Bio Protect Plus Reviews – Canine Gold Nutrition Gut Health Formula for Pets

Bio Protect Plus is a daily gut formula for dogs that helps them to improve digestion and support their overall health. This formula is made for dogs of all sizes, allowing users to choose the right serving size for their pet.

What is Bio Protect Plus?

All dog owners want to make sure that they give their dog the absolute best nutrition, setting the tone for their entire life. Even finding the right dog food can be a hassle, especially for consumers who have pets with sensitive stomachs. After finding the right dog food, some consumers struggle to get their dog to eat with enough balance, and that causes major damage to the digestive system. For dogs that need more regularity, there is Bio Protect Plus.

Available in packages of up to six bottles, Bio Protect Plus’s effects include”

  1. Better breath
  2. Less flatulence
  3. Easier passing of bowel movements
  4. More energy
  5. Increased joint and bone health
  6. Healthier gut lining

While this formula primarily targets the gut, consumers will be pleasantly surprised at the many health benefits that their dog gets from simply having a better gut. Even though dogs need a certain amount of protein in their diet, Bio Protect Plus only includes vegan ingredients, and it should not be used as a replacement for a meal. Instead, use it to improve the nutritional value of their meal.

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How Does Bio Protect Plus Support Dogs?

Created by veterinarians, Bio Protect Plus is made to improve a dog’s gut health. While other formulas throw every vitamin and mineral into their blend, there are other ingredients that the body benefits from. This formula only uses 11 ingredients, and they are all condensed into a proprietary blend so no other company can replicate it. All of these ingredients are essential to a healthy gut for any dog.

What’s In Bio Protect Plus?

Reishi Mushroom

Reishi mushrooms are incredibly healthy for both humans and dogs. They improve the immune system while reducing inflammation. It helps users to feel more relaxed, making it easier to sleep and reduce anxiety. They can improve heart health, and they reduce pathogens in the body with their natural antioxidants.


Adansonia, also known as African baobab, provides many health benefits. The fruit helps consumers to lose weight and regulate their blood sugar levels. It also reduces inflammation and supports digestion, which is the main reason that it is included in this formula.

Hemp Seed Powder

Hemp seed powder is a rather new ingredient to find in supplements, but they are incredibly healthy for the body. With a little bit of protein, dogs get support from a non-animal source, but they also get antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and other nutrients that fight against disease. It is an excellent source of fat and fiber, which are both good for bowel movements.

Olive Oil

Olive oil helps dogs to improve their moisture in their skin and fur. It reduces inflammation throughout the body while soothing the scales that form on dry skin. It is also supportive of the heart, improving its overall function.

Mountain-Priest Mushroom

Mountain-Priest Mushroom, which is more commonly referred to as lion’s mane mushroom, is a nootropic remedy to support brain health. It helps dogs to have better memory retention, which can be difficult as they age. This ingredient is also loaded with antioxidants and minerals that benefit a dog’s wellness.

Organic Spirulina

Spirulina is an excellent source of nutrients. Current studies suggest that it protects the body from developing cancer, though further studies are needed. It is high in antioxidants, which are good for inflammation and heart health. It also keeps cholesterol levels and blood pressure under control, ensuring that dogs have healthy blood flow.

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Iodine regulates the thyroid gland, regulating metabolism and other hormonal reactions. Dogs who become overweight often produce less of the hormones that trigger metabolism than others, and their gut could be to blame. When dogs get enough iodine in their diet, they naturally regulate thyroid hormones to keep their weight and mood balanced.

Green Banana

A green banana simply means it hasn’t ripened, but it is still rich in nutrients. According to current research, green bananas can promote improved gut health, which is exactly why the dog would use Bio Protect Plus in the first place. It helps with the quality of stools while reducing flatulence and soothing anxiety. It also promotes better skin and a shinier coat.

Shitake Mushroom

Shitake mushrooms are high in zinc and other essential nutrients. It helps users to keep their dog’s coat healthy while improving the digestive system. They can improve brain function while promoting better blood flow in the heart, but they also improve bone health and immunity. They have incredible antiviral benefits for both people and dogs.

Multivitamin Formula

Dogs need to get just as many vitamins as humans do, but kibble falls drastically short of this nutritional need unless the user wants to pay a high amount for their dog food. Still, including necessary vitamins is an easy way to ensure that dogs get their primary nutritional needs met effectively.

Multi-Mineral Formula

Just like vitamins, these minerals are essential to keep dogs healthy and happy. While the website doesn’t dive into which minerals were included with this remedy, they all play a role in digestion, immunity, and more.

Buying a Bottle of Bio Protect Plus

The only way that consumers are presently able to get access to Bio Protect Plus is to go through the official website. With three different packages offered, consumers can choose the number of bottles that they plan to use for their dog.

The available packages include:

  • 1 bottle for $59
  • 3 bottles for $147
  • 6 bottles for $234

Consumers who take advantage of one of the multi-bottle packages will have access to two bonuses. The first bonus is The Ultimate Guide to Dog Nutrition, showing consumers the keys to improving their dog’s health and happiness without spending a lot of money. It explains the right food to give a growing dog, along with the specific needs that their breed may have.

The second bonus is Dangerous Dog Delights. This guide shows users the harmful treats that they might already be giving their dog to make more informed decisions about their pet’s nutrition.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bio Protect Plus

Q. How does Bio Protect Plus work?

A. When dogs add Bio Protect Plus to their diet, they use natural and unique ingredients to improve their gut lining, reducing digestive difficulties.

Q. What is Bio Protect Plus?

A. Right now, no other pet health supplement offers the benefits that Bio Protect Plus does. It helps dogs to maintain proper gut health to prevent digestive issues.

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Q. Can anyone safely use Bio Protect Plus?

A. Yes. The purpose of this formula is to help any dog. However, if the dog has to take prescription medicine or has other health issues, it may be best to speak with their veterinarian first.

Q. What is the best number of bottles of Bio Protect Plus to order?

A. The amount of bottles should correspond with how much the customer’s dog will use, but that information depends on the dog. Larger dogs require larger portions, so customers will have to order more at once.

Q. How should users give Bio Protect Plus to their dogs?

A. After preparing their nighttime meal, sprinkle up to 3 spoons of Bio Protect Plus onto the food. The exact portion depends on dog size. By morning, their gut will be ready to push through healthy bowel movements without any bacteria to damage it.

Q. Will consumers be charged again for their order of Bio Protect Plus?

A. Not at all. Consumers will only pay for a one-time transaction when they place their order. No subscription is currently available.

Q. What if the Bio Protect Plus formula isn’t effective for the user’s dog?

A. No matter what the reason is, the creators will issue a refund if this product is not right for the user’s dog. The customer service team is available for any other questions or concerns by calling 866-393-3483.


Bio Protect Plus provides consumers with a useful solution to their dog’s gut issues. This formula is easy for the dog to digest, setting the tone for better gut health. The remedy is easy to add to food, and it can help any dog to have better bowel movements and improvements in their overall digestion. While there’s no subscription, consumers can order up to 6 bottles at a time to stock.

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