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  • Thursday, August 3, 2017 12:48pm
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July 24

Lock up: An intoxicated suspect assaulted a man after trying to take a padlock from him at the storage facility at the 13600 block of Bel-Red Rd. The suspect was booked into jail.

July 25

Don’t Touch Me: A man witnessed another man sexually assaulting a woman near Bellevue College. The suspect called 911 stating the witness was harassing him. The real story came out once police officers were on scene and the suspect was arrested and booked into jail.

July 26

Hush: A man was driving other coworkers to a job site in Bellevue. The suspect became irritated with the victim for talking too loudly on the phone and told him to get out of his vehicle as it was exiting Interstate 405 to Northeast Eighth Street. The victim challenged him to make him get out of the car, resulting in the suspect pulling over and assaulting the victim with a metal baseball bat. Officers responded and arrested the suspect for assault.

Brass Knuckles: An officer stopped a vehicle for having plates that belonged to another vehicle and also for an equipment violation near 148th Avenue Northeast and Southeast 28th Street. In the course of investigation, the driver was found to have metal knuckles on his person. He was arrested for possession of dangerous weapon and booked into jail.

July 27

Knife or no Knife?: A passerby called 911 and reported three men were chasing another man down the sidewalk at Bellevue Way and Main, and a knife was mentioned. Officers located and stopped an involved vehicle. Further interviewing of the caller revealed no knife had been witnessed, and ultimately no crime was established. One suspect was arrested and booked on a $10,000 local DV Assault 4 warrant. Other individuals were interviewed and released.

Family Spat: Officers responded to a distrubance at the 12500 block SE 51st Street of a father, mother and adult son arguing over family transportation issues, where the son grabbed a knife and threatened to slash the car tires. The father and mother did not believe the son would damage any property. The knife was never used to threaten anybody and the son was transported to hospital by ambulance for involuntary commit.

July 28

Leash it: A suspect and his neighbors got into an argument over the suspect’s dog being in the neighbor’s yard unleashed at 4100 block of W Lake Samm. Pkwy SE.The suspect assaulted the neighbor and was booked into jail for assault.

Shooting Threat: An intoxicated and agitated man approached a security officer at the Bellevue arts fair and told him he was going to start shooting him and other people. An officer arrived and placed the suspect under arrest for harassment.

July 29

Lewd Acts: Several calls were made regarding a male conducting lewd acts in public in the downtown area. On all occasions, no victims could be located. The subject was ultimately contacted after a call for service regarding a male with no shirt on who was screaming in an apartment complex. The subject did meet the criteria for an involuntary commitment. He was transported to the hospital for an evaluation.

Get Off My Property: A suspect was previously issued a written notice of trespass but was again on the propert near the 700 block on Bellevue Way Northeast. The suspect was arrested for criminal trespass 1st degree and booked into jail.

July 30

Road Rage Gone Wrong: Two men were involved in a road rage incident on Factoria Boulevard that resulted in a crash. Both drivers exited their vehicles and fought in the lanes of Factoria Boulevard. The suspect initially claimed he defended himself but the traffic camera video showed he initiated the fight and caused the crash. The suspect was arrested for reckless driving and assault. The victim was transported to the hospital for treatment of injuries from the fight.

Nail Littering: Officers responded to a call regarding nails being left in the street near the Open Windows School at the 6100 block of 16th Place Southeast. This is the latest incident with the same circumstances that has occurred in the area.

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