Extremely disappointed in Fire Station 10 process | Letter

I attended the city council study sessions on March 6 for the proposed location of Fire Station 10 at the corner of 112th Avenue Northeast and Northeast 12th Street. I was happy to hear the council acknowledge that the whole process for the selection of the site behind closed doors was not the best approach and is a lesson for future development planning by city officials. While this is a step in the right direction, it does not alleviate the impact this decision has on the citizens displaced by this project.

As a homeowner in Bellevue since 1986, it makes me very uncomfortable to know that even though I have paid my taxes, voted for any improvements the city has put forward, supported school levies and been a citizen in good standing, I could still be forced from my home if the city decides my property fits its criteria for a project. It certainly gives me more empathy for immigrants who live with so much uncertainty in our country under the will of the government and refugees who are displaced from their homes in other countries. I am extremely disappointed with the process used. I strongly urge the council to revisit this decision and restart a transparent process involving this displacement of Bellevue families and the placement of Fire Station 10.

Janet Jelleff


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