GenuinePurity Fisetin Reviews – Should You Buy or Fake Official Website Brand?

The process of aging is a highly discussed topic. For some, it is an opportunity to take stock of their life’s journey so far and consider how they can spend the rest. Even if the average life expectancy is 73.4 years, it isn’t robust. More and more people are suffering from severe health conditions (eventually leading to death) at a much younger age. So, being grateful is a natural response.

The other side, however, might not necessarily fear the stage, as they, too, have accepted it. The difference rests in the changes: the visible signs of aging coupled with the physical limitations (in many cases). At this point, who’s to say one is right over the other? We do know that as we age, so do our cells.

An aging cell has lost its full function, meaning that it can no longer divide to protect itself or the tissue surrounding it without making errors. As noted in one source, in order to maintain healthy, functional tissues and organs, replications must occur without error. Although the body has ways to rid itself of these cells, sometimes they might linger long enough to damage others, accelerating aging. One team claims to have identified a single ingredient that helps the body effectively eliminate these cells while protecting healthier ones from premature aging. Here’s where it is fitting to introduce GenuinePurity™ Fisetin.

What is GenuinePurity™ Fisetin?

GenuinePurity™, a brand famous for formulating supplements with a minimalistic touch, launched the Fisetin supplement with nothing more than fisetin itself. They believe it is the most potent senolytic compound there is, allowing it to protect cells from damage (typically brought on by free radicals, inflammation, and oxidative stress), rid the body of malfunctioning cells, improve cognitive function, and, in turn, enhance one’s health and lifespan. At first glance, all of this either might not make sense or people may not understand its relevance. To ensure that the GenuinePurity™ message makes it across, we’ve tried to make sense of this supplement’s foundation.

How does GenuinePurity™ Fisetin work?


The foundation of this supplement revolves around fisetin (150mg). Fisetin is a dietary flavonoid derived from fruits, vegetables, nuts, and wine. Its profile comprises anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-tumorigenic, anti-invasive, anti-angiogenic, anti-diabetic, neuroprotective, and cardioprotective properties. Fisetin only entered the realm of anti-aging and longevity in 2018 as a senolytic compound, which translates to “a substance that destroys senescent [or aging] cells,” according to one source.

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This is imperative, as aging cells are the leading contributors to accelerated aging and related diseases. As much as aging cells lose function, the issue arises when they do not leave the body. What happens when aging cells mingle with healthy cells? Well, individuals can think of this as the saying, “One bad apple spoils the bunch,” eventually rendering even the good as harmful over time, possibly contributing to tissue and organ dysfunction, among other things.

Regarding its underlying mechanism, the same source explained how fisetin works in several ways. First, it eliminates free radicals while combating oxidative stress. This duo is known to give rise to chronic inflammation, which not only damages cells but also DNA. Second, it has been proven superior to antioxidants like resveratrol, quercetin, and curcumin at clearing aging cells from the body, thereby extending lifespan. As a result of these steps, individuals can also anticipate improvements in their cognitive function, including memory.

Moreover, it might slow the growth of cancer cells (in the lungs, liver, laryngeal, and prostate). Studies using animals looked at the effect of fisetin post-stroke and found that it can reduce the amount of damage and death witnessed in stroke models. Once the stroke has been treated, this ingredient is trusted to protect brain tissues. Other possible benefits include slower skin aging, improved skin structure (by preventing the breakdown of collagen and elastin), and eased symptoms of atopic dermatitis.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Is GenuinePurity™ Fisetin safe?

A. Yes, GenuinePurity™ Fisetin is safe for oral consumption. First, it was manufactured in the United States at an FDA-registered cGMP facility. Second, it has been third-party tested for safety, potency, and purity, and the official website shares the CoA certificate. Lastly, it boasts a well-tolerated dose per serving. This supplement is not suitable for people under 18 or pregnant and/or nursing mothers.

Q. Are there any side effects to taking GenuinePurity™ Fisetin?

A. While it is unclear whether customers have reported any side effects directly to the providers, Leading Edge Health, much research hasn’t been done on this subject. Most studies show many health benefits from Fisetin supplementation.

Q. What makes GenuinePurity™ unique?

A. Besides taking the simplest approach to repair the human body at the cellular level (i.e., by keeping their formula simple), GenuinePurity™ uses liposomal encapsulation technology. The latter has been shown to intensify the effectiveness of fisetin by protecting it against the damaging effects of stomach acids while traveling, ensuring that it enters the bloodstream efficiently, and facilitating cellular uptake (delivering it straight to the cells).

