Molestation case against former Bellevue Christian teacher dropped

The case against a former Bellevue Christian teacher who was alleged to have molested three female students has been dismissed.

Ed Sloan was charged in June 2016 with one count of molestation in the second degree for inappropriately touching a then-12-year-old student in 2012.

While police were investigating the allegations, they found that two other students had made complaints against Sloan to Bellevue Christian administrators. The complaints were seemingly never remedied, according to court records filed by the family of the alleged 2012 victim. They added that they felt the school swept the reports under the rug.

The school said in a statement last summer that they were taking allegations very seriously and cooperating with police. When asked if the school had or plans to look into the complaints against Sloan, Bellevue Christian Superintendent Kevin Dunning said that he could not comment on anything in an employee’s personnel file.

The King County Prosecutor’s Office dropped the charges against Sloan on Jan. 17. Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Corinn J. Bohn reported that the state would not proceed with the case “based on evidentiary considerations”. The prosecutor’s office declined to explain on the evidentiary considerations were.

The case with dismissed without prejudice, which means that the prosecutor’s office can refile in the future.

Sloan had been placed on administrative leave through the end of the 2015-2016 school year and did not return for this academic year. When asked if the school would consider rehiring him, Dunning said he could not comment on personnel matters.