NO GRID Survival Projects Reviews – Quality Emergency Preparedness Protection Guide?

NO GRID Survival Projects is a guide that helps consumers prepare for emergencies without needing power, expensive materials, or experience. The instructions are highly detailed, making it easy for anyone to follow.

What is NO GRID Survival Projects?

There is nothing scarier than being unprepared when an emergency strikes. Most people wouldn’t know what to do with their food and heating without electricity, or they might think taking on all this work for themselves is too daunting. With NO GRID Survival Projects, this overwhelming situation becomes a little easier.

NO GRID Survival Projects allows you to access a digital guide, a physical guide, videos, and detailed instructions for over five dozen projects that will make any emergency practically unnoticeable. The guide was developed by Michael Major, using his experience in the military to provide tips to the general public.

About Michael Major

The creator of NO GRID Survival Projects is Michael Major, a father of two and a military veteran. His experience as a NATO peacekeeper allowed him to see how disaster can disrupt a perfectly civilized region. This effect isn’t necessarily the worst part – it is the way that so many innocent people have to pay the price.

Michael’s time in the Army allowed him to work in aerospace as a welder and fabricator, leading him to build many parts for Boeing planes, and this is not the type of trade that leaves any margin for error. Michael had to be intricate and detailed in every move he made, and he brought that same energy to NO GRID Survival Projects. It pushed him to create precise instructions and sketches for all the projects, making it easier for consumers to follow.

Michael prides himself on being able to protect his family, and he authored this book in the hopes that others with the same heart could follow. His projects center around maintaining safety and making them easy to create.

What Will Consumers Learn from NO GRID Survival Projects?

Investing in this guide means that consumers will have access to 70 projects that are pivotal in protecting loved ones when dealing with concerns like the economic crisis and lengthy blackouts. Users can take advantage of the guide’s instructions for times of hyperinflation, martial law, and other events they never saw coming in the first place.

By having constant access to the plans for these projects, consumers can establish the independence that sets them apart from others. As users go through these plans, they slowly become wholly reliable to meet their needs freely. They don’t have to rely on anyone outside of their household when they have the knowledge that NO GRID Survival Projects offer.

No one wants to keep making other people rich when they suffer themselves. Producing some of the things they need at home can help consumers save money and be more reliable. Consumers can learn to do projects that ultimately pay for themselves and lead to a profit.

With all of the detailed instructions and sketches, consumers will learn how to create:

  • Pressurized rainwater and purification system that helps users store up to 165 gallons of water that they can use without siphoning or pumping it.
  • Create a water filter system that uses three empty buckets.
  • Black powder, which only requires three ingredients that can be legally sourced from major retailers.
  • A wind turbine that uses salvaged motors from Segways, bikes, treadmills, and other sources.
  • Learn to create survival food with NO GRID Survival Projects. This food has a shelf life of 20+ years.
  • A garden from an idle fence, wooden planters, old pallets, and other readily available sources.
  • Traps that can deter looters and intruders by handling the issue at the property line.
  • An oven that doesn’t require smoke, fire, or fuel to cook food, which prevents the smell of good cooking from wafting to others nearby.
  • A solar energy system that will keep small appliances (like a fridge or TV) running during a power outage.
  • Access to hot running water that can be used with any wood stove.
  • For off-grid cleaning, a recycled shower with IBCs, a plastic sheet, and wooden pallets.
  • A wire snare and twitch snare can trap pesky small animals.
  • An off-grid stove that warms multiple rooms during a power outage or a snowstorm.

With all the instructions, consumers will also get a listing of the cost of materials, how complex the project is, and how much time they’ll need to make it. This information allows consumers to be prepared before they settle into any of the projects, which also ensures that there’s no chance of going awry when detail is so important.

As consumers go through these projects, they won’t have to break the bank. Users won’t need much time and end up with results that won’t risk their finances. That’s why Michael developed each set of instructions with the cheapest way to source materials, making them easy for anyone with any budget to use the instructions to their advantage.


Purchasing Access to NO GRID Survival Projects

Consumers who want access to the NO GRID Survival Projects can claim either a digital copy or a digital copy with a physical version as well. Both packages cost $37, but users must pay $9.99 to ship the physical version.

With every purchase, users can instantly access NO GRID Survival Projects, the digital version of NO GRID Survival projects. This purchase includes the main guide, along with some bonus content that isn’t offered anywhere else right now. They will also have constant access to the member’s area and 24/7 individual support.

If the user finds that these projects aren’t their preferred projects, they can get a refund within 60 days of the original purchase.

Bonus Content

The bonuses, which are included for free, include:

  • How to Outlive an EMP the Early Pioneer Way
  • 75 Items You Need to Stockpile Before a Collapse
  • How to Make an Herbal Apothecary

In How to Outlive an EMP the Early Pioneer Way, consumers will learn what they need to do every day for a month to survive, using techniques that ancient cultures included.

In 75 Items You Need to Stockpile Before a Collapse, consumers will learn about the items they should preemptively get because they won’t be available in emergency strikes. These items are usually the first to sell out in stores or see a price spike, but they can be used for either bartering or survival in these circumstances.

In How to Make an Herbal Apothecary, consumers will receive instructions for homemade medicinal remedies. Users can create these recipes by foraging the plants near their homes or growing a medicinal garden.

Though consumers can get a physical copy of NO GRID Survival Projects, the main guide, all of these extra guides are only available digitally.

Frequently Asked Questions About NO GRID Survival Projects

How will NO GRID Survival Projects help consumers?

The obvious answer is that consumers will be able to survive most circumstances. However, users can save months on their bills, food, and medicine every month. All these savings help every month, but consumers can support themselves without needing access to electricity.

How long will the NO GRID Survival Projects guide be available?

Michael has only made this book available as a limited edition, so there’s no telling how long it will be offered. Consumers who want access to this content should purchase it while it is still provided to protect themselves during an emergency.

What will the fate of this book be in the middle of the next crisis?

Most people who purchase this guide don’t get it with the intention of doing all of the projects now, saving it for a rainy day when it comes. Since the guide is not offered in stores, consumers will need to purchase it online while it is available. The demand for the next major emergency could leave consumers without power and no way even to access the content. By ordering now, users won’t be without support.

How can consumers purchase NO GRID Survival Projects?

The official website is the only way to order this guide and its bonuses.

What if the user doesn’t benefit in the way they hoped for?

The creators offer a money-back guarantee, giving the users a full refund within the first 60 days of placing their order.

The customer service team can be reached by sending an email to support@nogridprojects.com.


NO GRID Survival Projects provide users with a way to improve their chances of maintaining a similar quality of living during an emergency. Created by a military veteran with aerospace experience, all the instructions are highly detailed and easy to understand for any novice. Plus, the tools and supplies needed can easily be sourced cheaply, which means no one has to break the bank merely to survive.