Troomy Nootropics Review – High Quality Mushroom Gummies That Work?

Troomy Nootropics is a company that offers multiple supplements that help consumers heal their bodies from within. They have a few different remedies, depending on the benefits consumers want from them, including better sleep and focus.

What is Troomy Nootropics?

Mushrooms have an exciting effect on the human body. While they’ve been publicized for years for the way they offer psychedelic effects, researchers have found that they also help consumers with many essential health benefits. Instead of looking for more “magic,” consumers might consider changing how they use mushrooms. That’s where the Troomy brand comes in.

The creators at Troomy Nootropics believe that finding ways to feel healthy shouldn’t be difficult. The path of natural support is the easiest way to improve the body, which starts with the right mushrooms. While some nootropics focus on using caffeine and synthetic ingredients, this brand exclusively focuses on mushrooms as the main ingredient. Whether they need to sleep better or wake up better in the morning, Troomy Nootropics has options for everyone.

Troomy Nootropics began to help consumers match delicious flavors with nutritious ingredients. So many mushroom supplements taste like dirt because they don’t use reliable components and have subpar quality. By converting mushrooms into gummies, consumers bite into supplements that are as good as they help users feel.

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Troomy’s Main Mushrooms

While there are many helpful mushrooms in the world today, the entirety of Troomy Nootropics focuses on functional mushrooms. These mushrooms are known for the benefits they offer consumers for their health and wellness, which is entirely credited to their unique nutritional profiles.

The functional mushrooms that consumers experience with Troomy Nootropics include lion’s mane, red Reishi, cordyceps, chaga, turkey tail, and maitake.


Lion’s Mane Mushrooms

Consumers mainly indulge in the benefits of lion’s mane mushrooms because it impacts the brain and immune system. Lion’s mane mushrooms have such incredible health benefits that they’re even considered a superfood, which is how they found a place in Eastern medicine so long ago.

When consumers use lion’s mane mushrooms, they quickly improve brain activity. While some people feel a sense of mental fatigue when they struggle during the day, relief from inflammation is the first step to healing. Consumers then experience stimulation in brain cell growth, which helps them engage cognitively without becoming overstimulated or overly energetic.

Red Reishi Mushrooms

Red Reishi mushrooms are called the “mushroom of immortality” because of their incredible effect on liver function, stress, and heart health. Consumers often use it to help with significant medical concerns like cancer or diabetes. It even allows consumers to alleviate allergy symptoms, like congestion and itchiness.

Along with the physical health benefits, Red Reishi is beneficial as an adaptogen. Adaptogens are compounds that help the body to inhibit cortisol production, which makes consumers feel stressed. In some cases, the benefits of stress and immunity are so impressive that researchers believe it can help with HIV.

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Cordyceps Mushrooms

Cordyceps mushrooms are excellent for anyone who wants to overcome fatigue. Many struggle to focus throughout the day due to this fatigue, but overcoming it creates a new path of progress and better memory retention. It supports better brain health and memory, making it ideal for any nootropic formula.

As a natural aphrodisiac, consumers who struggle sexually might find themselves in the prime place for a heightened libido with this mushroom. Studies also show that using cordyceps mushrooms helps users reduce the risk of fluctuating blood sugar levels, which is excellent news for consumers who struggle with diabetes.

Chaga Mushrooms

Chaga mushrooms have made their way into mainstream culture because they help users reduce the risk of cancer and reduce inflammation. They can even lower cholesterol, making this adaptogenic mushroom good for the heart in multiple ways. With less stress and more focus, consumers get the support that their immune system needs to fight off threats.

Consumers sometimes use these extracts as a way to enhance their coffee. However, consuming it within a gummy is also a helpful way to promote better health.

Turkey Tail Mushrooms

Turkey tail mushrooms are high in antioxidants, much like the other fungi in these remedies. It is known for promoting a better immune response, so consumers won’t have to worry about getting sick as often. The immunity benefits are so powerful that consumers can fight against cancer with it.

Some say that using turkey tail mushrooms helps them improve their stamina and promote better gut health. This rich source of antioxidants allows consumers to purge other free radicals from the body, ensuring that nothing inhibits their health and wellness.

