Political parties

I just read your commentary on the “Parties do disservice to state voters.”

I just read your commentary on the “Parties do disservice to state voters.”

Our leaders have been doing a disservice to voters for a long time. We vote No and they find a way to ignore our vote and if they can’t twist it to their liking they will take it to court and have the voters pay for all of court cost.

They are trying so hard to take the voters’ rights away by force. I believe that Washington state leaders are walking very close to being legally out of line and what can we do when they don’t listen to voters.

Thank you for this article and please keep writing these kind of articles. Maybe those voters who don’t think Washington state has a constitutional problem will finally realize something is very wrong with the way the people that are in leadership positions have been running this state (starting with ex-governor Gary Locke and ending, hopefully, with ex-governor Chris Gregoire).

I have no respect for any of them. King County is the worst of all. They do what they want no matter what the cost to taxpayers.

Cris Biedler

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