Top-Rated Best Metabolism Boosters UPDATE

Losing weight is not as easy as it seems for some people because not all have the same metabolism rate. And the metabolic rate has a direct link with healthy weight loss, calorie expenditure, and the fat-burning process. The lower the metabolic rate, the slower you will burn fat.

That being said, having a slow metabolic rate is not the end of the world, thanks to the dietary supplements that are available in the market. But the thing is, getting the best metabolism booster supplements is more complicated than it seems. The overabundance of sub-par fat-burning supplements is the reason why.

However, our team was pretty determined to get in shape. So, we made plenty of comparisons among the metabolism boosters that seem promising by keeping the critical factors in mind. And in this article, we will only talk about the ones that can boost your metabolism.

The 25 Best Metabolism Booster Supplements in 2022

Metabolism-boosting supplements is not a new thing at all. But in recent years, people have become more determined about losing weight, which is why the demand for these dietary supplements has increased. Well, that brought average metabolism boosters to the market.

Nonetheless, after comparing and testing all of the metabolism-boosting supplements for days, these are the ones that seemed worthy of being crowned as the best metabolism boosters:

  • Exipure
  • Meticore
  • Java Burn
  • Resurge
  • PhenQ Fat Burner & Complete Meal Shake
  • Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic
  • MetaboFix
  • Gluconite
  • Leanbean
  • Burn Lab Pro
  • CircadiYin
  • Instant Knockout Cut
  • Keto Charge
  • Metabrim NRG
  • Cellubrate
  • Autaphagene
  • Trimtone
  • PrimeShred
  • Thyroid Rescue 911
  • PhenGold
  • ExiPure
  • Metabolic Renewal5-Day Metabolism Fix
  • Meta Burn
  • Metabolic Burn
  • Metabolic Stretching



Exipure is the best metabolism booster to buy in 2022 for a number of different reasons. Despite being one of the most recently released metabolism booster supplements available, the Exipure ingredients and primary focus is what sets this unique formula and scientifically-proven formula apart from the rest of the worthy considerations listed below.

The healthy weight loss support supplement known as Exipure is a rare combination of eight exotic ingredients that set out to tackle the real root cause of unexplained weight gain and belly fat, low brown fat levels. Known as brown adipose tissue or BAT, according to the latest science about brown fat, it is believed to be at the root of why people suffer from being overweight and obesity due to having extremely low levels of non-white fat. With a tropical loophole formulation made up of antioxidant-rich Oleuropein polyphenol (olive leaf extract), Holy Basil (rich in ursolic acid), Kudzu root, berberine-rich Amur Cork Bark, Perilla leaf extract, White Korean Ginseng or panax ginseng, and the natural Quercetin flavonoid, the Exipure weight loss pills are an excellent choice to start using for those looking to boost metabolism while accelerating the fat-burning weight loss process for real results in 2022.

The doctor formulated metabolism booster from Exipure is also the top-rated metabolic health enhancer due to its industry-leading 180 day money back guarantee. The creators and formulators of this metabolism booster are so confident in the product’s success for its users that everyone has a risk-free 6-month refund policy in place from the moment they order. Starting out at only $59 per bottle, customers can get each bottle as low as $49 or $39 per when they buy in bulk too.

Highlighted Features

  • most rare metabolism-boosting ingredients for heightened thermogenesis benefits
  • targets root cause of weight gain (low brown fat tissues) and boosts BAT levels
  • naturally boosts metabolic health using exotic plant-based superfood compounds
  • completely safe and free of side effects or negative adverse reactions
  • risk free 180-day money back guarantee, so it either works or its easy to refund



So, what makes a dietary supplement reside among the best metabolism boosters? Well, if you asked us, we would expect it to target explicitly boosting metabolism instead of vaguely targeting weight loss. And Meticore does precisely that!

After you pick up the habit of taking this dietary supplement daily, you can purportedly lose weight and keep the stubborn body fat out of your system. The weight loss supplement does that by targeting a low core body temperature. By increasing the body temperature, it will boost metabolism and promote weight loss.

Another great thing about this metabolism booster is that it has no side effects at all. It is safer than a regular multivitamin dietary supplement. So, you can enjoy a rapid fat-burning result without any of the consequences. That is why it is among the best metabolism boosters available in the market.

Highlighted Features

  • Targets explicitly on boosting metabolism
  • It helps to get rid of stored fat
  • Focuses on core body temperature
  • No known side effects
  • Burns calories reasonably fast

Java Burn


Coffee is well-known to be a natural appetite suppressant. But did you know you can convert it into natural metabolism booster? With this powder drink, it will be possible to do that.

Java Burn is not like regular metabolism booster pills. It can increase the metabolism rate by taking the help of the morning cup of joe. All you need to do is mix this powder into the coffee, and it will do its work in terms of helping you with fat loss.

