Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge: Best Brands of Delta-8 Carts

Within two years of its launch in the market, delta-8 THC has found its nice little niche among cannabis fans. People are enjoying cannabinoids like never before with the launch of legal delta-8 THC products.

And, cartridges are most people’s hot favorites — among all of the various types of products — thanks in big part to their prompt action, easy portability, and convenient use. Delta-8 carts are super easy to use and, most importantly, to carry around. You can get a nice buzz almost instantly with every puff you take.

But, as delta-8 carts gained popularity among consumers, brands started popping up to cash in on the opportunity. So, it is natural to be cautious while buying products.

In this article, we have reviewed five best delta-8 carts and ranked them based on rigorous research and our team’s personal experiences. So, rest assured, you can choose any of these delta-8 THC cartridges and enjoy a positive experience.

Top 5 Best Delta-8 THC Cartridges

  1. Exhale Wellness: Strongest & Wide Variety
  2. BudPop: Most Potent & Fast Shipping
  3. Delta EFFEX: Runner up
  4. Diamond CBD: Wide Variety
  5. 3Chi: Popular

#1. Exhale Wellness: Strongest & Wide Variety


Exhale Wellness is a relatively new cannabis brand that is based in Los Angeles, California. This brand’s team of expert researchers, cultivators, and enthusiasts continually strives to innovate hemp products.

Exhale Wellness is seen as a reliable brand that has often been featured in media outlets like the Los Angeles Times, the Observer, the Ministry of Hemp, LA Weekly, and Forbes. The brand’s mission to help people live better lives with the help of quality delta-8 THC products has caught the attention of one and all.

The brand has spent years in research to ensure high-quality delta-8 products are available to their customers. In partnership with licensed Colorado farms, Exhale Wellness sources premium hemp and uses the supercritical CO2 extraction method. This process ensures the delta-8 products by the company are safe, clean, and of high grade.

The brand ensures product quality by using organic, vegan, non-GMO, dairy-free, and gluten-free ingredients. Exhale Wellness’ products are lab-tested for safety, purity, potency, and consistency to maintain standard product quality. Plus, the products contain some superfoods for added benefits.

Not only this, but Exhale Wellness also makes sure their customers are satisfied with the company policies. Most of the orders (95%) are processed within 24 hours of purchase. However, it may take up to two days.

The company offers free economy shipping that takes six to nine days to reach you. It also offers a paid priority shipping option. Also, Exhale Wellness provides a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee and a grace of 15 days. In other words, customers can claim a full refund if the return request is made within 30–45 days of purchase. Plus, you get a 20% discount on your first purchase.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Exhale Wellness


High-quality ingredients: Exhale Wellness offers delta-8 carts containing high-grade delta-8 THC and natural flavors. The company uses broad-spectrum hemp oil and 100% natural ingredients to ensure the products are organic and safe to consume. Furthermore, the product is free of additives, artificial colors or flavors, preservatives, and cutting agents like PG, PEG, VG, or MCT oil.

Third-party lab tests: Each of the ingredientsused in Exhale Wellness’ products, including the hemp extracts as well as the finished products, are tested by third-party labs for heavy metals, chemicals, and other harmful substances. That ensures the products are pure, organic, and safe to consume.

Wide variety: In the case of products, Exhale Wellness is a delta-8 specialist and offers delta-8 carts, gummies, flower buds, pre-rolls, and edibles.

Coming to delta-8 vape carts, the company offers around ten flavors, although only a single potency and size is available. You will get the product in 2oz weight containing 900mg of delta-8 THC.

The flavors you can choose from include Jack Herer, Sour Diesel, Gorilla Glue, Pineapple Express, Mango, and Blackberry, among others.

Positive Reputation: Exhale Wellness has quickly built a positive reputation in the industry with their quality products and services. There are several customer testimonials to make it evident the brand is of top quality.


