Feet Finder Reviews: Is FeetFinder.com Legit for Buying & Selling Feet Images & Videos?

Feet Finder is an online platform that connects foot fetish images and video sellers with buyers. This platform is one of the most straightforward websites to use for these types of pictures, according to over 5,000 positive reviews.

What is Feet Finder?

Everyone has a fetish, though the most challenging part of these desires is finding a safe and discreet outlet. While plenty of free websites are dedicated to more conventional desires, one of the most common niches is the demand for foot pictures. It may be frequently said as a joke, but selling feet pictures can be a highly lucrative opportunity, and Feet Finder helps interested buyers and sellers cash in.

Feet Finder offers one of the most extensive collections of foot fetish content today. With popular categories (and a few obscure ones), this database helps consumers connect with the type of foot content that appeals to them the most. This legal service is available to adults, regardless of whether they buy or sell. With a 90% profit for sellers, anyone can make the money they want from a side hustle or a way to pad their bank account.

The entire collection of sellers on Feet Finder includes verified models, ensuring that consumers only get access to original and authentic images. None of the models are reselling someone else’s content, and the ID verification process ensures that no bad actors or imposters make it through the registration process. Plus, everything is blurred on the screen for anyone but the buyer to ensure privacy and discretion when loading pictures. If they want to upload a non-blurred image, they need to select that option during upload.

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How Does Feet Finder Work?

Consumers can interact as buyers or sellers when visiting the Feet Finder website. Regardless of the type of account chosen, registration is required to access the website’s relevant section.


Setting Up An Account for Feet Finder

For Buyers

To sign up to view or buy images on the Feet Finder’s website, users need to include their username, email address, password, country, and birthday. They also have to accept the terms and conditions, which include stipulations on their use of the images once they gain access.

Once the buyer has set up their account, they can view millions of models. They filter through the different content to find the type of foot fetish pictures that suit their needs. If the existing niche content isn’t sufficient, they can also purchase customized content from models worldwide. They can search for images under the following categories:

  • High Heels
  • Soles
  • Nail Polish
  • Socks
  • Lotion
  • Pedicure
  • Dirty Feet
  • Male
  • Dancer
  • Tattoo
  • Showing Face
  • Nylon

While this list is inconclusive, it includes the most popular categories currently available on the website. Buyers can also seek customized options if they connect with the model’s content.

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For Sellers

Sellers will need to set up their profiles with this same information. They can only create an account when they agree to the applicable terms and conditions. Part of those terms and conditions stipulate that sellers can sell videos and pictures but cannot prostitute themselves or participate in sex trafficking.

When consumers register on the website to make their sales, one requirement is to verify their identity, which can be done with a government-issued ID. The website requires sellers to photograph themselves holding their IDs to ensure a match. This verification is crucial to proving that the user is old enough to access the content and not registering for someone else.

However, buyers won’t have access to their identity. Instead, the creators prioritized the anonymity and safety of users, which means that more models can participate without the concern of being found online.

With every sale, models are paid 90%, meaning they only pay a commission of 10% of the total cost to Feet Finder in addition to the membership fee. They have complete access to sell both videos and images. The website has proven highly beneficial to sellers who want to make a little money or a lot, resulting in millions of dollars going into sellers’ pockets.

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Membership Information for Feet Finder

For Buyers

Buyers who want to purchase content on Feet Finder will have full access to the website after setting up their account. Users can browse for free, but accessing images requires payment. Pictures start out at $5 and increase in price depending on the seller and the content of the picture.

Buyers cannot get a refund for content if they are dissatisfied, according to the current policies of Feet Finder.


For Sellers

Any model who sells on the Feet Finder website will have to pay a fee to list their content. When the website initially launched, users could upload their content freely. As the creators realized the substantial profit new users were making, they learned that the demand for sellers wasn’t balanced with buyers.

Rather than imposing limits, sellers can pay a monthly ($4.99) or annual ($14.99) fee for access with the Basic plan. If the user chooses the Basic plan with a lifetime subscription, they only need to pay $40. The premium subscription costs $14.99 each month ($49.99 annually, but users can also pay $80 once for lifetime access.

None of these purchases are covered by a money-back guarantee or return policy.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Feet Finder

General Questions

Q: Is Participating as a Buyer or Seller on Feet Finder Safe?

A: Absolutely. The creators of the Feet Finder platform focus heavily on establishing security on their website to ensure that both buyers and sellers feel comfortable. Using third-party firewalls and encrypted servers, consumers will not find any other foot fetish website with the same priorities.