The powder not only helps you lose weight but also provides the body with essential nutrients. It is a natural supplement for vitamins and minerals. The Java Burn formula includes herbal extracts and plant extracts as well. Those will work like a charm in terms of electrifying the metabolism-boosting rate.

Furthermore, it will torch the body fat away at a rapid rate. It even boosts the energy level, improves health, reduces hunger, and gets rid of stubborn body fat. The package will come with single-serve packets, which can last for an entire month. So, you will not have to make frequent purchases either.

Highlighted Features

  • It makes coffee a natural metabolism supplement
  • Provides body essential vitamins and minerals
  • Integrates plant and herbal extracts
  • Reduces hunger and boosts energy
  • Gets rid of stubborn fat


One of the better-known metabolism booster supplements available in the market today is Resurge. And it deserves all of the recognition it has. Want to know why? Read through the review!

The manufacturer promotes that this metabolism-boosting supplement utilizes nothing but natural ingredients. Well, their claim is valid. The blend will do a proper job of optimizing sleep. As a result, the HGH production increases, which will eventually help you lose weight.

On that note, the metabolism-boosting supplement focuses on resting metabolic rate instead of optimizing the metabolism rate in the day. And it is pretty well-known that better sleep is the key to boosting weight loss and boosting metabolism rate. That is what the brand exactly plans to achieve.

Thousands of users even back this weight loss supplement. All of them claimed that they witnessed rapid fat-burning results of Resurge. And most importantly, each of the bottles of these metabolism booster pills falls under an affordable price range.

Highlighted Features

  • Utilizes natural metabolism-boosting elements
  • Optimizes sleeping patterns
  • Increases HGH production
  • Focuses on resting metabolic rate
  • Affordable

PhenQ Complete Meal Shake

While most dietary supplements focus on a single formula, a couple of brands will integrate multiple. PhenQ is one of them. And this metabolism-boosting supplement is a perfect example of that.

Complete Meal Shake combines five different metabolism booster pills into one convenient formula. And the formula contains nothing but natural metabolism-boosting elements. So, it excels in terms of having effective metabolism-boosting properties. It will block the production of body fat, suppress appetite, and improve mood.

Aside from that, the natural supplement also works like a charm in reducing stored fat and belly fat. Also, as it includes unique elements such as alpha-Lacys Reset, it will rapidly accelerate fat metabolism burn rate. You may even get in shape in no time at all. The other unique ingredients will enhance the effects of this robust formula just like their all in one fat burner PhenQ pills.

The brand has also brought out a plant-based natural supplement that will help you lose weight naturally and fulfill the nutrient deficit in your body. The PhenQ Meal Shake will also allow you to burn calories exceptionally quickly.

Highlighted Features

  • Combines five different pills in one
  • Uses natural metabolism booster elements
  • It helps to improve mood
  • Can increase your metabolism rate quickly
  • Offers plant-based metabolism-boosting nutritional powder

Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic

While looking for the best thermogenic fat burner, you might want to opt for something rich in antioxidants. In that case, consider what Okinawa has to offer here.

Unlike some metabolism boosters, Flat Belly Tonic comes in a powder form. You just need to mix it up with water or a beverage and drink it daily. After that, both the regular metabolic rate and resting metabolic rate will increase dramatically. The formula can also increase fat oxidation, which will improve the fat metabolism rate.

It can even optimize weight loss in multiple ways by supporting healthy digestion. As this thermogenic fat burner is full of antioxidants, you will notice improvements in other body functions. There will be an improvement in terms of inflammation and health benefits.

Due to the capability of supporting healthy digestion, the metabolism booster will allow you to burn more calories while exercising. That will make you burn fat and get rid of the belly fat in a small amount of time using this Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic powder.

Highlighted Features

  • It comes in powder form
  • Increase metabolic rate significantly
  • Boosts fat oxidation
  • Optimizes weight loss
  • You can get belly fat and stored fat off the body


Want to get your hands on the best thermogenic fat burner that does not only let you burn more calories but makes it easier to lose weight? Well, you need to check out MetaboFix.

The weight loss supplement utilizes plant and fruit extracts to supercharge your body. The elements are all-natural and will tell your system to increase your metabolism rate. As a result, the body temperature will rise, and you will burn more calories.

Even the usage method is straightforward. Just by taking one serving of this metabolism-boosting supplement, you can eliminate stubborn fat and increase body fat loss without having to follow a reduced-calorie diet. You can enjoy a slimmer waistline and reduce body fat without needing to eat fewer calories.

Furthermore, it will help to improve mental focus, reduce fogginess in the brain, and enable you to stay highly concentrated on specific tasks. You will also notice other health benefits after having this rich natural supplement regularly given just how successful so many others have been using MetaboFix.

