Planned Parenthood action favors religion | Letter

I wish someone will explain to me how providing tax dollars, which we are all required to pay otherwise face imprisonment, is not in essence violating my right not to support any religion, my being a non-believer. Is the government going to provide funds to those wanting to preach science over religion or those who preach there are no gods?

The government, by allowing states not to fund Planned Parenthood is, in essence, taking my tax dollars and diverting them for the benefit of religious organizations. And even worse, showing a preference for religious causes and dogma.

The Constitution was written at a time when people believed that slavery was moral and that women could be burned at the stake as witches. Science was in its infancy and there were lots of things yet to be discovered or understood, including the origin of the universe and what influences human behavior. There are in addition countless things yet to be discovered or understood and we are told the Constitution is not a living document, in which case we need a new Constitution.

George Whitaker


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