  • Top-quality, organic, non-GMO, and vegan delta-8 products
  • Effective and highly potent
  • Wide variety in products and flavors
  • Positive brand reputation
  • User-friendly shipping policies
  • Well-guided website
  • Fast and free economy shipping


  • Lab test reports are not yet accessible on the brand website
  • Exchange policy is only available for wrong or defective products
  • Limited availability
  • No mention of international shipping

What Customers Say

Since the brand is comparatively new, a lot depends on customer testimonials. As we scoured through customer testimonials, we found most reviews to be positive.

Customers have talked about the high vapor quality of the delta-8 carts. The vapor is smooth and rich in flavor and texture, which has resulted in some fantastic vaping sessions. The delta-8 products by Exhale Wellness have also helped customers reduce their post-Covid stress, anxiety, and depression symptoms. It also helped customers with insomnia, pain, and inflammation.

While some customers have talked about the tasty and effective gummies, others were thoroughly impressed by the delta-8 carts. Overall, the effects of the products have immensely satisfied the customers.

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#2. BudPop: Most Potent & Fast Shipping


BudPop is a new brand created in 2021. They have all of the potential to become one of the most sought-after delta-8 brands soon. On seeing the performance of the carts, we are eager to experience all of BudPop’s other products and read more from the customers.

We have learned BudPop was founded by professionals with experience in growing hemp and innovating hemp products. The mission of the brand is to strive to create the best delta-8 products in the U.S.

BudPop products are U.S.-made from U.S.-grown, premium hemp. All of its extracts are lab-tested for safety, purity, and potency. Furthermore, being experts at innovating hemp products, the brand uses advanced extraction methods to ensure delta-8 products of the highest quality for the customers.

If we compare the different delta-8 brands, we can confidently say BudPop offers some outstanding delta-8 carts in a couple of fantastic strains, such as Grape Runtz (Himalia) and Strawberry Gelato (Calypso). The products are made with premium ingredients and available in a single potency of 800mg.

Easy to use and economically designed, these delta-8 carts are compatible with most 510-threaded batteries.

Apart from the quality of their delta-8 carts, the brand also ensures customer-friendly policies, reward points, and discount programs. They offer fast and free shipping on orders over $50. The company also has a 14-day return policy. Customers can claim a full refund if the products are returned in their original condition. The exchange policy is available only for damaged shipments.

In addition, the company offers a rewards program where you can earn points by shopping and following the brand on social media. Once you have saved enough points, you can use these to get a discount on your next purchase. BudPop also offers a loyalty program where special discounts are given to veterans or military personnel and people with disabilities.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of BudPop


High-quality ingredients: The BudPop delta-8 carts contain concentrated delta-8 THC and strain-specific terpenes along with natural flavors. The ingredients used in the carts and other products are organic, non-GMO, and 100% vegan. Also, the delta-8 carts do not contain any cutting agents like MCT oil, PEG, VG, or PG.

Lab tests: All of BudPop’s ingredients and products are tested by a third-party lab for heavy metals, solvents, residuals, and other harmful substances. The lab reports are available on the site for people to access and verify.


  • Organic, non-GMO, and vegan
  • Loyalty program (special discounts for veterans, military, disabled people)
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Experienced team
  • Positive reputation
  • User-friendly policies
  • Rewards program


  • No exchange policy
  • No international shipping

What Customers Say

Amazing flavors and quick effects — this is what most customers have talked about.

The delta-8 carts are highly effective for stress, anxiety, and insomnia, claim customers.

Only a few hits are enough to trigger the mild high that can help you relax and feel exhilarated. The vapor quality and flavors are excellent, too. You will feel the smooth and rich flavor being retained till the last puff.

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#3. Delta EFFEX: Natural Extracts


Delta EFFEX, a leading cannabis brand, offers strong and effective delta-8 THC vape carts. The brand’s mission is to focus on innovation and to make high-quality delta-8 THC available to people. Currently, Delta EFFEX is one of those brands that offer the best delta-8 THC products.

Featured in Leafly, Dope Magazine, Ministry of Hemp, Vapor Vanity, etc., Delta EFFEX has built a positive reputation with their high-quality products.

The company ensures all of their products are natural and plant-based. Delta EFFEX uses premium, U.S.-grown hemp from farms where the plants are grown under highly-controlled environments to maintain quality standards.

