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Teaching to hate | Letter

Will it ever stop? Back in the 1940s and 1950s, Southern white children were taught by their parents to hate the Negro. “Whites Only” signs littered the landscape. Now children are taught to hate the winner of a Democratically-elected Donald Trump by the American people.

Our school children are savagely attacked by fellow students for expressing their God-given right to support their candidate. Young people riot in the streets damaging cars, businesses and attacking the police. Now the word “assassination” is used by many who disagree with America’s choice.

Even our elected officials who should know better challenge the ballot box results and I’m referring to the socialist Kshama Sawant. If you want to see what socialism looks like, I invite you to look at the results of socialism in Venezuela. People are starving and the economy is in shambles. Hyperinflation makes their currency worthless. Socialism always fails and history proves it.

So, all you young people out there who supported socialist Bernie Sanders, you have been deceived by your college professors and the mainstream media. The truth is that you have to earn your way in this world like your fathers and mothers and nothing is free and the freedom you enjoy was paid for in blood. The corrupt media has brainwashed you into thinking Donald Trump will be bad for America but the opposite is true. His policies will move you college graduates out of your childhood bedrooms with mommy and daddy and into a productive life you can be proud of. Remember, eight years of Obama/Clinton policies put you in that bedroom.

Bill Roll


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