Maeng Da Kratom: Strongest Strain, Effects, & Dosage

Maeng Da is one of the most well-known kratom strains on the market. You might have heard users call it the “strongest” or “best” kratom, and many informational guides will tell you that it’s highly potent. But does this strain live up to the hype?

We’re here to give you the lowdown. Check out this comprehensive Maeng Da guide to learn about the different types, prominent effects, where to buy, and more.

What Is Maeng Da Kratom?

Maeng Da is like the Frankenstein of the kratom world. Manufacturers use a grafting process to join together tissue from different plants to form an entirely new plant.

Through this process, the plant becomes more potent and can withstand extreme weather conditions, and it also alters the chemical concentrations in the leaves. Growers developed Maeng Da to be powerful enough to offer pain relief while avoiding excessive sedation.

Unlike the majority of kratom strains, Maeng Da doesn’t have one pure source of origin according to LA Weekly. Instead, it’s a specialty blend that’s available in red, white, and green varieties. Users describe it as smoother and more consistent in aroma and taste than other strains.

What’s in a Name

Why is it called Maeng Da? “Maeng Da” translates to the word “pimp,” meaning that it’s “pimp grade” in strength (very strong). Alkaloids give all strains of kratom their effects, so Maeng Da has exceptionally high concentrations.

The most abundant alkaloid in the Maeng Da plant is mitragynine. This alkaloid may be present in concentrations of over 1.5%, depending on the source of the leaf and the vendor.

Overall, this strain is a great all-rounder with long-lasting effects, and because it’s so potent, you only need to take a smaller amount to feel its benefits.

What Is Maeng Da Kratom Used For?


Maeng Da is a potent strain of kratom that has several purposes. Like most kratom varieties, the effects of this strain differ depending on the dose you take. The difference is that you’ll likely have a more intense experience for a more extended period with Maeng Da when compared to other strains. Here we take a look at some main effects and usages of this unique strain.


Maeng Da is highly stimulating at lower doses, leading many users to depend on it for a kick of energy. It enables you to work with less mental fatigue and greater concentration. Far stronger than coffee or other widely available stimulants, Maeng Da will keep your energy levels up for hours.

Mental Clarity

Low doses of this strain are also significant for mental clarity and feeling more awake. It has similar effects to cognitive enhancers and nootropics, enabling you to concentrate and complete tasks more efficiently. The increased focus combines well with the energy-boosting properties, allowing you to be entirely in the zone and work through a task.


Like many other strains on kratom, Maeng Da can have a tremendous impact on your mood and sense of wellbeing. Depending on the dose taken, you might feel anything from a general sense of calm and happiness to extreme euphoria.

Pain Relief

At higher doses, Maeng Da is one of the best strains for pain relief on the market. It’s commonly for chronic pain management and provides an excellent natural alternative to opiates. The effects are longer lasting than other strains, too, so you can get extended relief from pain when using Maeng Da. People use the strain to manage everything from minor ailments to chronic conditions.

Stress and Anxiety

Higher doses can positively affect mental health conditions, including depression and anxiety. Uses find that a daily dose can help boost focus and alleviate stress.

Opiate Withdrawal

Because the high concentration of alkaloids in Maeng Da kratom acts on receptors in the brain similarly to opiates, people frequently use the strain to manage opiate withdrawal. As little as one dose a day can provide significant relief.

Where to Buy the Best Maeng Da Kratom?

When shopping for Maeng Da, you should always look for a reputable vendor that tests its products and has favorable online reviews. Further, Maeng Da is available in powder, extract, liquid, and capsule form, so you must find a vendor that sells your favorite types of products.

To help you out, here’s a list of the three of the best online vendors to visit if you’re looking for Maeng Da. All of these retailers provide high-quality products at affordable prices, so you can shop safely with the knowledge that you’ll be getting a great deal on a great product.

Kona Kratom

Kona Kratom stocks a fantastic array of products, from famous Bali and Malay powders and capsules to more niche and potent offerings like Maeng Da. Approved by the American Kratom Association, this vendor is committed to quality and sends all products to an independent lab for testing. Further, it always works with the same A-grade suppliers, so you know exactly where your kratom is coming from.

The best part about Kona Kratom is that it is affordable. The words “cheap” and “quality” usually aren’t synonymous when it comes to kratom, but they are with this supplier. Shop today for safe, potent products that’ll keep your budget in check.

Key Points

  • A fantastic array of products
  • Approved by the American Kratom Association (AKA)
  • Sends all products to an independent lab for testing
  • Consistently works with A-grade suppliers
  • Affordable

VIP Kratom

VIP Kratom specializes in highly potent, top-shelf kratom, so it’s the perfect vendor to consider if you’re on the market for the best Maeng Da products. VIP Kratom only sells products that have a minimum of 100% A-grade kratom in them, so you know you’re in for a treat when you shop here.

It’s easy to track down the specific strain or product you’re looking for as the selection isn’t excessive. Better yet, users can choose from several rare strains for an exotic experience. Place your order with VIP Kratom today.

