Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protector Reviews – Is It Worth Buying?

Viscosoft Active Dry is a mattress protector that is relatively easy to put on, remove, and store. It protects the mattress from staining from skills, ensuring that the bed isn’t damaged in the first place.

What is Viscosoft?

Getting a good night of sleep can be affected by multiple factors, but most people blame their bed. If they have a mattress protector, that could be the problem. Mattress protectors are notoriously hazardous for consumers’ health, whether they pose a threat of respiratory issues with the buildup of dust or impede proper spinal alignment with the many lumps that form. Too many people are willing to risk damage to their mattresses for the sake of not using a protector. However, Viscosoft has a solution.

The Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protector is dedicated to keeping the user comfortable while sleeping without putting the mattress at risk of damage. The waterproof texture keeps any liquid from breaking through the barrier, and consumers can remove it to wash with ease. There are already over 100 positive reviews on the official website praising the comfortable material that keeps beds safe.

How It Helps

Mattress protectors have earned a terrible reputation for making consumers hot or clumping as they age. However, the Viscosoft Active Dry protector is made to provide a breathable layer that feels like an added luxury instead. As it protects the mattress, users will feel like they are resting on the softest layer possible.

To protect users from damage, Viscosoft Active Dry uses a 100% waterproof layer that prevents any spill from ever soaking into the mattress. It doesn’t matter whether the user has their kids or pets in the bed; they can even deal with a wine spill without damaging the mattress (though the same can’t be said for their sheets). But don’t worry if the protector is dirty; it can be washed easily.

Another big concern for consumers with typical mattress protectors is how they increase in size, which isn’t good. They often look inflated because other protectors ordinarily fill with dust, allergens, mites, and other microorganisms, making them extremely unhealthy to lay on. The mattress protector reduces the risk of damage from a spilled drink and keeps out the foreign matter that others collect. Consumers breathe better and get sick less often without constant exposure to these toxins.

To ensure the perfect fit, the Viscosoft Active Dry mattress protector also has secure corner pockets, fitting any thickness of the mattress.

Buying Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protector

Consumers looking to upgrade their current mattress can only buy it at the official website, Viscosoft.com. To purchase the Viscosoft Active Dry mattress protector, consumers can select between a queen-size or king-size. The packages include:

  • One queen-sized protector for $89.99 (for $107.99 for a king-sized protector)
  • Two queen-sized mattress protectors for $179.99 (or $215.99 for king-sized protectors)
  • Three queen-sized mattress protectors for $201.99 (or $242.99 for king-sized protectors)
  • Four queen-sized mattress protectors for $269.99 (or $323.99 for king-sized protectors)

All mattress protectors come with Comfort Guarantee, which gives the user 90 days to see if this product is a good match for them. If not, they can get a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions About Viscosoft

How difficult is putting on and removing the mattress protector?

Most customers find it relatively easy to set up the Viscosoft Active Dry mattress protector. While some bedding might require a little help, one person can set it up without issues.

Can users wash the Viscosoft Active Dry mattress protector?

Yes. This protector is safe to clean in a washing machine, washing the same way users would clean their comforter.

How long will users have to wait to get their purchase?

The creators offer standard and expedited shipping. Most orders arrive within three business days of their purchase. However, the delivery timeframe could change because of the time of day the order goes in.

Can the mattress protector be shipped overseas?

Not right now. The only place that Viscosoft can be shipped is within the contiguous United States.

What should the user do with the mattress protector when it isn’t being used?

When it’s not in use, it can be stored in a cool and dry space.

Are there any harmful chemicals used in the products?

No. The Viscosoft Active Dry mattress protector was made with no harmful chemicals, such as flame retardants or formaldehyde.

Are there any money-back guarantees when purchasing?

This product comes with a 90-day return policy to ensure that every person is happy with their purchase.

If the user wants to process a return, they need to speak with the customer service team by calling (844) 888-4726.



The Viscosoft Active Dry mattress protector provides consumers a comfortable way to keep their mattress from being damaged by any accident. Unlike other mattress protectors, they don’t collect dust and other particles that might inflate it or cause allergen irritation in the user’s sinuses. It can be washed at home without a dry cleaning bill, continuing to fit correctly around the corners when it goes back on. Click here to get your own Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protector.