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When it comes to oral health, people often neglect flossing, as it is inconvenient and could hurt or cause bleeding, depending on the person. So naturally, it can get a little disheartening to continue on the path to better oral hygiene when unnecessary hiccups occur. Flossing also takes extra time, especially for people with permanent retainers or extremely tight teeth. All this is to say that people can have several reasons against flossing, but it is pivotal for achieving healthy teeth and gums. Why, you ask?

Cleaning between the teeth eliminates plaque and prevents future formation, reduces the risk of cavities, prevents gum disease (a consequence of inflammation), reduces bad breath (by removing food particles stuck in the teeth), and might even help with heart health. The latter stems from the mere fact that the health of our month is linked to overall wellness.

Seeing how important this step in oral health is, our editorial team took on the challenge of finding a flosser that is quick and painless and, above all, supports tooth and gum health. This is a good time to introduce Miracle Smile®.

What is Miracle Smile®?

Miracle Smile® is a water flosser designed to gently clean and massage the entire mouth, leading to a brighter, healthier smile. The creators of Miracle Smile® understand the importance of flossing on dental hygiene and, at the same time, acknowledge that existing conventional methods are tedious, painful, and not suited for everyone.

At first glance, Miracle Smile® checks off the quick and convenient requirements, as individuals have to fill it with water and press a button for cleaning to commence. Undoubtedly, there are several layers worth educating oneself on.

To better grasp how Miracle Smile® can achieve desirable results, let’s look at its mechanisms.

How does Miracle Smile® work?

A water flosser, in general, works by producing a pulsating, high-pressure jet of water. This pressured water can clear away residual food or plaque when placed between each tooth. Miracle Smile® is distinctive because it is one step ahead of other water flossers. The standard flosser has only one targeted water jet, whereas the Miracle Smile® flosser has four. The extra water jets should be able to clean the teeth’ top, bottom, front, and back, as well as below the gumline, all at once.

This offers a quick full-mouth cleaning in a single pass and takes significantly less time than the average water flosser. With this basic understanding, we can proceed to the list of features.

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What are the features of Miracle Smile®?

Miracle Smile®’s extra water jets are one of several features that make it superior to its rivals. Other features include:


Compact & Portable

Miracle Smile® is cordless, lightweight, and highly compact. Therefore, it can easily be packed up and used as required. Furthermore, Miracle Smile® is claimed to be water-resistant, meaning it can be used in the shower. Just off of these two features alone, those who are always on the go and are pressed for time should consider taking advantage of Miracle Smile®.

Ergonomic Design

The Miracle Smile® handle is ergonomically designed to provide optimal flosser comfort. Said design respects our body’s natural positioning, eliminating discomfort and stress that would be otherwise caused. The grip is also non slip, so the risk has been reduced significantly for those concerned about accidentally dropping the device.

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360-degree Flossing Technology

Miracle Smile® has been designed with angle-shifting technology to ensure that the whole mouth is targeted. This implies that plaque and food residue in all areas of the mouth, including deep within the gumline, is clean, ultimately leading to healthier teeth and gums.

Three Pressure Settings

Miracle Smile® has three different pressure settings built-in: High, Medium, and Sensitive. These options are designed to give people complete control over how much pressure is applied to their teeth and gums. The fact that the Miracle Smile® creators also considered people with sensitive teeth should be factored in, as this group is generally thought to experience pain and discomfort very quickly.

Professional Cleaning

The four powerful jets that Miracle Smile® is equipped with should replicate the feeling one experiences after a cleaning at the dentist. The entire mouth, including teeth and gums, may be cleaned in one pass. The process is believed to take less than 10 seconds and should help remove stains, plaque, and tartar. Additionally, its technology may help prevent bad breath and gingivitis from occurring.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What are the benefits of Miracle Smile®?

A. Miracle Smile® is believed to clean the entire mouth in less than 10 seconds, massage the gums, remove plaque and stains, prevent dental problems, and leave individuals with a professional-level cleaning.

Q. Does Miracle Smile® need batteries?

A. Miracle Smile® is a rechargeable water flosser, so batteries are unnecessary. Instead, individuals are instructed to charge the device when running out of juice.

Q. Do dentists back Miracle Smile®?

A. The creators claim that expert dentists and oral hygienists back Miracle Smile® nationwide.

Q. How effective is Miracle Smile® in comparison to other methods?

A. Miracle Smile® is twice as effective as traditional flossing and single-jet flossers.

Q. Can people with sensitive teeth use Miracle Smile®?

A. Miracle Smile® supposedly has different pressure settings, including one for sensitive teeth.

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Q. Is it painful to use Miracle Smile®?

A. Miracle Smile® was purportedly designed to be pain-free.

Q. How long after ordering for the Miracle Smile® to arrive?

A. Every Miracle Smile® order is trusted to arrive within 30 days of processing. Individuals are encouraged to contact the support team for more information on the order status.

Q. Is there a money-back guarantee on Miracle Smile® orders?

A. The creators designed Miracle Smile® with the intention of becoming a leader in the flossing industry. The end result is deemed far superior to conventional methods and should support people of different sensitivities. Since this team is confident in their offering, they’ve decided to protect each purchase with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

If individuals are still unconvinced after trying it, all unused units are eligible for a full purchase price refund. For more information on the refund policy, the support team can be reached by email or phone at:

  • 1 (888) 807 0780
  • miraclesmileclean@rephelpdesk.com

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How much does Miracle Smile® cost?

Miracle Smile® is currently available for purchase at four distinct price points. As evidenced below, bulk orders increase savings:

  • 1 Miracle Smile® Flosser: $89.99 each
  • 2 Miracle Smile® Flossers: $69.99 each
  • 3 Miracle Smile® Flossers: $66.63 each
  • 4 Miracle Smile® Flossers: $62.50 each

Concluding Remarks

To close, Miracle Smile® is a water flosser reckoned to produce results similar to visiting a dentist, all at the convenience of one’s home. The main reason is that Miracle Smile® has been equipped with not one but four water jets. As a result, individuals can anticipate a complete cleaning from the front, back, top, and bottom teeth into the gumline.

To think that those described above can be targeted in seconds is quite impressive. Miracle Smile®’s time efficiency stems from the jets and the 360-degree, different pressure settings, ergonomically designed handle, compactness, and portability. Since this flosser is also water-resistant, users will not have to replace it as frequently due to rust.

To learn how to best enhance oral hygiene in a quick, easy, and painless manner, visit Miracle Smile® by clicking here>>>


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