Highlighted Features

  • Uses plant and fruit extracts
  • It helps to burn calories faster
  • Slims waist and reduces body fat
  • Improves focus
  • Increases concentration


Most of the metabolism boosters will rely on stimulants and other natural elements. But that is not the case for Gluconite. It takes a unique approach to boost metabolism in your body.

As we have mentioned, the metabolism booster has a different approach to increasing metabolism. It will help you fall asleep. In other words, resting metabolic rate will improve dramatically after having this metabolism booster regularly. It will flood the body with essential minerals and vitamins.

In terms of ingredients, it relies on natural elements only. Those will encourage the body’s sleep process naturally. When the resting metabolic rate is high, the body will naturally burn more calories the next day. It will accelerate weight loss and help you maintain a healthy weight without eating fewer calories.

The supplement will not only boost your metabolism but will also support healthy blood sugar. It will also work like a charm in terms of balancing out the sugar in the bloodstream. You can burn more calories and stay fit at the same time using Gluconite.

Highlighted Features

  • Aids to get a good night sleep
  • Increases resting metabolic rate
  • Provides essential minerals and vitamins
  • It can help you lose weight fast
  • Accelerates fat loss


There are plenty of metabolic rate boosters available that are for both men and women. But if you want to get a metabolism booster that is specifically for women, consider Leanbean.

Each of the servings of this metabolism-boosting supplement contains a good load of fiber. The fiber will be in the form of glucomannan. Its 3g content can increase metabolism rate by pushing the waste out of the body. The glucomannan will also do a proper job of cleaning different parts of the body.

It also holds the ability to increase protein metabolism rate. That will kickstart the weight loss rate and allow you to burn more calories without doing that much work. You can also burn fat from the belly region and get a firm and flat tummy. It can even reduce fat oxidation and allow you to get toned arms and legs.

On that note, this metabolism booster contains specific ingredients that will enhance focus and energy. Those will even work in terms of supporting the fat metabolism. You will notice a reduction in hunger cravings and eventually lower calorie intake.

Highlighted Features

  • Includes 3g of fiber
  • Cleanses the body
  • Kickstarts the weight loss program
  • It can help you lose weight quickly
  • Reduces hunger cravings

Burn Lab Pro

When it comes to the best thermogenic fat burner, there are a few options that can both burn fat and boost your metabolism at the correct rate. However, that is not the case for Burn Lab Pro.

First, let us talk about the contents of this metabolism-boosting supplement. It contains no stimulants. Instead, for boosting metabolism, it takes the help of natural ingredients. And those ingredients can torch stubborn fat quickly and increase the weight rate significantly.

Furthermore, it will help you maintain muscle mass. It will burn fat for energy instead of protein. That will allow you to gain nothing but lean muscle mass after exercise. Also, the ingredients make the body burn more calories during the exercise sessions. Because of that, endurance during the workout will be high too.

That said, the ingredients of this metabolism booster include Capsimax, ForsLean, HMB, Chromium Picolinate, and many other natural elements. These can increase your metabolism in no time at all. So, you will not have to work that much for weight maintenance.

Highlighted Features

  • Contains HMB, Chromium Picolinate, and many other natural elements
  • The ingredients can torch burn fat quickly
  • Burn calories quickly
  • It helps to maintain muscle mass
  • Increases lean muscle mass


One of the unique metabolism-boosting supplements that we have on this list is CircadiYin. It does not only boost your metabolism but optimize the circadian rhythm at the same time. Want to know more about it? Continue reading!

When you do not get proper sleep, the metabolic processes slow down. As a result, even if you lower the calorie intake, there will not be much difference in the weight loss rate. You might initiate the weight gain process at some time. Well, that is what this metabolism-boosting weight loss supplement targets.

CircadiYin will ensure that the body burns more calories instead of starting the weight gain process while doing regular day-to-day tasks. It will also support weight loss in plenty of other ways. In fact, after using this metabolism booster, you can lose anywhere from 50 to 100 pounds in a short period.

The best part of this booster is that it can initiate weight loss without any side effects. The bottles do not cost that much either. You can both carry out weight maintenance and get back to a proper sleeping schedule without breaking your wallet.

Highlighted Features

  • Optimizes circadian rhythm
  • Boosts weight loss rate
  • It makes the body burn more calories
  • Promotes healthy and balanced lifestyle
  • Accelerates metabolic processes

Instant Knockout Cut

Doing aerobic exercise can indeed help boost your metabolism. But you can accelerate the metabolism-boosting process by taking some like Instant Knockout Cut. Wondering how? Well, we discuss exactly how in this review.

The formula of this metabolism booster has seen an improvement twice. Now, it is better and more effective. It can increase your metabolism rate and accelerate weight loss. Furthermore, it will even suppress appetite and allow you to lower calorie intake without having to follow a strict reduced-calorie diet.