Q: What Information Does Feet Finder Require to Verify Identity?

A: The platform creators explain that users must verify their identification with a state-issued document, like a license. This identification is used solely to ensure that the person registering is an adult and is not creating an account for someone else.

Q: Can Verified Users Share Their Accounts With Someone Else?

A: No. Whether the user is verified, they cannot share with anyone else. Users must contact the customer service team to learn about sharing an account.

Q: Is Feet Finder Available Outside of the United States?

A: Yes. It is available all over the world. The only way that consumers won’t be able to access this content is if their country has specific laws against it, which is rare but not unheard of.

Q: Are There Any Plans to Make Feet Finder Into an App?

A: When the creators of this platform initially launched it, the plan was to become an app. However, Google Play and the Apple Store refused to make it available to consumers because of its role as a fetish app. If this type of app is ever allowed, the creators have already committed to making it available to customers. In the meantime, users must visit it online via computer or smartphone.

Q: What if the User Needs to Cancel Their Account?

A: Users can delete their account anytime by going to the Profile tab. If they cannot cancel or run into any issues, they should contact the customer service team for help.

Q: What is the Refund Policy?

A: Feet Finder doesn’t issue refunds for any reason. As soon as it is delivered to the user, the transaction has been finalized, and there is no option to get their money back.

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About Buying Content

Q: Can Buyers Save and Redistribute the Content That They Pay for?

A: No. While the content of the models is sold and distributed through Feet Finder, buyers are prohibited from copying it, regardless of whether they distribute it separately.

Q: How Do Sellers Get Buyers?

A: Sellers must only post content related to feet. Buyers peruse different profiles online, allowing them to filter the options on the search page. Consumers who want to bring in more business can post their profile on social media, inviting consumers who may not already be on the website.

Q: Can Models and Buyers Meet in Person?

A: No. Users are prohibited from arranging in-person meetings on Feet Finder. Anyone who witnesses these arrangements violates the terms and conditions, whether they see someone else attempt a meet or are approached for one. Their account will be revoked if they disregard this policy.

Q: Is Tipping Required?

A: No. Tipping is optional but will not obligate models to provide additional content or services.

About Selling Content

Q: What Types of Foot Fetish Images Can Be Posted by Sellers?

A: The only requirement for uploading images is that they must be of the registered user and they are a consenting adult. Whether they buy or sell, this website is only suitable for adults.

Q: If Sellers Can Be Anonymous, Why is an ID Required?

A: Though the seller’s identity doesn’t have to be displayed to buyers, this verification is essential for tax purposes.

Q: Is Feet Finder Exclusively Used to Sell Content Relating to Feet?

A: Yes. The website allows foot content to include other body parts, but its purpose is to cater to individuals with a foot fetish.

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Q: Can Anyone Sell Their Feet Pictures on the Feet Finder Website?

A: There are very few requirements to participate in the Feet Finder. You can sell on the website if you’re at least 18 years old. They don’t have to be a specific ethnicity, weight, or gender. Instead, everyone can create customized content to sell as a model.

Q: Can Men Be Sellers of Foot Fetish Content?

A: Yes! This website is for anyone wanting to buy or sell foot content; women aren’t the only ones consumers want to view. The demand for men’s feet pictures is still a niche category, but it is one of the most popular remedies.

Q: Will Sellers Have to Report What They Earn With Feet Finder to the IRS?

A: Anyone who profits more than $600 a year on Feet Finder will receive a 1099 form that they need to file with their taxes. The forms come from Segpay, the bank that manages Feet Finder’s payments. Individuals outside of the United States will need to follow their local country’s laws on the income that needs to be reported.

Q: Will Users Have to Show Their Faces?

A: No. While some websites force users to be fully transparent about who they are, this exposure can be an offline risk to their personal life. Sellers must verify their identity on the official website, but none of this information must be on their profile. Still, consumers will have better odds of making sales if they show their face and entire body.

Q: How Do Sellers Get Paid?

A: The payout is based on where the seller lives. US-based sellers will be paid through Segpay when buyers purchase access to the content.

Contact Information

If the customer has other questions or concerns, they can email support@feetfinder.com.

Feet Finder Summary

Feet Finder allows consumers to indulge in their fantasies with foot fetish pictures. Consumers can easily find what they want to view with subscriptions to list content and various products. Sellers are paid fairly, and buyers can choose exactly what they want to see. While there is a no-refund policy, consumers can sort through the entire platform to find what works for their preferences.

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