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Scary minutes in Hawaii | Letter

How much longer do we, as a nation have to put up with a doomsday threat from North Korea?

We all breathed a sigh of relief when it became clear that this was a false alarm. Next time, it will be the real thing and it will no doubt come from North Korea. The dictator has said over and over again that when he is ready he will destroy the United States. This seems like an impossibility, but a single bomb, detonated in space, over the continental U.S. will create an electromagnetic pulse that will whip out our electric grid.

With the United States gone, the whole world’s economic system collapses. Chinas huge market in the U.S. is no more, creating massive unemployment there. Wall Street is gone, all international trade is gone, communication within the U.S. is no longer possible. Think of that nightmarish scenario.

Many members of The United Nations have paid only lip service to effectively isolate North Korea; China in particular has been of very little help. China has a lot to loose if the U.S. is forced to defend itself.

The U.S. must act, alone if we must, to destroy all of North Korea’s arsenal of nuclear weapons.

Bert Dybdahl


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