Furthermore, the company submits all hemp extracts used in the products to independent laboratories for testing. The lab reports are made readily available on the Lab Results page. You can check the page to verify the authenticity of the products.

Other than high-quality products, Delta EFFEX also tries to satisfy their customers with customer-friendly policies. Delta EFFEX ships their products promptly, and they are well-known for their fast service. Also, they offer a return policy where you can cancel your order if it is unshipped. In this case, you can cancel and claim a full refund.

Furthermore, the company offers discounts on products, which makes it more reasonable.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Delta EFFEX


High-quality ingredients: The delta-8 vape carts by Delta EFFEX is a perfect blend of delta-8 distillates and terpenes. The vape carts also contain delta-9 THC within the federal limit of 0.3%. All of the ingredients used in the delta-8 carts are plant-based, organic, and non-GMO.

Third-party lab tests: The hemp extracts used to manufacture the delta-8 vape carts are tested by third-party labs, and all reports are available on the Delta EFFEX website for customers to access.

Variety:Delta EFFEX offers a massive variety of delta-8 products. In the vape carts, you will find delta-8 THC from Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains. Furthermore, six flavors are available — Blue Dream, Cali Orange Kush, Strawberry Cough, Razzberry Kush, Banana Candy Kush, and Grand Daddy Purp.

However, the vape carts are only available in a single potency. It contains 20mg of full-spectrum hemp extract.


  • High-quality, natural, organic ingredients
  • Affordable products
  • Easy to use and convenient
  • Wide variety of products and flavors
  • Positive brand reputation (over 1,600 certified reviews)
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Fast shipping


  • No refund, return, or cancellation policy
  • Cancellation for a full refund applies only to unshipped products
  • Packaging of the products could have been better

What Customers Say

As we read through the customer reviews, we found most customer experiences to be positive. They talked about the top-notch flavors, the great taste, and the draw.

The quality of the vapor is excellent at each draw, smooth, and effective. Customers felt a mild high that helped them relax, stay calm, and think clearly.

⇒ Click Here To Visit the Official Website of Delta EFFEX

#4. Diamond CBD: Most Flavors


Diamond CBD is one of the pioneers of the CBD industry. The brand ensures it makes and sells premium products. They focus on the research and innovation of CBD hemp extracts to make them accessible to the masses.

All of Diamond CBD’s products are made from high-quality, U.S.-grown hemp. They use the supercritical CO2 method of extraction to make sure the products are free of heavy metals, pesticides, and residual solvents. Plus, the brand sends all ingredients and products for third-party lab-testing to maintain high quality.

Along with third-party lab-testing and the use of advanced extraction processes, Diamond CBD maintains a high level of transparency. All of the lab test reports are available on the brand website.

Diamond CBD has been featured on CNN, HQ, Leafly, Herb, MassRoots, etc., as one of America’s best CBD brands.

Besides the high-quality products, Diamond CBD also ensures customer satisfaction through their user-friendly policies. The brand also offers free, two-day, express shipping on orders above $100. Also, you get a 30-day window from the delivery date to return your unused products. However, there is no refund policy for vaping products.

Diamond CBD always offers products on sale. You will find an “On Sale” link where you will find different types of products, such as gummies, capsules, and vape cartridges, at huge discounts. Other than that, Diamond CBD offers promo codes for you to get discounts on your purchases.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Diamond CBD


Superior quality: The delta-8 vape carts by Diamond CBD are made from pure and concentrated delta-8 extracts from full-spectrum hemp. The vape carts contain terpenes, botanical extracts, and other cannabinoids.

The vape carts are convenient and easy to use, and the ingredients are all organic and non-GMO. Diamond CBD also ensures high quality through lab tests and maintains product purity and safety.

Variety: Along with a wide variety of delta-8 products, Diamond CBD also offers different flavors. The brand offers 15 flavors, including Pineapple Express, Mango Kush, Green Crack, Strawberry Lemonade, and Zkittles.

Also, the vape carts are available in Indica and Sativa strains. However, there is only one potency available — 1ml packs containing 900mg delta-8.

Third-party lab tests: Diamond CBD makes sure third-party labs test all of their individual ingredients and final products. The brand offers the assurance that none of their products, including the vape carts, contains synthetic additives, preservatives, or chemicals.

