A solution for safe heroin injection sites | Letter

Is it true that King County hopes to open heroin injection sites to ensure safe medically supervised locations with services and support for the addicts? I have a simple solution. Designate all of our hospitals and clinics in the county as safe injection sites.

These medical facilities are geographically dispersed, saving traffic congestion. Most are on bus lines and have parking on site. All are licensed to administer all sorts of drugs already. The facilities are staffed with doctors, nurses and social workers to provide supervision and support. The hospitals already have emergency rooms and often treat overdosed addicts, I believe. Some addicts may already be familiar with the facilities and their staffs.

We have hundreds of facilities hiding in plain sight. There is no need for new buildings and hiring tons of people. Now all we need is for the health insurance companies to do the right thing — pay for the services. We are often told about how great our health system is and how much our health care leaders really care. This is a chance for the county and our health care leaders to step up and provide safe injection sites for our addicts.

Frank Crerand