Concession stands purchases are the norm

Sportswriter Shaun Scott enjoys consuming food at the Newport High School stadium concession stand.

The life of a sports reporter encompasses plenty of work during the evenings and on the weekends.

During the week, I rarely arrive for work at our office located at Richards Road just north of the Factoria Mall before the afternoon hours. There is absolutely no reason to ever arrive during normal business hours due to the nature of the job. All of my visits to practices and games typically take place in the late afternoon/evening time frames. One of my favorite venues to cover events since I began working at Sound Publishing in August of 2014 is Newport High School in Factoria. What is the reason for this?

I absolutely love eating dinner at their concession stand.

This fall I’ve covered two football games at Newport High School. I covered the Newport/Interlake game on Aug. 31 and the Newport/Skyline contest on Sept. 14. On both occasions, I purchased two hot dogs apiece from the concession stand near the south end of the stadium just to the left of the entrance to the facility. The monstrous sized hot dogs dubbed the “Knight Dog,” which cost a meager $3 apiece, proved to be worth every single penny. Before the start of the Newport/Interlake game, I consumed one hot dog quite quickly. Before I made my way up to the press box, I decided to purchase a second hot dog. That is how tasty the food fare proved to be.

In the future, if I know I’m covering an athletic endeavor at NHS, I will hold off from eating dinner until I arrive at the stadium prior to the start of the game. The lifestyle of a sports reporter is completely different from 99 percent of the population. Eating on the run is a way of life and is something unavoidable. I completely appreciate the tasty food fare there and will continue to devour dinner at Newport’s concession stand for years to come in the future.