Also, the THC level is maintained within 0.3% to abide by the legal regulations. The third-party lab tests by Diamond CBD ensure the products are pure, safe, and of high quality. Furthermore, you can access the COAs to verify the authenticity of the product.


  • Organic, non-GMO hemp products
  • Positive brand reputation
  • Wide variety of flavors
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Reasonable pricing and discounts
  • Fast and free two-day shipping on orders over $100
  • Easy-to-use vape cartridge
  • 30-day return policy


  • No refund policy for vaping products
  • Too many products and vape carts flavors may confuse customers
  • No exchange policy except for damaged shipments

What Customers Say

Customers have talked about the premium quality of the vape carts that Diamond CBD offers. The vape carts triggered relaxation for a few customers, while it helped with a better focus for others.

⇒ Click Here To Visit the Official Website of Diamond CBD

Customers have talked about how happy they are with the effectiveness of these delta-8 THC vape carts. Discreet and easy to use, most vape carts have delightful flavors. Overall, customers are satisfied with these delta-8 vape carts by Diamond CBD.

#5. 3Chi: Popular


One of the most popular delta-8 brands, 3Chi, was founded by a biochemist with 15 years of experience in product formulation.

The company was founded with the aim to make the healing properties of cannabinoids available to the general people.

Today, 3Chi has a mission of offering customers safe and healthy cannabinoid products. And, with their range of high-quality products, the brand has sealed their place in the industry. With 3Chi’s growing success, they have been featured on Leafly, ESPN, American Spa, High Times, Rolling Stone, etc.

3Chi was the first brand to invent a new way to extract pure and concentrated delta-8. Therefore, they became the first company to manufacture a legal, THC-dominant product in the U.S.

The brand ensures high quality is maintained in their products. It sources premium, organic, non-GMO hemp from U.S. farms and uses the advanced CO2 extraction method to obtain pure delta-8 THC.

Furthermore, each product and its ingredients are tested by independent labs like Encore Labs, ACS laboratories, Verde Labs, and Texas PharmLabs.

Besides ensuring high product quality, 3Chi also has numerous good customer policies, such as free shipping on orders above $99. However, the brand does not offer any return, cancellation, or exchange policies. In case of any issues, you can contact customer support within ten days of purchase.

Also, no loyalty programs, rewards, or discounts are available on the purchase of 3Chi products.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of 3Chi


Premium ingredients: The delta-8 vape carts by 3Chi are made from premium, U.S.-grown hemp.

Made with 95% broad-spectrum, hemp-derived delta-8 THC oil and 5% terpenes (strain-specific), these carts do not contain any cutting agents like Vitamin E, MCT oil, VG, or PG.

Variants: 3Chi offers a range of delta-8 products — oils, edibles, topicals, concentrates, etc. Moreover, two variants are available in vape carts.

One variant is the Delta-8 Resin Vape Cartridge containing 65% delta-8 THC oil, 30% remediated live resin, and 5% CBC. The other is Comfortably Numb (for deep relaxation), which contains 40% delta-8, 40% CBN, 2% CBD, 10% CBC, and Strawberry Napalm terpenes.

All of the vape carts are available in two sizes of 0.5ml and 1ml, and two strengths of 500mg and 1000mg.

Independent Lab Tests: 3Chi ensures tests are conducted by various independent labs. The tests ensure the safety and quality of the products, including checking for the presence of heavy metals, pesticides, and residual solvents. All of the lab reports are easily accessible on the 3Chi brand website, which shows the level of transparency maintained by the company.


  • Premium quality, 100% organic, non-GMO
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Do not contain cutting agents
  • Positive brand reputation
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Fast and free shipping over $99
  • Wide variety of products


  • No return, exchange, or cancellation policy
  • No mention of loyalty programs or international shipping

What Customers Say

With over 1,373 reviews, 3Chi’s vape carts have been loved by customers. While a few customers have talked about the uplifting quality of the vape carts, others have discussed the great taste.