Additionally, it contains some essential vitamins and minerals that are not found on metabolism boosters. It has green tea extract, vitamin B6, D3, and L-theanine. Green tea extract, in particular, will help you lose weight, burn fat, and allow you to gain muscle mass quickly.

It also works wonders in terms of increasing the protein metabolism rate. That will accelerate the fat loss even further and allow you to lose weight quickly. The metabolism booster also comes in unique packaging.

Highlighted Features

  • Effective in terms of weight loss
  • You can lose weight quickly
  • Aids to boost your metabolism fast
  • Has green tea extract and vitamins
  • It makes it easy to lower calorie intake

Keto Charge

One of the healthy diet plans that are available today is the keto diet. It optimizes weight loss and helps you lose weight by forcing the body to enter the ketosis state. And that is what this metabolism-boosting supplement will deliver.

Once you start to take Keto Charge regularly, the ketone levels in the blood will increase. That will help in terms of losing weight by converting the stored fat into fatty acids. The body will then use the fatty acid to generate energy, which will make you lose weight in no time at all.

Aside from helping with weight loss, it optimizes the metabolic rate. The ingredients can increase your metabolism rate by jumpstarting the basal metabolic rate. It also plays a vital role in helping you burn calories. You would not have to count the number of calories while having steak with butter drizzled on the top.

Unlike the other metabolism boosters that rely on ketosis, it will not make you go through keto flu. That means you can enjoy an accelerated weight loss rate without facing any drawbacks.

Highlighted Features

  • Converts fat into fatty acids
  • Your body can burn calories faster
  • Losing weight becomes an easy process
  • Increases basal metabolic rate
  • It will not make you go through keto flu

Metabrim NRG

Are you struggling to lose weight? Want to lose up to 8 pounds of weight in just two weeks? Well, you need to check out what Metabrim is offering here then!

Instead of opting for stimulants like the other metabolism boosters, Metabrim NRG has utilized thermogenic ingredients. Those will boost your metabolism rate by increasing the body temperature. As a result, weight loss will see a significant rise, and your body will quickly get into the fat loss process.

The formula does not rely heavily on stimulants. For that reason, you can accelerate the weight loss process without facing any jitters. It can boost your metabolism without making you go through any severe side effects at all. The blend can also help you to gain more muscle mass.

It does not only increase your metabolism but also ensures that the body burns more calories while exercising. That will accelerate the weight loss rate further. So, you will not have to worry about a thing when you have extra calories from time to time.

Highlighted Features

  • Boost weight loss rate
  • Does not rely on stimulants
  • Can boost your metabolism rate exceptionally fast
  • It helps to burn more calories during workouts
  • Increases muscle mass


Are you heavily relying on processed foods and struggling to stick with a healthy diet? Do you want to lose weight without having to eat fewer calories? Well, Cellubrate can help you in that regard.

To start with, it is one of the multi-nutritional supplements that will support your immunity and boost metabolism at the same time. Due to the support it provides for immune health, you will be less vulnerable to diseases. Also, it will be easy to burn calories if your health is in a top-notch state.

That said, you would not even have to exercise that much or restrict yourself to eating fewer calories if you take this supplement regularly. It will boost your metabolism by relying on highly potent ingredients. The elements it utilizes can boost metabolism significantly within the first few weeks of intake.

The metabolism booster can also support your mood. It will ensure that you are fully energized and capable of entirely focusing on something. As a result, it will be easier to burn more calories while exercising.

Highlighted Features

  • Contains multiple nutrients
  • Improves the body’s immunity
  • It helps to burn more calories during workouts
  • Alleviates mood
  • Can increase your metabolism rate quickly


Plenty of metabolism boosters that will focus on other things than just boosting metabolism. However, you might want something that will strictly increase your metabolism rate and help you lose weight. In that case, keep Autaphagene in your consideration.

After you pick up the habit of taking this supplement daily, you will enjoy 1000 mg of natural metabolic support. It will turbocharge the autophagy response and boost the metabolism rate within a couple of days. And the significant part is that it utilizes nothing but natural elements to increase metabolism processes.

On that note, due to utilizing a blend of natural compounds, there will be no severe side effects. The elements can also correctly work together and accelerate fat loss. They will convert the body fat into fatty acids, which the body will later use for energy production.

The blend can even work on older adults. It can work like a charm in converting stubborn fat into fatty acid on different body types. Eventually, losing weight will not be something you would have to worry about.

Highlighted Features

  • Provides 1000mg of metabolic support
  • Turbocharges the autophagy response
  • It helps to lose weight quickly
  • Can accelerate weight loss in older adults
  • Efficiently converts fat into fatty acids


The Trimtone, among all of the available metabolism boosters, specifically targets women. And it can uniquely boost the metabolism rate. Want to know about it? Continue reading!

