Women should send a message to Mr. Big Kid | Letter

I am deeply thankful and feel truly empowered to be a woman living in the 21st century. I love using my eloquent voice and honest words of expression to show that women do matter and we are not to be underestimated. It is so refreshing to see men applaud women who have the courage to keep on trucking and not get discouraged by the cowardly resistance towards women’s rights.

Thank you to all the respectful men who continue to value, cherish, love, support and encourage every woman. My opinion is that the delusional man in chief is chock full of lies, hypocrisies and contradictions, which is seriously disturbing and dangerous. We need all the bold women we can get to stand up to him. He is certainly not worthy of being called president of the U.S., rather he should be addressed as Mr. Big Kid for the distasteful way he treats women. All women should send the message loud and clear to Mr. Big Kid that women will not be silenced and we will keep expressing and fighting for what is right.

Erica Hale


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