Customers have also claimed all three vape carts are potent and have produced extraordinary effects. Additionally, they have talked about the very responsive customer service team of 3Chi and the fast service they offer.

Overall, customers seem very satisfied with 3Chi’s products and customer service.

⇒ Click Here To Visit the Official Website of 3Chi

How Did We Choose These Delta-8 THC Vape Carts?

Giving you the best is our priority. So, we ensured the top five brands we selected were genuine and premium.

To make sure you can trust our top five brands, in this section, we have listed the steps we have followed to identify the best delta-8 THC vape cartridges in the market.

First, we started our online research on delta-8 THC cart brands and found numerous companies selling such products. We started reading about the brands on various platforms to check their hemp source, extraction methods, company practices, lab testing, etc. We created a long list of brands that seemed genuine, popular, and provided satisfactory services and adequate information on the crucial factors mentioned above.

Furthermore, we collected customer feedback through polls and surveys, spoke to industry and niche experts, and scoured through various social media, public forums, and mainstream hemp media outlets to determine the general public experience and consensus on different popular brands of delta-8. We also read customer reviews on brand websites, social media, and other third-party sources.

Finally, to assess the quality of the ten shortlisted delta-8 cartridges, we tried them all out. Based on their personal experiences and research, our team ultimately created this final list of the top five delta-8 THC cartridges.

Buying Guide for Delta-8 THC Cartridges

If you are planning to explore delta-8 THC vape cartridges for the first time, it is necessary to conduct detailed research about the delta 8 THC brands and where you can find the best delta 8 THC products. As you check through different brands, a few aspects must be considered.

Here is a list of factors you should look at while assessing a delta-8 THC brand.

  • Hemp Source

The quality of a product depends a lot on the quality of hemp used by the company. The hemp can be of excellent quality due to the nutrients it gets from the soil. On the other hand, the use of pesticides and fertilizers can cause quality degradation.

So, the hemp must be organic. When a brand mentions organic, non-GMO hemp, you can be sure of its safety, purity, and quality.

Organic hemp sourced from the licensed farms of the U.S. (Colorado, Kentucky, or Oregon) and Europe is the best choice.

  • Extraction Method

Only delta-8 THC extracted from industrial hemp is considered legal. If extracted from marijuana, it becomes illegal. So, you need to check how and where the delta-8 THC for the vape cart has been extracted.

Also, look out for the extraction process used by the company. Most reputable brands use the supercritical CO2 method that ensures extraction of pure and concentrated delta-8.

  • Ingredients

It is important to know what you put into your body. Delta-8 THC carts are generally simple products with limited ingredients like pure and concentrated delta-8, cannabis-derived terpenes, and natural flavoring agents. If the brand sells high-quality products, you will not find any preservatives or artificial flavorings.

You should look for mainly two things. One is the level of delta-9 THC (whether it is within 0.3%). The second is any mention of additives or cutting agents.

  • Independent Lab Testing

Brands need to be sure about the safety and purity of the products. Therefore, lab tests are essential. Third-party lab testing ensures the reports are not biased. They give you a fair view of what the product contains and its safety, potency, and purity levels.

Everything about a product discovered by the independent lab will be stated in the certificate of analysis (COA). So, make sure to check the reports. However, if you do not find any COA of independent lab test reports, look for a different brand that maintains transparency and ensures consumer safety.

  • Customer Reviews

One of the most efficient ways to find out about a product is to check customer reviews. Since the brand website reviews may or may not be authentic, you should check out the customer reviews on third-party websites. Also, social media platforms are a great way to know about a brand’s products and services.

When you find most of the reviews to be positive, you can be pretty sure the product is safe and effective.

  • Pricing

Pricing is also an important aspect of a product that often helps us determine whether the product is genuine. Delta-8 products are generally a bit expensive since extraction of delta-8 THC involves high cost and effort.

So, beware of the “cheap delta-8 THC carts” trap. There is no “cheap delta-8” that will give you the desired effects. Look at a few reputable brands and understand the standard pricing of genuine delta-8 products. Then, you will be able to save yourself from being duped.

