Suspects drive around pointing guns at locals | Police blotter for April 27-29

This is not a comprehensive list of incidents in Bellevue.

Sunday, April 29

Assault: A suspect assaulted the victim in the parking lot on the 300 block of 120th Ave. Northeast. The suspect was arrested.

Saturday, April 28

Theft/Trespass: A suspect was arrested for trespassing as well as for theft on the 500 block of Bellevue Way Northeast. The suspect was booked into jail.

Theft/Order Violation: Loss prevention reported a female stealing clothing and jewelry on the 4000 block of Factoria Boulevard Southeast. An officer arrived and observed the female suspect getting into a U-Haul with a male. He contacted and detained the female. A check revealed a no contact order was in place between male and female. The female was arrested for theft, and the male was arrested for violation of the order. Both were booked into jail separately.

Friday, April 27

Burglary: An employee was asleep inside the business when he was woken by a loud noise on the 10600 block of Northeast 8th St. He walked out to the business and discovered an individual standing inside the business. A K-9 track did not locate the suspect.

Assault: Two suspects confronted the victim outside Bellevue High School and assaulted him. The suspects were not students of BHS. An administrator saw the assault and broke it up. The suspects got into a vehicle and fled the scene. The vehicle was located by officers and both suspects were detained. Both suspects were arrested.

Assault: The victim confronted the suspect at a campsite located in the woods at Wilburton Park. The suspect threw the victim to the ground and assaulted her. The victim used dog repellent spray to stop the attack and inadvertently sprayed herself in the process. The victim ran away from the campsite and called police. The suspect was located by officers in the men’s restroom of the park washing the dog repellent off. Both subjects were treated by EMS. The suspect was taken into custody and booked.

Assault: The victim called 911 to report that a passenger of a vehicle pointed a black handgun at her while she was dropping off a fare. While Officers were investigating, a second call came in. The victim was riding his bicycle when a dark sedan approached him and a white male from the backseat yelled at the reporting party to give the suspect the bike. The victim noticed that one of the males in the back seat was pointing a firearm at him. The vehicle was located and all occupants were arrested near the corner of Northeast 10th and Bellevue Way.