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Q. Can you take fisetin every day?

A. You can safely take around 100 to 500 mg of fisetin daily.

Q. What is the suggested use for GenuinePurity™ Fisetin?

A. The recommended serving size is one capsule daily, preferably with a meal or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.

Q. Has GenuinePurity™ Fisetin been tested by a third party?

A. VitaCare Pharma, a third-party company, tested GenuinePurity™ Fisetin. The CoA shared on the official website confirms the dose, label claim (90%), test results of microbiological profiles, and heavy metals (passing both).

Q. What does the GenuinePurity™ Fisetin label limit mean?

A. The label limit, per the CoA, is 90%. This means that of the 150 mg GenuinePurity™ Fisetin serving, 135 mg (or 90%) represents the senolytic compound.

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Q. How might GenuinePurity™ Fisetin help again?

A. Fisetin is an antioxidant that has been shown to protect cells and the mitochondria, suppress proinflammatory markers, promote brain function (by improving neural flexibility and inhibiting the cluster of beta-amyloid accumulation), cardiac function, and synaptic learning (for neuronal endurance), possibly alter cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and, best of all, rid the body of aging cells.

Q. How long will it take for GenuinePurity™ Fisetin shipments to arrive?

A. GenuinePurity™ Fisetin shipments will be processed within the first 2 business days. Then, an additional 3 to 5 business days will be needed before it reaches one’s doorstep. At the time of writing, Leading Health Edge does not ship internationally.

Q. Does GenuinePurity™ Fisetin include a money-back guarantee?

A. Yes, GenuinePurity™ Fisetin includes a 97-day money-back guarantee. In this case, individuals have 97 days from the delivery date to try this supplement. If none of the reported benefits are felt or witnessed firsthand, customer support can be reached for a full purchase price refund (regardless of whether the bottles are opened). To learn more about this guarantee, see the necessary communication channels below:

  • Email: support@leadingedgehealth.com
  • Phone (North America): 1(866) 968-6643
  • Phone (International): 1 (778) 770-2961

How much does GenuinePurity™ Fisetin cost?

Each GenuinePurity™ Fisetin bottle contains 60 capsules to be taken between the first two months. Since intermediate uses are encouraged, the following price points have been established:

  • 1 GenuinePurity™ Fisetin bottle: USD$59.95 each
  • 3 GenuinePurity™ Fisetin bottles: USD$53.32 each
  • 6 GenuinePurity™ Fisetin bottles: USD$43.32 each

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Final Verdict

Ultimately, GenuinePurity™ Fisetin, currently offered by Leading Edge Health, is a dietary supplement formulated to help the body eliminate the bad cells that, if remained intact, would go on to cause unwanted health conditions, both chronic and age-related. Each serving contains a well-tolerated dose of a senolytic compound that largely nibs inflammation in the bud. Inflammation, though necessary, can be dangerous for cells when it is persistent, advancing aging and deteriorating mitochondrial functioning (the powerhouse of our cells), brain functioning, and skin structure, while, in the worst-case scenario, leading to the risk of cancers.

Based on existing studies, fisetin has the potential to address all of the aforementioned by clearing the bad cells and strengthening the good. Fisetin is an option that is said to be superior to several known and established antioxidants, earning it yet another brownie point. The pros aside, the single drawback (should people see it this way) of taking fisetin is that it is still a novel ingredient in relation to health improvement. Most studies were conducted on animals, with very little range in characteristics, dosing, or length of use. Therefore, those wishing to try fisetin must understand that side effects are still unknown. This is why it is better to take it in the interim and, before that, to educate oneself before fully committing to it.

In addition to the ingredient selection, the creators did a clever job with delivery. Specifically, they chose liposomal encapsulation, which serves as an invisible, robust layer that prevents the loss of fisetin during its travel to the bloodstream. In light of everything, it is important to be mindful that people can make lifestyle choices to prevent cells from aging too prematurely. These usually include ditching food, drinks, and habits that trigger oxidative stress in the body (i.e., drugs, stress, smoking, drinking, obesity, etc.). All-in-all, GenuinePurity™ Fisetin appears to have great potential. To get started with GenuinePurity™ Fisetin, click here >>>


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