My-Linh is dedicated to Bellevue School District | Letter

As a former Bellevue School Board member (having been elected three times, serving from 1993-2004), I know only too well that it is not an easy job. I salute anyone who seeks to serve the community in this important task. The quality of the board really matters to the community and to its schools. I respectfully urge the re-election of My-Linh Thai.

My-Linh is a thoughtful, humble and dedicated community representative. She cares about community; she tries to bring balance to her decisions and to the board. She asks for advice and seeks out different views. While every school board will frustrate or anger some of the community some of the time, it is critical to recognize the importance of keeping quality members on the board. My-Linh Thai is such a quality member whose quiet contributions do not seek recognition. Communities have suffered when their school boards get buffeted by the politics of anger. Bellevue has terrific schools. They are not perfect and efforts must be undertaken to make them better for each and all of its students. I believe this can best be accomplished in Bellevue by continuing our tradition of supporting the retention of quality school board members. My-Linh Thai is an asset to the community and the board. I urge My-Linh’s re-election.

Steve Miller


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