to know. But don’t worry. Here’s who you should vote for in the Aug. 19 primary and why:


John Carlson | Is it time to tax casinos?

Legislators have just staggered away from the state Capitol having made cuts (actually, reductions from increases) nobody expected six short months ago. And there will… Continue reading


John Carlson | How to get better health care for less

Bob Herbold became famous at Microsoft for noticing things others overlooked. He chronicled some of those observations two years ago in one of the better… Continue reading


Why I oppose Initiative 1000

All of us eventually grapple with the ethics, morality and compassion surrounding the end of someone’s life. Usually someone we love. Here’s my story.

Elections in August?

This is usually the time of year when columnists don’t write about politics because nothing is really going on.

Teacher strikes and the law

Now that the Bellevue teachers’ strike is over, it’s time to ask and answer a simple question: are teachers’ strikes acceptable?

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When the ribbon was snipped on a new floating bridge connecting Montlake to the Eastside in 1963, a toll was collected to pay for its… Continue reading

John Carlson | Saving Christmas from the grinches

Every year for the past half decade or so, a holiday controversy has turned the Puget Sound area into a national laughingstock.In 2005, the “giving… Continue reading

Should we gut ‘3 Strikes’ to save money?

In Olympia, everyone is trying to save money. Ideas that were unheard of a year ago are now getting serious consideration. And that’s good.But not… Continue reading

Ron Paul campaign lends excitement to state Republican convention

The Washington State Republican convention last weekend in Spokane should have been dull and uneventful. All they had to do was approve a slate of national convention delegates to support the obvious nominee, John McCain, vote for a short, concise party platform and leave town.

A good general’s bad advice

General Colin Powell is the walking embodiment of the American Dream. Raised in the Bronx, the decorated Vietnam veteran served as President Reagan’s National Security… Continue reading

Christmas books for 2009 | John Carlson

It is easier and quicker to buy someone a gift card at a bookstore than shopping for a book. But what makes shopping worthwhile is… Continue reading

Gregoire, Rossi and the deficit

Is Washington State running a surplus or a deficit?

WIRED magazine: going green perhaps not all it’s cracked up to be

Wanna buy a car that’s gentle on the environment? Then don’t buy a new hybrid. Are you buying organic food because it’s good for the environment? If so, you’re making a mistake.

A Fourth of July quiz | John Carlson

How well do you, your family and friends know your country’s history? Take the following quiz and find out. Could make for some interesting conversations during the July 4th holiday weekend.

What to do about high gasoline prices?

Every candidate for President, the U.S. Senate and Congress should be asked the following question this year: “Do you want the price of gasoline to come down?

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A friend told me the other day that he enjoyed Thanksgiving even more than Christmas. “There’s less emphasis on shopping and gifts and more on… Continue reading

Obama, Bush and appeasement

OK, you decide. Last week President Bush, in a long speech commemorating the 60th anniversary of Israel’s founding, made the following statements to the Israeli Knesset (their equivalent of our Congress).

Some predictions for 2009 | John Carlson

Would anyone have predicted last January that the stock market would plunge from 13,000 to 8,500 by year’s end? That the Huskies would be the only major college football team to not win a game? That John McCain would be the Republican nominee for president, that his running mate would be the almost unknown governor of Alaska, and that Barack Obama would be president? That more Americans would die violently in Chicago than in all of Iraq in 2008? That Washington Mutual, once as mighty a local institution as Safeco and Weyerhaeuser, would crash and burn and be picked up for pennies on the dollar by Chase?

John Carlson | A chance to change King County

When it comes to politics, do voters around here still want change?We’ll know later this summer, specifically Aug. 18. That’s when voters will decide which… Continue reading