Maitake Mushrooms

Maitake mushrooms are the last fungi strains consumers will primarily see in these supplements. They are one of the best remedies for better heart health because they reduce the body’s bad cholesterol. While some products eliminate cholesterol, the creators behind this remedy understand that some cholesterol benefits the heart.

By reducing dangerous cholesterol levels, consumers reduce clogged arteries and improve blood flow to the heart. Better blood flow also helps with cognition by ensuring proper nutrition gets delivered to the brain.

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Products by Troomy


Daily offers a blend of 14 different mushrooms to get the support that consumers need each day. This remedy’s full coverage ensures that every body part gets support somehow. Since it is part of the Troomy Nootropics line, consumers can rely on the Boost for better brain health and blood circulation. Since blood circulation plays a significant role in healthy cognition, it helps users improve their attention span, memory, and more.

Consumers who use this ingredient consistently will also see positive changes in their gut health. As their digestion improves, they’ll notice less pain and inflammation in their stomach. Consumers can improve their health with better digestion, cognition, and more. It has a delicious strawberry-mango flavor that helps consumers look forward to their daily supplement.

This remedy includes a 2000mg serving size, including those above 14 functional mushrooms, like oyster and Blazei. It also has more familiar fungi, like chaga and turkey tail mushrooms. Consumers will only need two gummies to get the desired effects.



Focus primarily focuses on how consumers can benefit from lion’s mane mushrooms. It is one of the easiest ways to improve focus, helping users to promote better memory and brain health. While the entire brand centers around using functional mushrooms as a nootropic remedy, this formula only allows users with that goal.

Consumers who use Focus get all the benefits Lion’s Mane offers because it is the only mushroom in the blend. All other ingredients create the gummy structure, ensuring that users get the whole 800mg serving of lion’s mane mushrooms that makes this intense focus. With just 30 calories per gummy, consumers can experience better focus without the excessive calories that energy drinks and coffees bring.


Boost is the perfect supplement for those seeking to try the Cordyceps mushroom and its benefits. This mushroom is a natural booster for better energy levels, but this energy can be used for anything. It doesn’t matter if the user wants more mental or physical energy – Boost does it all. Unlike other formulas that increase energy levels, the Troomy Nootropics brand includes no caffeine, focusing on the energy consumers can get through the mushroom instead.

Consumers also use Boost for its anti-aging benefits and support for heart health. With better heart health, the cardiovascular system can distribute nutrients more effectively, so consumers will quickly see a boost in their cognition. Providing consumers with 400mg of cordyceps mushroom per serving, consumers can use this remedy to help them maintain their active lifestyle. It won’t act as a pre-workout but will help users improve their physical and mental performance throughout the day.

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Sleep is the only remedy of the entire Troomy line that focuses on getting better sleep rather than being more alert and active. This formula is entirely natural, helping consumers to create the right environment for sleep rather than forcing them to sleep like medication might. Consumers who use this formula feel soothed and calm, allowing them to relax like they should when sleeping at night.

While the other formulas on this list only use mushrooms, the Sleep supplement includes melatonin to help with good sleep. Melatonin is a natural hormone that the body produces and accepts the body well. Using this ingredient has been shown to have a positive effect on the natural sleep-wake cycle of consumers. The remedy also includes passionflower, lemon balm, and chamomile flower to boost this benefit further.

In addition to promoting better sleep, consumers also benefit from improved immunity and blood circulation. As consumers rest easier at night, they restore the balance their immune system needs, crucial to improving users’ health.


If you’re looking for a natural and convenient way to enjoy the benefits of Reishi, the Calm gummies are a great option. The creators focus on helping users reduce stress with this remedy, which must be used daily to regulate the body. It has soothing benefits for the mind and body, but it also helps users to support better brain health. Consumers get better gut balance with this remedy as well.

Users get 400mg of Reishi mushroom extract in this gummy, which is essential to feeling calmer and more relaxed. Users will need two capsules to get the desired effects. Users get the combined benefits of Reishi mushrooms with organic tapioca syrup, natural flavors, and more with every serving.


Shine is another standout supplement, helping consumers to promote more beauty with mushrooms. The main mushroom used in this remedy is tremella mushrooms, which offer polysaccharides that reduce inflammation and support antioxidants. Consumers with a lot of inflammation in their complexion tend to experience more blemishes and redness.

