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Think you can play on Tour?

Sorry about sending in a picture of me working in Palm Desert while it is snowing in Seattle, but we have had some horrible weather here as well. It rained and got down to 50 degrees on two days!


Worn wedges? You’re best off replacing them

Tour pros replace their wedges often, so that the sharpness of their grooves are always perfect. Here are some tips for you.


Gate Drill can help your putting | Golf Tips

Here is an oldie but goodie drill for putting that is making a big comeback, thanks to a company called Momentus. They make many well-made teaching aids for golfers of all abilities and ages.


Golf tips: getting the kids started

It is definitely a great idea to get your kid or kids started out in this great game early and correctly.

Golf tips: Check out your driver head

If you are like most up-to-date golfers you are probably looking down at a 460cc driver while hitting those long balls off of the tee. But I bet you did not know that large headed driver could be costing you valuable yardage!

Golf tips: Is your arm in a powerful position?

Check out the picture and make sure your right arm is in a powerful position as demonstrated. You can do this in front of a mirror or anywhere, anytime.

Improve your game with these tips

Today we have an expert - Rick Huegli, Sports Performance Director at Velocity Sports Performance in Redmond. Rick was the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at the University of Washington for 19 years and has been coaching athletes of all ages and abilities for over 30 years. Thank you for the help Rick.

Practice with club throwing

Feel like throwing a club?

Golf lessons vs. golf schools | Column

There are hundreds of golf schools, and they all claim they’ll improve your golf game. Also, there are thousands of golf professionals who claim the same. So what should you choose?

Golf tips: This one’s all about the irons

How do you hit your long irons?

Is your left side working right?

Before we get to the lesson this week I want to congratulate Scott Piercy on his win last weekend at the Wichita Open a Nationwide Tour event. I have spent many hours working with Scott on his swing and he is a great kid.

Don’t take practice swings

There are a few reasons for this:

Golf: Where do you need the most practice? | Steve Wozeniak

First of all, can you really “beat the course” from tee to green? Most golfers spend the bulk of their practice time on long shots . . . full swings.

Video necessary to learn the correct golf swing | Steve Wozeniak

Golf is in high gear right now. Have you gotten your swing on video lately?

Weight matters with clubs

One of the big benefits to golfers in the quest for greater distance has been the arrival of lightweight graphite shafts that can withstand the stress of high club head speeds.

Play from the correct tees for more fun

I can’t tell you how many times I see golfers of all levels playing from the wrong tees and consequently not having fun playing the game they love.

Simplify your approach to better enjoy the game

The flag is seldom your target - unless you are a tour player. Knocking down flags is not your game.

Ball fitting can improve your game

Everyone who plays golf has heard of club fitting and how important it is. However, most people have not known much about ball fitting. This is just as important as using the proper clubs.

Gaining distance, accuracy just a heavy club away

All golfers love the feeling of a solid, well-struck shot. Hitting the ball as far or past your playing partners is a goal I hear quite often from people who come in for help because their drives lack distance.

Try Tiger’s putting drill

Tiger Woods is obviously one of the best putters in the game of golf. No doubt quite a bit of God-given talent has a lot to do with it.