Freeman leads Bulldogs’ backcourt

Bellevue College sophomore Taylor Freeman is thriving on the hardwood with the Bellevue Bulldogs men’s collegiate basketball team.

Freeman, who graduated from Shorewood High School in 2014, is averaging 16.3 points per game during the 2016-17 season thus far. The Bulldogs have compiled an overall record of 10-5 in early season action.

Freeman is enjoying the transition at Bellevue after spending his freshman season on the Fresno City College roster. The 20-year-old is one of just three sophomores on the Bulldogs’ squad.

“It’s different because last year I was kind of the young guy on my team and I come here and now I’m on a team where the majority of the players are freshman. I have a lot bigger role here and guys definitely look up to me more,” Freeman said.

Freeman is glad he made the decision to transfer to Bellevue.

“Bellevue College is one of the most respected and winningest programs in the NWAC (Northwest Athletic Conference). I wanted to come back and play close to home. I knew Bellevue had a good program with a track record and a good coach (Jeremy Eggers). It seemed like the perfect fit and has been the perfect fit,” Freeman said. “I have been just preparing and waiting for my time and I think right now is my time. Sophomore year is go time. You have to go hard or go home.”

Freeman believes his best attribute on the floor is fundamentals and moving without the ball. The sophomore guard prides himself on being on old school kind of player.

“I don’t have to dominate the ball. I can handle the rock (ball) and I can come off screens. That makes it hard for other players to guard me. I can cut to the basket and also can spot up for threes (3-pointers). I don’t have to come off the dribble and can score more within our offense as opposed to the isolation game,” Freeman said.

Recently the Bellevue Reporter had an opportunity to ask Freeman a few questions outside of the basketball court.

Bellevue Reporter: What is your favorite movie of all time?

Taylor Freeman: My favorite movie is “The Dark Knight Rises.” Batman is my favorite superhero ever.

BR: Who was your idol growing up?

TF: It would probably be my dad for sure. I want to model myself after him.

BR: What is something unique about you that nobody would know?

TF: I really like playing NBA 2K 2K17 (video game). I’m big on that. I’m playing it just about every night.

BR: How many text messages do you send per day?

TF: Sometimes my phone is dry, sometimes it’s not. I would say maybe 50 or something like that. I keep it real short and sweet. I don’t like texting too much.

BR: Who was your favorite sports team growing up?

TF: The Seattle SuperSonics until they left (2008).

BR: What is your favorite eatery in Bellevue?

TF: I just moved here to Bellevue. I don’t really know the spots quite yet.

BR: Who is your pick to win the Super Bowl in February?

TF: I got my Seattle Seahawks.