Key Points

  • Member of the AKA
  • Conducts third-party testing
  • Highly potent products
  • A selection that isn’t excessive
  • Availability of rare strains for an exotic experience

Star Kratom

Like our above two recommendations, Star Kratom is an AKA member and uses third-party testing to ensure safety and potency. These qualifications are pretty much par for the course when it comes to reputable suppliers.

However, Star Kratom strays from the pack in that it isn’t a huge brand. The small, family-owned vendor just opened at the start of 2020. We appreciate its passion for providing an experience like none other.

One way it works towards this commitment is through quick delivery. Users also enjoy the money-back guarantee that lets them experiment with new strains without worrying about wasting money on something they might not like. Explore Star Kratom’s vast selection and place your order today.

Key Points

  • AKA member
  • Uses third-party testing
  • A small, family-owned vendor
  • Quick delivery
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Vast selection

Different Types of Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da is a unique strain of kratom that has been bred precisely for the effects it has. But, there are still different variants of Maeng Da available, distinguished by the color of the vein that runs through the plant’s leaf.

While all Maeng Da offers fast-acting and long-lasting effects, each leaf color leans towards particular benefits. This section takes you through the different types of Maeng Da available and what users rely on them for.

Red Maeng Da Kratom

Red Maeng Da is the most popular variant of this strain and offers the most robust pain relief and opiate withdrawal management. It has high concentrations of the alkaloids pantetheine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, which account for its broad range of effects.

At higher doses, it offers extreme sedative effects and long-lasting pain relief. At lower doses, it works like a stimulant, offering you increased energy and improved mood.

White Maeng Da Kratom

Like most white strains, White Maeng Da is more energizing than other leaf colors of Maeng Da. It’s a popular choice for boosting concentration and cognitive enhancement.

Consumers of this strain report feeling uplifted and more confident, making it an excellent option for helping you deal with stress or anxiety. It’s also great if you’re looking for a potent kratom variety that will simply boost your overall sense of wellbeing.

Green Maeng Da Kratom

Green Maeng Da combines the best of energy and mood enhancement with substantial pain relief. It is a great strain to use for motivation, general wellbeing, and confidence.

Offering a distinctive blend of alkaloids, Green Maeng Da is an incredibly fast-acting strain. Users appreciate that it avoids side effects such as hyperactivity and excessive sedation.

A Note on Blended Strains

You should note that many vendors will sell Maeng Da products that contain a blend of leaf colors rather than pure leaf color. These blends can prove beneficial if you want to experience particular effects. But, to ensure you have a safe experience, always check that you’re buying blended strains from a reputable vendor.

Maeng Da Kratom Dosage

The specific dose you take will determine the effects you experience. Here’s a rough guide on dosages for different effects.

  • 2-4 grams: a beginner dose, or for those looking for a milder experience with Maeng Da. If you are switching from a different strain, it’s also advisable to start with 2 grams.
  • 4 grams: for energizing effects and cognitive enhancement, begin with a dose of 4 grams. While you may usually start with 6 grams of other strains for these kinds of effects, Maeng Da is often much more potent, so 4 grams should suffice.
  • 5-8 grams: You’ll begin to experience the analgesic effects along with the energy-boosting properties and mental enhancement. This amount is also ideal for those looking for relief from stress and anxiety.
  • 8-10 grams: This amount is for experienced users or those looking for extreme pain relief. Note that higher doses can cause side effects such as nausea or vomiting, so always listen to your body and cut back accordingly.

Take Caution With Dosage

As with all kratom products, you should take caution with dosage and always start at the lower end of what you think you’ll need, as you can always add more. Maeng Da is highly potent, so total beginners or those new to this strain should begin with a small amount.

If you’re experienced with kratom but new to Maeng Da, you should take approximately 20% less than you would your normal strain.

How Long a Single Dose Lasts

The effects of Maeng Da are longer lasting than most other strains, with a single dose offering you between 8 and 10 hours of effects. Don’t rush to take your next dose, as Maeng Da will continue to affect you for hours longer than other strains.

How to Measure Your Dose

How you measure your dose will depend on what product you use. For instance, you will have to measure in grams via a digital scale if you’re using powders. You can also use teaspoons/tablespoons if you’re willing to do a little math.

If you are worried about getting the dosage right, you may consider using capsules rather than powder. This product will give you a precise measurement, so you know exactly how much you’ve consumed. Extracts are another way to make measuring easy — each bottle comes with a dropper that gives you complete control over how much you take.

Conclusion — Try Maeng Da Today

Maeng Da kratom is popular among many users and could be the right strain for you if you’re looking for things like:

  • Energy enhancement
  • Cognitive enhancement
  • Pain relief
  • Opiate withdrawal management

While all Maeng Da offers similar effects, you can boost the specific results you’re looking for by opting for white, green, or red leaves. Use this guide as a reference on your journey with Maeng Da.

Remember to be careful with your dosages and buy your products from a reputable source. To find the best Maeng Da products on the market, check out Kona Kratom, VIP Kratom, and Star Kratom today.


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