It relies on a proprietary formula, which forces the body to burn fat for energy. Once the body gets optimized for this, weight loss will become a piece of cake. The weight loss rate will see a significant rise just after a week of taking this supplement.

Apart from just accelerating weight loss, the blend can also optimize the body to boost metabolism. The components of the formula do a proper job of making the metabolic rate climb up as well. After that, the weight loss rate will get further enhanced. It will not take that much time to get in shape.

One capsule of this metabolism-boosting supplement contains green coffee beans, green tea, caffeine, glucomannan, grains of paradise, and many more. All of them will ensure that your body is getting all the essential vitamins and minerals and a boost of metabolic rate.

Highlighted Features

  • Boost metabolic rate quickly
  • Enhances the weight loss rate
  • It contains green tea and other natural ingredients
  • Full of elements that boost metabolism fast
  • Targets the health of women


Most people hesitate to take metabolic boosters just because most tend to burn protein. Well, if you get PrimeShred, there will be no need to worry about that because it does not burn protein at all.

The blend primarily focuses on burning fat from the body. It will ensure that the stubborn fat from the body is converted into energy whenever you are doing something. That will accelerate the weight loss rate without needing you to do intensive or time-consuming exercises.

Some metabolism boosters will recommend eating protein along with taking the formula. But there will be no need for that if you take this one. Instead of relying on protein, it will help you gain more muscle mass. The ingredients will also work like wonders in boosting weight loss by stripping off the excess belly fat.

Talking of which, it utilizes nothing but clinically-backed ingredients. They will work by activating and charging up the fat-burning hormones. As a result, the body temperature will increase, and weight loss will happen naturally.

Highlighted Features

  • Focuses primarily on weight loss
  • It helps to gain muscle mass
  • Utilizes clinically-backed elements
  • Amplifies weight loss rate
  • Charges up fat-burning hormones

Thyroid Rescue 911

Metabolic rate has a strong connection with thyroid problems. Those thyroid issues can block the release of crucial hormones, which boost metabolism. Well, that is where Thyroid Rescue 911 steps in.

Unlike the other metabolism boosters, this utilizes antioxidant-rich elements and schizandra. Those elements optimize the health of the thyroid. And once the thyroid is in proper shape, it will release the crucial hormones at the correct rate. Eventually, the metabolic rate will see a rise too.

On that note, the blend consists of nothing but natural elements. So, they will not make you face any jitters or side effects like some other metabolism boosters. The ingredients can even increase the basal metabolic rate. That will enhance weight loss and allow you to lose fat exceptionally quickly.

Among all of the ingredients, the blend of this metabolism booster also contains vitamins, nutrients, minerals, green tea, and plant extracts. So, it will be capable of fulfilling any nutrient deficit that might be present in your body.

Highlighted Features

  • Full of antioxidant-rich elements
  • Optimizes the health of the thyroid
  • It helps to make the metabolic rate climb up
  • Increases basal metabolic rate
  • Accelerates weight loss


Although most metabolism boosters will utilize a single-action formula, some go above and beyond that. And PhenGold is an excellent example of that.

As we have mentioned, the supplement utilizes a multi-action formula. That blend holds a higher ability to enhance the natural weight loss ability of the body. As a result, the fat burn rate will see a significant boost after you start taking this regularly.

The formula also does a proper job of curving cravings. After you see a reduction in cravings, you can easily keep yourself away from processed foods. And as the weight loss rate will be considerably high, you wouldn’t need to strictly count the number of calories.

This formula has a hefty dose of L-tyrosine, green coffee, green tea, caffeine, and cayenne pepper. As all the elements of the formula are natural, there will not be any severe side effects. And all of them can efficiently jumpstart the weight loss.

Highlighted Features

  • Uses multi-action formula
  • Naturally enhances the weight loss rate
  • It contains green tea, caffeine, and other natural elements
  • Can reduce cravings for extra calories
  • Utilizes natural ingredients

Top Metabolism Booster eBooks

The best metabolism boosters do half of the work in terms of boosting your body’s metabolic rate. What about the other half? Well, you would need to adjust your diet and lifestyle habits for that. And these are the guides that will help you in that:

Metabolic Renewal

The Metabolic Renewal eBook does not only cover the basics, but it holds the ability to optimize the metabolic process properly. But how does it achieve such a capacity? Well, that is what you will soon find out.

The eBook was designed by a doctor who specializes in the health of women. The doctor has gone through all the lessons that can boost metabolism in all body types and people of different ages. There is a method or plan for each individual.

It covers the lessons that do not just boost metabolism rate; they also boost energy and revitalize health. The doctor has utilized the 4M framework to make highly qualified plans. This framework can help you keep their heart strong, supple skin, bones sturdy, and boost your metabolism.

