New Bellevue hotel has ugly roof | Letter

Marriott’s AC Hotel opened on Northeast 4th Street in Downtown Bellevue this week. It looks nice — from street level. But it’s not a tall building, and for hundreds of us in high-rise apartments, condos and office buildings surrounding the AC, it doesn’t look nice. It’s ugly. The roof, supposedly white, is largely all shades of dirty white — what one might expect if the building had been there under extremes of weather for decades, not days.

Other newer, not sky-scraping buildings in the area — such as the Avalon Apartment complex — are OK to look at. And the two Civica buildings hide their utility units under gracefully architectural roofing.

Maybe I complain too soon, and that finishing the roof remains on Marriott’s construction schedule. We neighbors hope so.

R. J. Schon