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The avatars among us | Craig Groshart

"Come look at this," my wife said pointing to her computer. "It's your farm.""I don't have a farm," I said."Yes, you do," she said. "See.… Continue reading


A style all her own | Nancy Fernandes’ home is fun, relaxing and thematic

When you pull up to Nancy Fernandes' house, you know it's going to be special. A collection of license plates decorate the garage wall. A sculpture made out of automobile hubcaps stands in the front yard. Road signs are here and there. But you haven't seen anything yet.


County Council back to its old partisan ways | Editorial

The King County Council used to be a partisan body. It appears it still is, despite the fact that voters several years ago mandated that… Continue reading


Craig Groshart | Bellevue in the news

It's been an interesting week in Bellevue for news.The Bellevue High School football team stubbed its toe in Texas, new upscale shops opened to the… Continue reading

Park pass plan a good idea, but … | Editorial

Have you purchased your $30 "Discover Pass" to visit state parks this year? Oops. Make that a $35 pass.

Editorial | Lake Hills shows progress, promise

The redevelopment the Lake Hills Shopping Center is good news, not only for that community, but also the city as a whole.It will be a… Continue reading

We want you to become part of the discussion | Craig Groshart | Editor’s Note

Some time back, my wife gave me a coffee mug that said “Bark Less, Wag More.” The meaning? Stop being such a grouch. Good advice for someone writing editorials.

Time to try Balducci’s way?

I think Bellevue City Councilmember Claudia Balducci is on to something.In case you missed it, councilmembers voted one of their own to be mayor and… Continue reading

Bellevue High School’s classy victory | Craig Groshart

Football is a tough sport. You win or you lose – nothing else matters.Not exactly, especially if you're Bellevue.The Wolverines won the state 3A title… Continue reading

Winners and losers

Elections give us winners and losers. Here are some, in addition to the candidates and issues.

Celebrate the Fourth, but please be safe

With Fourth of July just around the corner, it’s time to celebrate.

I-90, 520 bridge toll study shows rate could change driving

Tolls to cross Lake Washington could cost commuters $6.85 a round trip, be levied on both the I-90 and 520 bridges and change people’s decision to cross the bridge itself, according to a new study unveiled Wednesday in Bellevue.

Paul Vander Hoek gave us a legacy to cherish | Craig Groshart

A person recently arrived in Bellevue might look around and assume that what is here now always has been here.Hardly.It is due in large part… Continue reading

Craig Groshart | Who will pay for growth?

The Overlake area between Bellevue and Redmond is going to grow. Redmond wants it, Bellevue accepts it. Puget Sound Energy understands it, and it planning… Continue reading

Time to step up and pay for education | Craig Groshart

The state got a wake-up call recently when a King County Superior Court judge said that it is failing to fully fund public schools as… Continue reading

Stop the furor over health care reform | Editorial

The furor over the national National Health Care Reform Act has got to stop. Next-to-nothing has been implemented yet and parts of the bill are being challenged by attorney generals from a number of states. Yet, things are getting out of hand.

News, the P-I, us – and you

So, the P-I is for sale. Its parent company, the Hearst corporation, says that it it doesn't find a buyer in 60 days, it will… Continue reading

Editorial | Good news for taxpayers

Good news for state Auditor Brian Sonntag - and the rest of us, too.Gov. Chris Gregoire did the right thing Tuesday and restored $29 million… Continue reading

Needs many, even in Bellevue | Editorial

Needs many, even in BellevueAh, Bellevue. Affluent. Upper Crust. The Good Life.Not for everyone.A recent report to the Bellevue City Council paints a far different… Continue reading

Lessons learned from jury duty

I recently completed two weeks of jury duty. I found it an excellent lesson in civics.To those looking the juicy details, well, forget that part.… Continue reading