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Attorney general is not above the law either | Letter

I recently read with great interest when Attorney General Bob Ferguson was quoted as saying, “No one is above the law — not even the president,” while talking about his Washington Federal Court victory over President Donald Trump’s immigration order.

First of all, I totally agree that no one should be above the law and I am also a big supporter of legal immigration. However, shouldn’t this same standard of not being above the law apply to all of Ferguson’s activities?

I sent a note to his office that while he was stating this, he was allowing cities and school districts in Washington state to create sanctuaries. In effect, this is allowing the harboring and hiding of illegal immigrants. How can you state that, “No one is above the law” to brag about a decision in a federal court, but then disregard federal law about illegal immigration?

As you would likely imagine, I never received a reply to my question on this hypocrisy. It is no wonder politicians are despised today. They play by a different set of rules than the average citizen and I find this plain wrong. We need a new attorney general.

David Stevens