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The week that changed politics | John Carlson

On the last day of Barack Obama’s first year as President, the voters of Massachusetts, one of the few states more reliably Democratic than Washington,… Continue reading


Why people don’t trust government | John Carlson

There is a mood developing ... you can almost feel it ... of increasing anger toward government borne of mistrust. It’s not just about taxes,… Continue reading


Slade Gorton is back in the game against terrorism | John Carlson

When the media went looking for an authority on national security after the attempted airline bombing on Christmas Day, they called a US Senator from… Continue reading


Pres. Obama’s terror policies make us less safe | John Carlson

When Barack Obama became the first Democratic presidential candidate to receive more than 50 percent of the popular vote in 32 years, much of the world rejoiced. All that bellicose rhetoric from George W. Bush about fighting “evil” was replaced by the lofty eloquence of the new president with a new tone who promised to extend America’s hand to its enemies “if you will unclench your fist.” Nine months into his presidency, he even received the Nobel Peace Prize.

Christmas books for 2009 | John Carlson

It is easier and quicker to buy someone a gift card at a bookstore than shopping for a book. But what makes shopping worthwhile is… Continue reading

Anti-cop rhetoric ‘more than idiocy’ | John Carlson

It’s not unusual to walk into a Starbucks and see several cops sitting at tables chatting while on break or getting ready to go on shift. Nor is it unusual to see a squad car pulled over by the side of the road, with an officer talking to his partner or jotting down notes. These are the moments in an officer’s workday where he or she can feel safe.

John Carlson | The ‘Blind Side’ of love

A friend told me the other day that he enjoyed Thanksgiving even more than Christmas. “There’s less emphasis on shopping and gifts and more on… Continue reading

John Carlson | Bigots or civil libertarians?

Thanksgiving is still more than a week away, but the Christmas season already surrounds us. We see it in the holiday displays in stores. We… Continue reading

John Carlson | The difference between 2008 and 2009

Within days of last November’s election, stories throughout the media began comparing Barack Obama to Franklin D. Roosevelt. The FDR era transformed people’s relationship to… Continue reading

John Carlson | Susan Hutchison for County Executive

When Jennifer Dunn first ran for public office, many people scoffed. Yes she was attractive, even a bit glamorous. Yes she was articulate. But her… Continue reading

John Carlson | Why you should vote YES on I-1033

Strange, how recent history sometimes repeats itself.In 1992, Democrats swept to power in both Olympia and Washington, D.C.A popular young liberal president with commanding majorities… Continue reading

John Carlson | Five reasons why Ken Griffey Jr. should stay

I’m not a sports columnist, but everyone seems to have an opinion about whether Seattle Mariners’ legend Ken Griffey Jr. should hang it up or… Continue reading

John Carlson | Saving Christmas from the grinches

Every year for the past half decade or so, a holiday controversy has turned the Puget Sound area into a national laughingstock.In 2005, the “giving… Continue reading

John Carlson | The greatest man you never heard of

Sometimes you can step into controversy while trying to avoid it. This happened a couple weeks ago when the Bellevue School District opted not to… Continue reading

John Carlson | What sports can teach us about politics

Last year was the single worst season in Seattle sports history. The University of Washington Huskies, a dynasty under Don James in the early 1990s,… Continue reading

John Carlson | How NOT to reform health care

Over the past couple of months I’ve written two columns about health care reforms that actually hold down costs while improving people’s health care. One… Continue reading

John Carlson | Why people climb Mt. Rainier

Have you ever gazed at Mount Rainier on a cloudless day and wondered what it would take to climb it?Well, picture a hill the height… Continue reading

John Carlson | A health reform plan that actually works

One of the great things about call-in radio is that you get to hear ordinary people connect reality to public policy.Take health care. Last week… Continue reading