BASIS Independent School opens in Bellevue for 2022-23 school year

The school opened at full capacity, with 230 students in grades 2-7.

The first BASIS Independent School, a private school, opened its doors for the 2022-23 school year on August 24. BASIS Independent Schools are a national network of private schools that focus on educating students to the highest international standards.

BASIS Bellevue, located at 15749 Northeast 4th Street, kicked off the school year at full capacity, with 230 students entering grades 2-7. Students will explore humanities, math, sciences, engineering, performing arts, music, Mandarin, visual arts and physical education.

Elizabeth Thies, Head of School for BASIS Bellevue, described the City of Bellevue as a dynamic and exciting area.

“This place is the heart of innovation and influences many parts of our lives,” said Thies, who mentioned how BASIS takes an innovative approach to learning. “We also focus on creative problem solving and application-based learning and these ideals are so beautifully matched with the culture here in Bellevue.”

According to Thies, Bellevue is the perfect location to open a BASIS curriculum school due to the alignment with what the school offers, and what the region offers. For their founding year, the school is focused on grades 2-7, with plans for future expansion.

“As current students mature, BASIS Independent Bellevue will expand into a full middle school and high school, serving students through grade 12,” said Thies. “Our primary and middle school curriculum is specifically designed to build the foundational skills that our students need in order to be successful in our high school.”

Applications for fall 2023 are now open for grades 3-8. According to Thies, seats will be available for all grades.

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