Types of Delta-8 THC Carts

Vape carts sold by different brands select different extracts for their products to cater to the diverse needs of the customers. You can take your pick depending on your preferences, lifestyle, and health needs. You can choose from among full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and delta-8 isolate extracts.

While full-spectrum may contain traces of delta-9 THC (below 0.3%), broad-spectrum extracts should not contain any of it. Delta-8 isolates do not have any other cannabinoid apart from delta-8. If you are someone who needs to take a drug test often, it is best to avoid using delta-8 THC carts that contain full-spectrum extracts. But, that also means you will not get the most potent dose.

Isolates are pretty effective too, but not as potent as broad or full-spectrum extracts. While broad-spectrum extracts are best suited for most average users, they still will not be the most powerful.

Most of the brands of products we have discussed in this blog include pre-filled delta-8 THC cartridges. Of course, you have the option of refillable ones. And, if you choose pre-filled ones, you also have the option of selecting from among distilled delta-8 oils, CO2-extracted oils, live resin, cut oil (additives), terpene-infused vape oils, etc.

To understand the different types better, do a bit of research as well.

Safe Dosage of Delta-8 Vape Carts

Delta-8 is a compound that may have different effects on different individuals, and, thus, recommending a standard dose for everyone could be troublesome. Nevertheless, there is still an average range of dosage that could give you optimal effects without any side effects.

To get an idea of the minimum amount to be consumed and the maximum level you should not exceed, pay attention to these points:

#1. First-time users should maintain a range of 5mg to 15mg per serving. This range makes sure your body can adjust efficiently to delta-8 without the fear of an overdose.

#2. Regular users can take around 15mg to 45mg delta-8 in a single serving. Since the tolerance level increases with regular intake, higher doses are necessary to ensure the desired impact. At this stage, you may need to increase your dosage within two to three weeks of the first dose to maintain the same effects.

#3. Advanced users can take up to 45mg to 150mg per serving. Those who are habituated to consuming delta-8 might need to increase their dosage to 150 mg or more to get the desired effects.

In general, it is recommended for new users to start with smaller doses, i.e., 5mg to 15mg of delta-8, and gradually increase it by 5mg per week. Such microdosing allows your body the time to acclimate to the effects and slowly develop tolerance to delta-8 while keeping you safe from potential side effects.

FAQs About Best Delta-8 Carts

Q1: Are delta-8 carts safe?

A: Yes, they are relatively safe, as no significant issues or side effects were noted by consumers who vape delta-8. However, you could experience mild side effects, such as redness of eyes, increased appetite, grogginess, etc. But, be careful not to consume too much, as you could overdose. That could also lead to more severe issues, such as anxiety and depression, which is typical of any THC compound.

Always buy your independent lab-tested delta-8 carts from reputable brands to ensure the safety and purity of their contents.

Q2: How to store delta-8 carts?

A: Keep delta-8 carts in a cool, dark place, away from extreme temperatures. Store them away from direct sunlight and do not refrigerate them. Doing this will help the product retain its potency and overall quality.

Q3: Do delta-8 carts get you high?

A: Yes, they do. However, the delta-8 high is nothing compared to the high caused by potent doses of marijuana, or delta-9. It triggers a mild buzz that would relax you, refocus your mind, and keep you stable while making you feel good. It is more of a pleasant euphoria, unlike the terrible high caused by delta-9 THC, which can lead to paranoia, decreased motor skills, and impaired judgment.

Conclusion: Which Delta-8 Cart Should You Buy?

If you love smoking, delta-8 vape carts are the best way to go. Convenient and travel-friendly, delta-8 vape carts will save you unwanted attention. So, you can enjoy the benefits of delta-8 anywhere, anytime.

If you are confused about the multitude of delta-8 cartridge brands available in the market, do not be. The brands of products we have mentioned in this blog have been verified on different levels by our team of researchers to ensure their safety, potency, and purity.

We, however, strongly recommend either Exhale Wellness or BudPop, as both of these brands have high potency and are known to make products from the best quality hemp.

Follow our buying guide and make an informed decision about the best delta-8 vape carts and buy one that is perfect for you.

Start your journey with delta-8 on a good note. And, do not forget to consult your doctor first.

Happy vaping!

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