Election results 2022: Bellevue Proposition No. 1

The measure was passed, with 54.77% voting yes.

The city of Bellevue’s Proposition No. 1 Levy Lid Lift for Parks and Open Space results are in:

Yes: 54.77% (13,780)

No: 45.23% (11,378)

Voter turnout was 33.35%, with 26,874 ballots being counted for 80,580 registered voters.

The ballot measure was proposed by the city to fund parks, open spaces and related purposes. Proposition No. 1 will authorize Bellevue to increase its regular property tax levy by up to $0.20 per $1,000 of assessed valuation (AV) in 2023.

The lift will continue for nine years and the 2023 levy amount will be used to calculate subsequent levy limits within this period. Per RCW 84.36 qualifying seniors, disabled veterans and others would be exempt.

Seven categories of capital projects will be funded through $0.15 per $1,000 AV:

  • Open spaces; greenways; wildlife corridors; and trails
  • Community parks
  • Neighborhood parks like in Eastgate, Factoria and Ashwood
  • Recreational and community facilities like aquatics and a cross cultural center
  • Waterfront restoration and development
  • Acquisition and development in areas like BelRed and Wilburton
  • Off leash areas and emerging sports like cricket and pickleball.

The remaining $0.05 per $1,000 AV will fund new and existing maintenance and operations of parks, open spaces and neighborhood, community and recreational facilities.