Anti-crime operations leads to over 50 arrests since January

According to BPD, suspects were arrested for crimes including shoplifting and robbery, among others.

In partnership with Home Depot, the Bellevue Police Department has been working to reduce shoplifting and criminal activity in and around the business. According to BPD, officers have arrested over 50 suspects at this location since January 2022 for crimes including shoplifting, robbery, possession of a stolen vehicle, and others.

Recently, two suspects were stopped for trafficking stolen goods during an emphasis patrol, which consisted of uniformed officers, the Downtown Unit and undercover detectives. Officers were alerted by loss prevention that a vehicle arrived in the parking lot, which was associated with a recent theft of a pressure washer at Home Depot in Bothell.

BPD detectives looked on as one of the suspects sold a pressure washer to another person in the parking lot, said BPD. Detectives located pictures of the Bothell theft, and noticed the suspects wore the same clothing. Both suspects were arrested and booked into jail, following a release the next day.

Specific anti-crime operations are developed as sector captains in the city analyze crime statistics from the department’s Transparency and Accountability dashboards in order to identify hotspots for criminal activity.