Furthermore, some plans will let you sleep better at night. You will even find lessons that will help you lose weight excessively fast. Some guides can balance the mood and alleviate the mental condition as well.

Highlighted Features

  • Designed by a doctor
  • Utilizes 4M framework
  • Has guides on keeping the heart strong and bones sturdy
  • It helps to boost energy
  • There are plans for accelerating weight loss

5-Day Metabolism Fix

Fixing the metabolism rate is a lengthy process. But what if we told you otherwise. Would you believe us then? Well, by taking the actionable steps, you can boost metabolism in no time at all. And this guide will help you in that regard.

The 5-Day Metabolism Fix eBook focuses on the crucial things. Instead of insisting on cutting out extra calories and eating spicy foods, it will guide you to adjust certain aspects of the diet and lifestyle. After following the things it goes through, you might not have to ask how many calories you are intaking anymore.

The guide also provides workout plans. Again, those fat-burning workouts will let you burn fat without needing to cut off extra calories, nor will you have to count the number of calories you are taking. Also, all of the plans are exercises that you can carry out while being at home.

Once start to take the guide seriously, you will be capable of losing five pounds of weight in just five days. The book also covers fasting for weight loss, drinks specifically for weight loss, and many other effective techniques.

Highlighted Features

  • Focuses on adjusting the specific aspects of diet
  • Has workout plans
  • The plans can be carried out while staying at home
  • Has information regarding weight-loss drinks
  • Goes through fasting plans for weight loss

Meta Burn

The best way to lose weight and boost your metabolism is by exercising. But not all of the exercises will be that effective in making you lose weight faster and increasing the metabolic rate quickly. That is where Meta Burn Steps in.

The book goes through the workouts that you can efficiently perform in your home. And those are not average exercise plans that you can find on the internet. Instead, they are specific to make you lose weight faster and boost the metabolic rate quickly.

When you follow those exercises, you force your body to burn more calories. You can lose weight up to 66 pounds in a couple of days if you follow the plans. There will be no need to force yourself to consume spicy foods, green tea, nor will you need to count how many calories are there in each meal.

On that note, the exercises it goes through are not that demanding. You will need to dedicate just 10 minutes per day. And in just 36 hours, you can boost your metabolism rate significantly. Forget the days of sweating for hours in the gym.

Highlighted Features

  • Gives info regarding efficient weight loss workouts
  • The workouts are not that demanding
  • Can boost metabolism in just 36 hours
  • Does not insist you eat spicy foods
  • Has easy to follow guides

Metabolic Burn

Sometimes it gets pretty impossible to cram all of the information regarding metabolism-boosting lessons, tips, and tricks in one book. Well, Metabolic Burn had factored that in.

As you might have guessed, this eBook comes in a package. There are a total of seven metabolic-boosting eBooks in the package written by Andrew Hall. Each of the books covers a specific topic. For example, you will find meal guides in one and muscle-building techniques in another.

However, muscle-building and meal guides are not the only thing you will find in the eBooks of the package. There are recipes for fat loss, exercises for weight loss, and many more. After following the program, you can transform your entire metabolic process in a matter of days.

Additionally, the guides help to optimize a fat-burning furnace inside your system. And after you activate the furnace, there will be no need to follow the falsely written “lose weight overnight” guide you might have found on the internet. You will also notice a significant boost in terms of energy level.

Highlighted Features

  • The package consists of seven eBooks
  • Each book goes through a specific topic
  • Has guides for weight loss exercise
  • It makes the body a fat-burning furnace
  • Includes weight loss meals

Metabolic Stretching

Did you know that you do not have to make a drink with green tea extract or engage in strenuous exercises just to boost your metabolism? Do not believe us? You need to grab this eBook.

The first thing that makes the Metabolic Stretching eBook different than the others is that it is available in two different formats. You can get it in the digital book format or DVD. Each one will let the reader or viewer discover the proven stretching methods that can boost metabolism.

It is not only for anyone that is looking to boost metabolism. The stretching methods can also help burn fat and increase your metabolic rate while being right at home. This program is also pretty much against the idea of spending hours doing cardio just to lose weight.

Moreover, you will notice an improvement in terms of metabolic rate and see different health benefits. The methods will aid you in toning the muscles and getting the excess fat out of your system quickly.

Highlighted Features

  • Available in two different formats
  • Describes plenty of different proven stretching methods
  • The program is pretty easy to follow
  • Not much time is required
  • It helps to tone muscles

How Did We Rank the Metabolism Booster Supplements

All of the metabolism booster supplements you will find on the internet will claim to boost metabolism in a couple of days. But not many deliver! To scrutinize the ones that keep their promises, we have considered these important factors:


The ingredients are the first thing that separates the best metabolism boosters from the rest of the competition. Usually, the ones that utilize proven elements can effectively boost your metabolism. On the other hand, the ones that rely on regular and unproven components can only promote gimmicks.

