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Sound Publishing committed to supporting growing businesses | Publisher’s Desk

The Seattle area is home to professionals in a multitude of disciplines offering their expertise to those who are looking for opportunities to learn. We… Continue reading


Covering stories that matter to you | William Shaw, publisher

As Bellevue's local news source, our mission is to educate, inform and enlighten, and to strive to be the voice of and for the community. We want to know what we should be covering that we haven't yet. What have we covered that you've enjoyed? Where can we make a bigger impact in the community? Who or what is something we should profile, investigate or explore?


The call no parent wants to hear | William Shaw

Seven years ago, I sped across the I-90 Bridge to Harborview Medical Center. As I did, I begged for God to take my life: "Please take me instead. Not Her!" Just 15 minutes before my drive across the bridge, my wife, Mary Beth, and I had received the phone call that every parent dreads. Our 17-year-old daughter, Mora, was in ER at Harborview.


Connect, support our neighbors in wake of explosion | From the Publisher

After the terrible explosion that tore a hole through downtown North Bend ​in the wee hours of April 25, I urge my fellow Eastsiders, both individually and as a business community, to come together to help not only these individual ​Snoqualmie Valley​ businesses and their employees, but also the city of North Bend in its efforts to heal and spring back.

It’s never too late to thank a veteran

At the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918, guns fell silent across France. Peace broke out that day, and soon ‘Johnnie came marching home’ back to the U.S. For many years, Nov. 11 was recognized as Armistice Day — a day Americans gave recognition and thanks to our World War I veterans.

Trip to Austin shows best practices for Bellevue, Eastside – Texas style

A few weeks ago, a group of residents from Bellevue and the Eastside went on a trip to Austin, Texas to see and learn new ways of doing things, to explore new ideas — and to use that experience to create and renew back home. Here are some takeaways from the trip