Along with mushrooms, this remedy contains biotin and collagen for hair, nail, and skin health. These compounds are crucial to the structure of these tissues, allowing consumers to look as beautiful as they feel. Consumers also find that these non-mushroom ingredients suit both heart and gut health. Collagen, specifically, helps users to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles in the complexion.

Offering peach-pomegranate flavor, consumers will need two gummies to get the desired effects.

Ordering Troomy Nootropic Products

Troomy Nootropics remedies are only sold on the official website. The website offers a complete line of supplements, offering users free shipping if they surpass $49 per purchase. All the bottles cost $34.99 each, regardless of the supplement the user chooses.

Consumers can ship these orders within the United States, and they get free shipping if they exceed $49 in their entire order. The only way to exceed this amount is by ordering multiple bottles simultaneously, ensuring users can stay consistent with their chosen remedy.

New customers get a further incentive to purchase with the 25% discount that only applies to first-time purchases. Consumers who still want to save after the first purchase can subscribe to get this remedy for a 15% discount.

Frequently Asked Questions About Troomy Nootropics

Q: Where is Troomy Nootropics Based?

A: The main Troomy office is located in Whittier, CA.

Q: What Are Functional Mushrooms?

A: Throughout the official website, consumers will see continued references to functional mushrooms, fungi that offer many benefits for their health but aren’t psychedelic. There’s no risk that consumers will feel a psychoactive effect, but this category includes both mushrooms and adaptogenic mushrooms.

Q: What Functional Mushrooms Does Troomy Include in Their Products?

A: The primary mushrooms consumers will get in these supplements include lion’s mane, Reishi, cordyceps, chaga, and turkey tail mushrooms.

Q: What’s the Difference Between Medicinal Mushrooms and Adaptogenic Mushrooms?

A: Medicinal mushrooms have specific benefits for the user’s health, so they are sometimes used in traditional and natural medicine. Adaptogenic mushrooms relieve stress from a physical, biological, or chemical source.

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Q: What are Nootropics?

A: Nootropic supplements help consumers improve their cognition to retain new information, think more clearly, and pay attention more effectively. The best nootropic mushrooms in these formulas include cordyceps, lion’s mane, maitake, Reishi, and chaga.

Q: How Can Medicinal Mushrooms Help Users?

A: Anyone can benefit from medicinal mushrooms. They’ve been used for centuries, supporting the health of people everywhere. They promote better immunity and reduce the free radicals that build up in the body. They also reduce inflammation and improve energy levels.

Q: How Many Troomy Gummies Are Best to Take Each Day?

A: The total number of gummies depends entirely on the supplement consumers choose. For the Focus, Calm, and Boost gummies, consumers must use 1-2 gummies per serving and three servings daily for long-term use. For the Daily gummies, users need one gummy for each serving, which should also be used three servings daily.

Sleep gummies require much less to get the benefits. Users will only need to take them at night, and they’ll need 1-2 gummies for each serving.

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Q: Are Troomy Nootropics Legal?

A: Absolutely. Since the mushrooms aren’t psychedelic, they don’t have any of the compounds that would be federally regulated.

Q: How Can Consumers Feel Certain That Troomy Supplements Are Safe?

A: The website offers all of their lab reports. Consumers can view the third-party results directly on the website to ensure they know exactly what they put into their bodies.

Q: Where Does Troomy Ship?

A: These purchases ship throughout the United States, offering free shipping if the order exceeds $49.

Q: Is There a Return Policy With Troomy?

A: Consumers must email the customer service team if they want a refund for their order.

To get the customer service team, email hello@troomy.com or call 866-MY-TROOM.

Final Thoughts on Troomy Nootropics

Troomy Nootropics provides consumers with various mushroom supplements that can meet their health needs. These formulas all come in fruity and delicious flavors rather than having a mushroom-based taste. Each provides a diverse selection of mushrooms to meet users’ needs, enabling everyone to receive the desired assistance. Plus, some formulas include non-mushroom ingredients to amplify the effects. With discounts for subscribers and new customers, anyone can experience the full depth of what mushrooms can offer.

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