Wang sentenced to 35 years in prison for 2015 Bellevue murder and arson

The man who robbed and murdered a prostitute before setting fire to a Bellevue condominium was sentenced to nearly 35 years in prison Jan. 20.

Song Wang was sentenced to 371 months in prison for the murder of Kittaporn Saosawatsri, plus another 41 months in prison for the fire he set at her Avalon Meydenbauer apartment on March 31, 2015.

“This case involves a shockingly brutal murder. When I reflect on this case, as I have many times over the last few months, my mind has drifted to the failings of our society, including to Ms. Saosawatsri,” King County Superior Court Judge John Chun said, adding that Wang preyed on her vulnerability.

Saosawatsri was working both at a Bellevue restaurant and as a sex worker to support her son and parents in Thailand. A victim’s advocate said that Saosawatsri’s death not only caused a great deal of grief, but required that her son forego college to join the workforce and support the family.

Wang was convicted last month of stabbing Saosawatsri to death, having arrived at her home under the pretense of receiving sexual services. Prosecutors theorized that Wang had wanted to rob Saosawatsri, but killed her when she wouldn’t reveal where she hid her valuables and set a fire to cover up the murder.

“This case was marked by something as disturbing as premeditation — indifference,” Prosecuting Attorney Mark Larson said last week.

Wang was caught on camera exiting the condominium minutes before its sprinkler system was activated, and was witnessed attempted to sell some of Saosawatsri’s belongings. It was revealed during the trial that he was in more than $25,000 of debt.

Wang has maintained his innocence in the crimes. His lawyer stated in court that Wang will be appealing the conviction.

Given that Wang is not a naturalized U.S. citizen, he may face deportation.