Siemens Real Estate expands in Bellevue

Siemens Real Estate recently completed a new office location for Siemens Building Technologies and Digital Factory employees in Bellevue. Employees proactively requested a New Way of Working (NewWow) open-office configuration. NewWow has been successful in more than 80 Siemens work sites, as the space makes accommodations for collaboration and innovation among employees.

In the previous Issaquah location, in-person communication among employees was stunted by a cubicle set-up with poor visibility. In the new Bellevue location, the building technologies and digital factory teams requested a NewWow space in order to be more engaged with their co-workers. The design also aimed to showcase new technology.

“We’re thrilled that the execution of the Bellevue location has shown a mastery of the planning stages in creating a NewWow space, making it a success from start to finish,” said Michael Kruklinski, Head of Siemens Real Estate for the Americas.

The office space is 25,186 square feet with separate warehouse facilities, with 177 employees, and a customer training center

“We’ve had a highly engaged team from the beginning, which helped for us to educate employees early in the process and ease through the transitions that come with a new office,” said Steven Ngo, Senior Project Lead at SRE Americas.