Simpler Traffic Reviews (Chris Munch & Jay Cruiz) Legit Official Website Claims?

Do you believe that more people are venturing online in search of a way to make money? It turns out that the percentage of businesses with an online presence has increased from 19.3% in 2012 to 29.7% in 2023. This does not include content creators or independent employees, to name a few. Unsurprisingly, people are looking for methods to get out of the Rat Race, given the freedom that comes with online income streams, most of which are driven by pure enthusiasm.

The challenge with launching products and services or even becoming affiliate marketers for businesses is generating traffic. One may take various paths, but one team of professionals with decades of expertise can guarantee that sticking to the basics is where the money lies. Interested in learning why they believe this? Here’s what we know about Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz’s Simpler Traffic.

What is Simpler Traffic?

Simpler Traffic is a completely new traffic model designed to assist people in creating simple, 7-minute posts that are likely to drive sales. Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz, the creators of this system, claim that their tool can produce excellent targeted traffic in any niche at virtually no expense and with minimal effort. The best part is that not many individuals have tackled traffic generation in the same way that this team has, effectively governing competition.


They believe their method is so simple that “it’s actually kind of boring,” making it useful for affiliates, eCommerce sellers, marketing agencies, local businesses, expert coaches, and ordinary people looking to take a jab at entrepreneurship. In a time where people are always seeking the next best, whatever it may be, this duo hopes to remind everyone that perhaps mastering the boring is equally, if not far more profitable than breaking one’s head in search of innovation.

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How does Simpler Traffic work?

Simpler Traffic focuses on five particular phases: selecting a boring niche, a boring offer, and a boring topic, deploying their 60-second mini-site, and activating what they refer to as “The Traffic Cyborg.” In other words, rather than allowing artificial intelligence to do all of the work, this team claims to put in a little more “human” effort to uncover possibilities that go missed all too often.

Of course, this does not mean that technology has been completely eliminated. Instead, the team believes people should learn to train “Baby ChatGPT” effectively for increased profits. The following is a summary of each phase, as detailed in their free guide, The $100K Boring Challenge:

Phase 1: Selecting a Boring Niche

  • What is the target market, and how will your niche provide them value?
  • Which niches have zero to low competition?
  • Which niches consist of urgent problems needing solutions?
  • Which niches present the highest chance of generating profits?
  • Which niches guarantee access to free buyer traffic?

Phase 2: Selecting a Boring Offer

  • What offer presents a need rather than a want?
  • What boring stuff is already available, and people repeatedly buy?
  • Why is it important to consider price and commission simultaneously?
  • Why is it important to remember that the goal shouldn’t be to target all traffic?
  • Why does the most urgent traffic present high commissions?

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Phase 3: Selecting a Boring Topic

  • What are people asking about yet aren’t receiving any answers to?
  • How do we uncover unmet demand to create the “Market of One”?

Phase 4: Deploying a 60-second Mini-Site

  • How do we move people to the offer to convert them into sales?
  • How should a site be built to compel action from the customers’ end?
  • How does a person without coding, designing, or web developing experience create a website?
  • Why does selecting a few templates and one to deploy the site suffice?
  • Why is creating a mini-site superior to using a platform for the bottom line?

Phase 5: Activating “The Traffic Cyborg”

  • How do we get traffic? Is there a free way to do this rather than paying money?
  • Why does boring content go a long way in generating traffic?
  • How does the Cyborg approach help create buyer-friendly articles?
  • How does AmpiFire help to bring time and cost to a minimum while increasing sales?

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How does one get started with Simpler Traffic?

The first step to getting started with Simpler Traffic is to download the free guide on making $100,000 in profit using a boring method but having artificial intelligence take care of the heavy lifting. The free guide can be downloaded by visiting the company’s official website. After downloading, customers will be taken to a page where they can download a blueprint. This is a visual representation of the Simpler Traffic Method. Many individuals who have already used it have easily made six or seven figures without incurring unnecessary expenses or spending hours.

When the first two steps have been completed, individuals can share their honest thoughts for a chance to win $500 in cash. Finally, individuals are invited to reserve a spot in an upcoming webinar hosted by Chris and Jay. This is a chance for everyone to see Simpler Traffic before placing an order for the system. Moreover, individuals will come to learn of the following:

  • The method driving consistent profits in any niche
  • The benefits that arise from making small mistakes
  • The process that practically predicts profits to be generated
  • The overlooked “Navy Seal” philosophy for increased profitability
  • The method’s plug-and-play feature that generates ten times the results
  • The 90-day challenge led by Chris and Jay to generate $100,000 yearly

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How much does it cost to access Simpler Traffic?

For now, Chris and Jay are offering workshops to present their system. Once the official launch date hits, more about the pricing will be revealed.

Who are Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz?

Chris Munch launched his first online business in 2006 while attending college and working long hours. He went on to start AmpiFire, a multi-million dollar company with over 20,000 customers worldwide. In addition, he sold over 200,000 digital and physical products, generating over 100 million web visitors, and assisted over 30,000 entrepreneurs in starting or expanding their respective online businesses.

On the other hand, Jay Cruiz, co-founder of The $100K Boring Challenge and AmpiFire partner. He, too, made eight figures in online sales, assisted businesses and beginners in profiting through a unique online content strategy, and developed hundreds of success stories to teach others to beat the Rat Race.

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Final Verdict

To summarize, Chris and Jay are back with a new way to generate traffic and build a successful online, six-figure business without wasting time. While the technology is new, it is based on tried-and-true tactics that have been used for decades. Rather than urging people to embrace new ideas, this team believes it is time to return to the basics or “the boring.” In other words, it all boils down to offering products and services that are in demand, solving existing problems, and enticing customers to place an order, regardless of economic health.

There are allegedly countless untapped niches, making something as simple and convenient as Simpler Traffic a timely entrant. To get started, individuals must review a few freely available resources and register for a workshop to understand the specs.

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