Quietum Plus Reviews: Alarming Scam Complaints? 2024 Update

Quietum Plus is a daily remedy for better hearing. The formula includes an array of natural ingredients that seemingly support brain health, reduce inflammation, and rid the body of toxins that can otherwise damage the senses.

Creator Patrick Bark begins his website by claiming that he has been a “long-time researcher” whose focus has been on helping people improve their lives by reclaiming their health. He cites a study by the World Health Organization (WHO), which found that around half of all long-term hearing damage can be prevented by proper detection and treatment. The unfortunate reality, as Bark seems to understand, is that hearing loss treatments are often expensive—and sometimes even ineffective.

Hearing is the gateway to a truly exciting life. As we age, our hearing naturally begins to leave us. But even younger consumers can experience hearing loss for a variety of reasons. One notable contributor to early onset hearing loss is exposure to exceptionally loud noises, such as airplanes taking off, military equipment, gunfire, and more. Even people who are in their early thirties or younger can experience hearing loss, and the traditional medical community might not have much to offer them when it comes to sustainable, effective treatment.

Quietum Plus is the supplement that reportedly came from Bark’s many years of research and exploration into the intricacies of the human ear. He explains on his product website that the formula combines natural ingredients like Yam, Dong Quai, Hops Extract, Black Cohosh Oat Grass, and more. This unique solution certainly has at least a bit of scientific backing; we know that several of these ingredients are proven to help reduce inflammation and swelling in the ear, which can improve hearing.

But hearing supplements are incredibly common in 2021. It’s hard to tell which supplements are really able to live up to the hype—and which products are practically useless. Luckily for our readers, our editors have worked hard to provide you with the most up-to-date research and review for Quietum Plus. Does the supplement work as well as Patrick Bark claims that it does? Or is it one of the thousands of scams that consumers all over the world fall for every day? Find out the answer to this question—and more—in today’s full review.

What is Quietum Plus?

In the entire world, approximately 466 million people have issues with their hearing, accounting for 5% of the population (according to the WHO). Hearing loss can be a long-term struggle or a temporary issue, but the impairment can inhibit many parts of the user’s life. Apart from the obvious struggle of not hearing, hearing impairment can change the perception of what’s around the individual, their communication with others, and even learning.

While there are ways to learn to live a rather normal life with hearing loss, who wouldn’t want the chance to hear properly again? Developed by Patrick Bark, Quietum Plus’s purpose is to enhance how well the user can hear. The details are minimal on the official website, so it is unclear what symptoms are being treated with this remedy.

Bark has a background in research, though he is not a doctor. Still, he has developed a remedy that allegedly corrects the issues that consumers often face at some point in their life. In addition to Quietum Plus’s creation, Bark has also spent time researching exactly what people can do to improve their hearing.

How to Improve Hearing (In Addition to Taking Quietum Plus)

Though much of the online advertisement’s attention has to do with the supplement’s benefits, consumers aren’t entirely on their own with their hearing health. In fact, there are plenty of ways that consumers can take control and improve their hearing.

Some ways that users can improve their hearing include:

Don’t put anything in the ear. While this warning may seem like a statement that parents usually have to tell their children, this rule applies to adults. Cleaning the ears with a cotton swab may seem like a good idea, but it can push the wax towards the eardrum or cause abrasions in the ear canal.

Understand how the ear functions. Become aware of this organ’s inner workings to understand why it responds a certain way to changes. It is surprisingly easy to hurt that organ, but knowing exactly what damage can be imposed can make a difference.

Workout. Even though going to the gym may seem like a strange way to keep hearing healthy, it actually connects directly to the brain. The brain can comprehend more when exercise promotes better blood flow. The exercise doesn’t have to be rigorous or lengthy – a stroll will work great.

Avoid loud volume on headphones or speakers. One of the most common reasons that consumers damage their ears is due to the loud volume on their speakers. Generally, the noise that naturally exists in the environment is not so severe, but the volume of music or movies at home can be easily changed. If the user is not sure if their music is too loud, check with the people around – if they can hear the music, it is.

Keep up with wellness checkups. Going to an annual doctor’s appointment can make the difference. At these appointments, the doctor can examine any changes and test out hearing with an audiogram.

Quietum Plus’s Natural and Effective Ingredients

Bark’s research led him to find many ways that he can improve the lives of users. All of that time led him to find vitamins, botanicals, and other ingredients called Quietum Plus. The ingredients include:

  • Yam
  • Fenugreek
  • Dong Quai
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Motherwort
  • Black Cohosh
  • Oat Grass
  • Pacific Kelp
  • Blessed Thistle
  • Hops Extract

As the creator states, many of these ingredients are difficult for the company to procure, but the cost of seeking out a specialist and paying for testing, appointments, and prescription aids would be higher. Let’s take a look at each ingredient’s benefits to decide if this regimen meets their needs.


Yam is a staple of autumn-themed recipes, but that’s not the purpose it is here to serve. Yams offer impressive amounts of fiber and potassium, copper, and other necessary nutrients, which is why they are considered a superfood.

As users add yams to their daily routine, they will notice better brain health, which is why this remedy works for hearing loss. The brain controls every single function in the body, including hearing. Perhaps this formula improves hearing by restoring connections within the brain.

Along with support for the brain, yam is also an efficient way to improve the body’s control over blood sugar levels and inflammation. Inflammation within the ear canal can greatly inhibit the user’s hearing, especially if they are prone to ear infections. Keeping blood sugar in check can also be helpful since there’s a lower risk of blood pressure issues.


Fenugreek is directly associated with reducing the risk of diabetes, which is important for the maintenance of blood sugar levels. As stated above, the management of blood sugar is also helpful to the circulatory system, ensuring that the ears get enough oxygen and nutrients to be performed at their best. Users inherently reduce their risk of heart disease and blood pressure problems as blood flow regulates as well.