Considering, we have factored in whether the supplement contains the practical elements or not. Green tea extract, caffeine, Chromium Picolinate, and other natural plant extracts are well-known for having the capability to boost metabolism and help with fat loss. We consider the options that contain these.


Having effective ingredients, such as green tea extract and Chromium Picolinate, will not make an offering capable of quickly boosting metabolism. It also needs to have the elements at the correct dosages. For example, a supplement with all the science-backed ingredients in weak dosages might work, but the results will not be that noticeable.

For that reason, we have prioritized the supplements that include the science-backed ingredients at the proper dosages.

Honest Advertisement

Let us get one thing straight. There is no supplement available that can boost your metabolism rate and make you lose weight overnight. Many of the options will also claim to make you lose up to 40 pounds of weight in just a week. And those will also tell you not to count the number of calories in each meal.

Well, all of that is not possible. So, instead of focusing on those supplements, we have only considered the honest options about the effects.

Money-Back Guarantee

If a company is taking a step ahead and offering a money-back guarantee, they are standing right with the formula. It shows how confident they are regarding their supplement.

That is not the only good thing about this guarantee. Having a money-back guarantee will also offer you peace of mind that you can get a complete refund if a specific formula does not work on your body. Considering both of these factors, we have prioritized the ones that provided a money-back guarantee the most.

Transparent Dosages and Ingredients

Another thing that makes it seem like the company is standing behind their product is transparent information regarding dosages and ingredients. We have found plenty of metabolism boosters that hide stimulants and caffeine from their ingredient list. But some people face severe side effects when they take caffeine.

Because of that, we did not prioritize the options that were not transparent regarding the formula. However, the transparent ones and checked all other essential factors got a higher position on our list.

The History of the Manufacturer and Their Reputation

There is plenty of supplement manufacturers that have been around for a reasonable amount of time. We believe that they were capable of staying in business for that long because they provide effective products. And many have a proven history of providing high-quality and highly effective formulas as well.

That said, we prioritized the brands that have a good reputation. They are less likely to scam the buyers because they care about their reputation. However, do not think that less big brands do not provide effective supplements. Sometimes, they do.

The main takeaway is that if you trust a brand with a good reputation, you can purchase their products without worrying one bit. However, if the brand is not that well-known and does not have a good reputation, we recommend you be skeptical before making a purchase decision.

Doctor or Physician Backed

From our experience, we have learned that supplements backed by accurate medical info are the most effective. Also, when a doctor or certified physician is backing up a product, that professional is risking their entire career. So, they would not generally back something up that is ineffective.

Keeping that in mind, we did emphasize the options that doctors and physicians backed up. However, we did consider the ones that did not have any backing of doctors and physicians. But those did not get a higher ranking in comparison if they were less effective.

Is Metabolism Booster for Everybody?

Anyone struggling with losing weight, trying to burn excess fat, or burning more calories will benefit after taking metabolism boosters. These supplements will increase the metabolic rate of your body. As a result, the body will burn calories faster.

On average, the body will burn 1500 calories in a day in the resting phase. But once you start taking metabolism boosters, your body might burn up to 1800 calories without having to do any heavy exercise. So, if you combine that with some cardio and workouts, you could see a massive improvement in weight loss.

Nonetheless, these are the people that the metabolism boosters targets explicitly:

  • People that want to burn excess fat without losing muscle mass
  • Those who plan to start a weight loss program
  • Anyone that has hit the plateau of weight loss
  • Those who are struggling to lose the extra few pounds of their belly
  • Anyone trying to lose weight but struggling to increase the calorie burn
  • People looking to complement their exercise program or diet for losing weight

What Does Science Have to Say about Metabolism Boosters

You might have already heard people saying that boosters do not generally provide effective results. Well, the study of the ingredients says otherwise. Let us go through what science has to say regarding each of the common elements, shall we?


One of the most common stimulants that are available on metabolism boosters is caffeine. Well, it is that famous for a specific reason. There are plenty of studies that have proved how capable it is in terms of helping people lose weight.

Take this 1980 study, for example. This study analyzed the effect of caffeine on the metabolic process. Researchers gave some participants a specific dose of caffeine and some a placebo. The ones that had caffeine had a significant rise in metabolic rate in the very first three hours.

Furthermore, Harvard Health also explained that three to four cups of coffee per day could help you lose weight quickly. In a 24 week study, 126 obese participants drank four cups of coffee and a coffee-like beverage per day.

After the period, researchers found that the people who drank coffee had a lower risk of diabetes and were losing weight.

Green Tea

Another popular ingredient for metabolism boosters is green tea extract. There are millions of people that drink green tea regularly to lose weight. This 2013 study has gone through the effects of green tea consumption. And the results were undoubtedly fascinating.

