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Recently, an MIT-trained neuroscientist came forward with a discovery believed to rev up brain power. In fact, since the discovery, thousands of mothers, fathers, grandparents, and students have employed it to rid themselves of brain fog. For those who are wondering what possible supplement might be responsible for said results, no such external solutions are needed. Apparently, the secret rests in understanding brainwaves.

In the larger scheme of things, people target a flow state, which necessitates the activation of the Theta brainwave. One team insists the latter “makes deep and profound learning very easy,” adding that individuals need not exert extra energy. Failure to activate the Theta is said to be the primary reason why the Law of Attraction or other manifestation methods fail them. Suppression of the Theta brainwave may also explain poor learning, lack of progress in finances, and a rise in sour relationships to list a few.

Given the importance of this particular brainwave, we must pause to consider the best approaches to activate it. While meditation, waking up early, and using a biofeedback machine are all highly recommended, each has a drawback. For instance, meditation might be time-consuming for some, whereas waking up early just wouldn’t cut it for others. Biofeedback machines are an option, but the associated price tag makes it difficult to access.

The only convenient approach is listening to sound waves, but it takes a specific type of frequency to activate Theta. Fortunately, the same team that is all for Theta brainwave activation has created a unique soundwave that could potentially transform lives. Let’s get right to it; here’s a thorough examination of The Genius Wave.

What is The Genius Wave?

The Genius Wave is advertised as the first-ever soundwave developed by neuroscientists. Soundwaves have been selected, seeing how they shape all matter in our surroundings. To make the most out of this technique, the creators claim to have used advanced brain entrainment to activate Theta. Normally, said activation takes on average one hour per session, but the creators managed to develop a 7-minute soundwave that works similarly all while promoting maximum convenience.

When used as directed, individuals can anticipate:

  • Writing a full book within a few short weeks without any interruptions
  • Learning any skill their hearts desire
  • Disappearing headaches and belly fat
  • Rekindling of romances
  • Quitting smoking without any difficulties
  • A complete transformation of their lives

In light of this information, it’s time to dig deeper into what each Genius Wave purchase includes.

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What does The Genius Wave include?

The Genius Wave on its own is a digital audio track that can be listened to in a matter of minutes. In addition to this soundwave system, individuals will also receive the following incentives (at no extra charge):

Bonus #1. The Secret Behind Activating Money & Wealth

Inside this digital book, individuals will come to learn tips and tricks on how to attract financial success without having to run after it. Surprisingly, most of what has been stated in this book was apparently used in the movie, The Secret, but there is much more to it that has yet to be revealed. Individuals can consider it the most authentic way to attract financial prosperity.

Bonus #2. Genius Visualization

The second bonus is a guided visualization made by a top-rated Calm App creator. For those who are unfamiliar, guided visualization is a mindfulness method in which people use their imagination to connect with something in their minds. This bonus has been developed to assist people in unraveling major aspects of life such as money, love, health, and happiness, all while relieving the mind of stress and anxiety in the moment.

Bonus #3. Create Your Ideal Future

The final free resource is an infographic that serves as a reminder of five crucial habits that people should practice on a regular basis to create an ideal future. Individuals are highly advised to print a copy and hang it wherever they will see it first thing in the morning and last thing before bedtime.

90-day Money-back Guarantee

Each Genius Wave purchase has also been protected by a 90-day money-back guarantee. If within the first 90 days of listening to The Genius Wave individuals experience little to no change, then customer service must be contacted to initiate the refund processes. To learn more about the eligibility requirements, an email must be sent to support@TheGeniusWave.com.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What sets The Genius Wave apart from other tactics?

A. The Genius Wave achieves similar results to that of meditation and biofeedback machines, but without the time commitment or expenses respectively. In particular, it costs 180 times less, and works more efficiently than practicing meditation. All it takes is seven minutes a day to gradually sync with brain waves and to activate the Theta.

Q. How do I use The Genius Wave?

A. Individuals are instructed to download the digital audio track to their mobile devices or computers and to simply listen. During this, different regions of the brain will be connected with one another to ultimately activate the Theta brainwave.

Q. How long will it take to see results with The Genius Wave?

A. Since everyone is different, results will vary as well. The same holds true in regard to the extent to which one’s Theta brainwaves have been deactivated. For some, activation might be swift, while for others, several sessions might be needed. Having said that, initial results could manifest within the first 2 to 3 days to up to the first couple months.

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Q. Does this mean The Genius Wave will help me win the lottery?

A. No such guarantee can be made. The Genius Wave was developed to activate Theta to help individuals toward a goal. For instance, if the goal is related to finance, individuals might become better at problem-solving, tackling many projects simultaneously, being smart about their spending, or getting a promotion. Normally, improvements in any one of the mentioned areas can lead to financial growth.

Q. Is there any way to accelerate growth in addition to listening to The Genius Wave?

A. In addition to The Genius Wave and the included bonuses, which are deemed enough as it is, individuals can take up meditation as well, but once again, this is not required.

Q. How long after making the payment will I get access to The Genius Wave?

A. Once the payment has been processed, individuals will receive an email with access to The Genius Wave. No physical copies will be sent out.

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How much does The Genius Wave cost?

The Genius Wave, including the three bonuses, is currently priced at $39, which has been reduced from a whopping $200.

Final Thoughts

From the analysis above, it should be clear that The Genius Wave is a soundwave audio track developed to activate a particular brainwave. In accordance with the creators of this system, so long as Theta remains deactivated, individuals will struggle to see improvements in the many aspects of their lives, whether financial, health, love, and/or relationships. This is not to say that after listening to the audio, people will wake up revitalized and with all of their problems resolved. The purpose of said activation is to push people in the right direction.

Getting to the top necessitates a series of small steps, and The Genius Wave seeks to make these many small steps more practical and possible. When setbacks take form, individuals will not give up, instead, they’ll seek workarounds to overcome the consequences. To a significant extent, it is about fortifying the mind and motivating people to achieve their goals. The rest is believed to fall into place. In this case, individuals need to invest time and remain consistent. For more information on how to use The Genius Wave in favor of your goals, visit here! >>>


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