Some consumers add fenugreek to their routine as a way to increase weight loss success as well. It is found in weight loss supplements and teas to trigger the metabolism to keep the extra pounds off, though the weight loss doesn’t directly impact hearing.

Fenugreek has a few interesting benefits that are exclusive to men, like improvements in testosterone production. However, for women, the effect is much different – it increases breast milk production for breastfeeding mothers.

Dong Quai

Dong Quai is another ingredient that has a positive impact on a woman’s hormones. Women will often take supplements with this ingredient to help them with their menstrual cycle, alleviating cramps and PMS. For women that have already reached menopause, Dong Quai can also help with these symptoms, like hot flashes. For conception, Dong Quai improves fertility as well.

For everyone else, this ingredient is often taken to improve blood health, which reduces the risk of hypertension and anemia. It can heal ulcers and ease joint pain. Some consumers use Dong Quai to ease an allergy attack or to prevent it.

While these benefits are all incredible ways to promote better health, it is unclear if any changes will help with hearing. Improvement in blood health may be an effective type of support.


L-Tyrosine is necessary for the production of hormones for the thyroid, which controls the metabolism. The thyroid gland needs to function to keep metabolic processes going, including the calories burned properly. Metabolism also deals with the number of calories that general processes in the body require to live, like breathing or chewing.

This ingredient triggers the production of enzymes and the presence of melanin as well. However, most of the benefits for users are likely to trigger certain neurotransmitters’ production, ensuring that the nerve cells (like the cells in the ears) can communicate with the brain.

The body requires enough L-Tyrosine to produce other chemicals like dopamine and epinephrine.


Motherwort has become a rather common solution for individuals with a heart condition, preventing users from succumbing to heart failure or even irregular heartbeat. With the improvements in circulation, the communication in the brain that deals with hearing are more efficient.

Motherwort is also used to regulate hyperthyroidism, reduce flatulence, and regulate the menstrual cycle (for individuals who have skipped their menses multiple times).

Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh, a flowering plant, helps individuals that struggle with menopause, easing the common symptoms that occur with the condition. It reduces the severity of hot flashes and night sweats, as well as tinnitus and vertigo.

Due to the vertigo improvements, this ingredient is one of the few that directly connects to the user’s hearing.

Oat Grass

Oat Grass provides the body with avenanthramides, which are antioxidants to improve blood sugar levels and cholesterol buildup. It also reduces the risk of constipation while treating existing issues in the bowels.

This superfood can be consumed within its natural state, but users should allow the plant’s leaves to reach at least six inches tall first.

Pacific Kelp

Like oat grass, Pacific Kelp is an incredible antioxidant source, preventing free radicals from destroying the body. It includes manganese and zinc, supporting the cardiovascular system for better blood flow and delivering nutrients to keep hearing at a prime level.

Consumers should always be careful about how much Pacific Kelp they take in. Too much can cause problems with the thyroid gland due to the increased consumption of iodine.

Blessed Thistle

Blessed thistle acts as a diuretic for the body, improving the urine output of the user. This purification process can help individuals who want to stave off illnesses, like bacterial infection or diabetes.

Most people prepare blessed thistle as a tea to ease nausea and indigestion, though others will use it to trigger their appetite naturally.

Hops Extract

Hops extract the mind calm, reducing anxiety and promoting better sleep. It treats insomnia issues most commonly, but it can help with other types of restlessness, nervousness, and irritability. It calms an elevated nature, like ADHD, though it can ease tension in the body as well.

Purchasing a One-Month Supply of Quietum Plus

To see if this formula works for the user’s needs, the first step is to order it from the official website. One bottle of Quietum Plus is enough to get through an entire month, and it is currently marked down to. Originally, the creator wanted to price it at $99 due to the impressive improvements that consumers can make.

Considering the price drop, consumers are already getting a good deal. However, anyone that orders more than one bottle at a time will get an even greater discount. The other packages include:

These packages come with free shipping, so users have to worry about the cost of the product. If for some reason, Quietum Plus doesn’t give the benefits that users anticipated, they can get a refund within 60 days of their original purchase.

The customer service team is available for any other concerns by filling out the contact form at https://quietumplus.com.

Final Thoughts

Quietum Plus aims to promote hearing restoration, regardless of how long this sense has been kept away from the user. Based on the ingredients, the creator’s target issues like inflammation and brain health. However, there’s no real concrete information on how this formula directly impacts the user’s hearing or that it will actually help everyone dealing with tinnitus side effects like buzzing, hissing, whooshing and ringing in the ears to provide real relief. It is possible that the reduced inflammation can take the pressure off of the eardrum, though it is equally possible that improved brain function can support the connection to hearing. However, without further details, consumers have to rely on the promise that their hearing will improve. Even if it doesn’t work out, users will be covered by the money-back guarantee.

At only $69 per bottle, Quietum is a relatively appropriately priced supplement. A growing number of supplement users are buying up this new ear formula, hoping that it might help them regain the hearing they once had. The evidence available to us at this time does suggest that at least some of the ingredients in this new supplement might help to reduce swelling and inflammation in the ears. As always, it’s hard to make a blanket statement on whether or not this supplement will work for individual; consumers. However, concentrated research on the key ingredients of this formula reveals that it is quite likely to be effective for at least some users.

The money-back guarantee offered by the creators of Quietum Plus is another reason we recommend it. If you return your supplement bottle(s) in less than sixty days, you’ll be given 100% of your money back. With a deal like this, it’s hard to imagine that the average consumer has anything to lose from trying Quietum Plus for their ears.

To learn more about Quietum Plus or buy directly from the official website, click here.


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