People that took green tea saw a significant loss in weight over time. The body mass index dropped down reasonably fast too. Also, the blood pressure of the people that had diabetes saw an improvement within eight weeks. Some doctors even claim that the tea can boost metabolism to 12 percent.

Additionally, a specific health magazine has described green tea extract as a magical component for losing weight. Another study that was held in 2009 proved that green tea plays a vital role in weight maintenance. For that reason, you will notice brands utilizing green tea extract in their metabolism booster.

Brown Seaweed Extract or Kelp Extract

You will find kelp or brown seaweed extract on plenty of the available supplements, including the ones that boost metabolism. Studies showed that this specific ingredient has a potent antioxidant trait. And multiple studies have proved that it can aid with weight maintenance.

Other Ingredients

Apart from the ones we have mentioned above, many metabolism supplements will utilize other ingredients. That includes Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), fibers, and plant extracts. Those ingredients, such as the Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), have seen very little research.

However, the studies that did involve ingredients such as Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) did offer promising results. But the effects were not that detrimental.

Side Effects of Metabolism Boosters

If the metabolism boosters contain beneficial elements, they should not cause any significant side effects at all. However, the ingredients are not the only thing that plays a role here. The dosages need to be standard for healthy adults too.

That said, many of the boosters will contain stimulants. Those are the leading cause of side effects. The stimulants, such as caffeine, are associated with anxiety, restlessness, and jitters. You might even face difficulties in terms of falling asleep.

On that note, taking larger dosages of these boosters can also cause some side effects. Stomach discomfort, digestive issues, headaches, and other mild side effects are pretty standard in these cases. For that reason, you should always stick with the recommended dosage.

The Recommended Dosage for Metabolism Boosters

Each one of the metabolism boosters will utilize a unique set of ingredients. The concentration of each of the elements will not be the same either. For that reason, it gets pretty hard to state a dosage for them expressly.

All of the metabolism boosters that we have covered will state a recommended dosage. Even the others should do the same too. Generally, you do not need to take more than two to raise the metabolic rate for the capsules. However, the powder forms will have a different generic dosage.

You should not forget that you will notice severe side effects if you do not follow the recommended dosages properly. That will be especially applicable if the booster contains caffeine. Some of them will go a step beyond and include 300mg of that. That is like drinking 3 cups of joe. So, check the dosages properly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Metabolism

Q: Can spicy foods increase metabolic rate?

A: You can surely boost your metabolism by eating spicy foods. Some of the spicy foods, such as peppers, contain capsaicin. That substance can increase the metabolism rate in your body to some extent. So, if you can pick up the habit of eating spicy foods along with taking a booster, you can jumpstart the metabolism rate.

Q: Do I need to reduce the number of calories if I take a metabolism booster?

A: The metabolism boosters will naturally make your body burn calories than usual. However, if you want to aid the body’s weight loss process, it would be wise to lower the number of calories in each meal. That will let you lose weight exceptionally fast.

Q: How common is Chromium Picolinate in metabolism boosters?

A: Chromium Picolinate is not that common in boosters. The reason for that is because it did not see that much research. Instead of this ingredient, you will notice caffeine more on the supplements. However, the studies that did revolve around Chromium Picolinate did see some promising results.

Q: Is the metabolism rate higher in lean people?

A: People with more lean muscle mass usually have a comparatively higher metabolic rate. The body needs approximately six calories per day to maintain and keep a pound of muscle in shape.

However, your body requires only two calories a day to maintain a pound of fat. So, if you have more muscle than fat, the body will naturally burn a higher amount of calories.

Q: Do women have slower metabolic rates than men?

A: In comparison, men tend to have a higher rate. Women do not have that much of a metabolic rate because they do not have more lean muscle than men. Muscle burns more calories than fat while the body is at the resting phase. For that reason, the metabolism rate for men is a bit higher than women.

Q: Does a low-calorie diet help increase the metabolism rate?

A: A low-calorie diet will not increase your metabolism. Instead of raising the rate, it will put your body into starvation mode. And if your body is in that state, the metabolism will decrease or slow down instead of increasing.

Q: Will intermittent fasting help to increase metabolism?

A: Many people believe that intermittent fasting helps to increase metabolism. But in reality, it slows down the metabolism. However, eating healthy snacks after each two to three hours can help you improve your metabolism rate.

Q: How can one measure metabolism?

A: One can measure metabolism by checking how much oxygen the body consumes over a particular length of time. Doctors will generally test the BMR, otherwise known as basal metabolic rate, and RMR, known as resting metabolism rate.

The 25 Best Metabolism Booster Supplements in 2022 Final Words

We know how hard it can be to seclude the best metabolism booster supplements from the average ones. However, each of the boosters we reviewed went through hours of researching and days of testing. So, you can pick any that falls under your budget segment without overthinking.


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