Bellevue parks levy is passing | Election 2022

Proposition 1 to increase investments in Bellevue’s parks and open spaces.

The Levy Lid Lift for Parks and Open Space — known as Bellevue’s Proposition No. 1 — looks to pass with 54.77% of the vote saying “yes” while only 45.23% have currently voted “no.”

The counted ballots that have voted “yes” are at 13,780 while ballots that have voted “no” are at 11,378, totalling 25,158. If passed, the proposition will increase Bellevue’s regular levy for nine years.

Proposition 1 would preserve open space, greenways and wildlife corridors; develop trails, community and neighborhood parks; and invest in emerging sports opportunities and off-leash areas.

Furthermore, the measure would allow for the planning of major community facilities, like an aquatics and cross-cultural center; restore and develop waterfront parks, and protect water quality in lakes and streams; acquire and develop parks and open spaces in the Bel-Red and Wilburton areas; and maintain improvements that are consistent with Bellevue Park’s standards.

If Proposition 1 is approved, it will cost a homeowner twenty cents for $1,000 per assessed property value. For an owner of a $1 million value home, the proposition would cost about $200 per year for the next 9 years.

A funding bucket within the proposal, Bel-Red & Wilburton Park Acquisition & Development, would invest $10 million to acquire and develop parks within these population growth centers.

Another funding bucket is dedicated to Emerging Sports & Off-Leash areas, which would invest $10 million in park enhancements to support emerging sports, like pickleball and cricket.

This funding bucket would also increase access for off-leash dogs in the area.

Other funding buckets on Proposition 1 include:

  • Open Space, Greenways, Wildlife Corridors and Trails: a $20 million investment to acquire land that complements the existing parks system; increases public access to lake shores; preserves open spaces; protects water quality; and increases trail connectivity.
  • Community Parks: a $5 million investment to expand on opportunities and allow for visitors to experience botanical displays and education programs, such as the development of the Bellevue Botanical Garden Wetland Sun Terrace.
  • Neighborhood Park Development: a $20 million investment to acquire, plan and develop neighborhood parks with play equipment, open space and trail connections at locations to include Eastgate, Factoria and Ashwood Park.
  • Recreation & Community Facilities: a $10 million investment to continue the phased development of waterfront access, including Meydenbauer Bay Park. This investment would also protect water quality of lakes and streams through restoration and refurbishment of waterfront parks.

Click here to view the Proposition 1 levy.