Honda displayed dedication to the Bellevue football program

Tireless work ethic defined Jay Honda’s role with Wolverines for two decades.

For nearly two decades, Jay Honda arguably had the best view of any Bellevue Wolverines football enthusiast from the top of the pressbox.

Honda, who was the Wolverines spotter since the late 1990s, helped members of the Wolverines football staff identify players on the field throughout the duration of every single high school football varsity game. The Bellevue football program celebrated Honda during a pregame ceremony just minutes before the Wolverines took the field for their showdown against the Yelm Tornados in the Class 3A state quarterfinals on Nov. 17. Honda informed the team that 2018 would be his final year as a volunteer with the Wolverines football program in the spotter role.

Bellevue Wolverines athletic director John Hill helped organize the celebration honoring Honda.

“Clearly it’s a labor of love type of commitment for Jay. His wife is a longtime educator here at the school and it’s just a great commentary of somebody really loving the place that he is at and of course the involvement of a community that a Friday night certainly brings to your school,” Hill said on Nov. 17. “It is great to have somebody who has put that kind of time and dedication in to get that kind of recognition.”

Honda penned a letter to the Bellevue Wolverines football program discussing his favorite memories of the past 20 seasons. The final paragraph of Honda’s letter can be located below.

“I will miss all of it and at the same time want to leave to ensure that I will miss it. I will still look for the results of the team and may even drop in on a game. Not many things in my life have I done for twenty years. I will miss most the friends I’ve made that I looked forward to seeing every fall. I got to watch many amazing games over the years, all of it out of the weather with an unobstructed view. Thanks Bellevue.”- Jay Honda.