Overlake’s Bandage Ball Gala breaks record

More than 850 guests raised $1.4 million for critical emergency department services.

Overlake Medical Center announced last month that a record $1.4 million was raised at its annual Bandage Ball gala and auction on April 21.

The event drew a crowd of more than 850 guests, raising funds and awareness about how critical Overlake’s emergency services are to the growing Eastside community. Money raised will bolster technology and capacity in Overlake’s emergency department.

“Ensuring world-class healthcare close to home has been Overlake’s rallying cry since its founding in 1960,” said Overlake president and CEO J. Michael Marsh in his speech at the event. “Overlake is grateful for our dedicated and highly skilled emergency services team members as well as the generous community members who celebrated and have invested in our high quality emergency department.”

Other Bandage Ball speakers included David Woolley-Wilson, who suffered a cardiac arrest in 2016 at his Bellevue home.

“Overlake’s emergency coordination was like a symphony,” said Woolley-Wilson in a press release. “Overlake brought me back from the dead and has given me the opportunity to walk upon this earth, I am forever grateful.”

Overlake’s 40-room emergency department (ED) treated more than 45,000 people in 2017. Patients who visited Overlake ranked the ED in the top 5 percent of hospitals nationwide when asked if they would recommend it to others.

This year’s Bandage Ball proceeds will benefit Overlake’s emergency services, including facility improvements, state-of-the-art equipment and support for ongoing staff training.

“Nearly all conditions in healthcare are time-sensitive for achieving good outcomes,” said Eric Shipley, MD, Overlake emergency department chairperson in a press release. “Whether it is heart attack, stroke, sepsis or trauma – the quicker you receive those lifesaving therapies, the better your outcomes will be for that specific disease process.”

Overlake provides leading-edge emergency medical care in specialties ranging from neurosurgery to cardiac surgery to orthopedic trauma. The Bandage Ball was first held in 1960 to celebrate Overlake Memorial Hospital’s opening.