Big Bright Smile Challenge Reviews: Is The Face Yoga Method’s 5-Day Neck and Jawline Event Worth It?

For many, an ideal facial structure is chiseled and slim. In truth, many people have attempted and failed to understand what will release them from stubborn facial fat, making it appear particularly difficult to achieve. Though spot training for fat loss has been proven useless, the same is allegedly not valid for the face. The face has its own muscles that, when exercised properly, can result in toned muscles and, even better, a defined face. Our editorial team was naturally interested in learning more about the art and came upon The 5-Day Big Bright Smile Challenge. Here’s a detailed look at what the virtual event has in store for attendees.

What is The Big Bright Smile Challenge?

The Big Bright Smile Challenge is a five-day online challenge in which participants will learn how to tone their cheeks and gain confidence. Each 40-minute session will be guided by Fumiko Takatsu, her certified coaches, and other Face Yogis, who all claim this challenge is suitable for everyone – with or without experience. The idea is to lead everyone through a series of facial exercises that target various facial muscles. Takatsu explained the gist of facial yoga in an interview with Mind Body Green, saying:

“The face has muscles, just like the body. So, why not isolate and tone those muscles, relaxing the rest so you can get results?”

The expert also emphasized how this type of movement is completely controlled, which means undesired wrinkles will not be induced; instead, people will notice an improvement in blood circulation to help excessively tight regions. By the end of this challenge, people will be more conscious of expressions that are frequently ignored, possibly helping to foster serenity from within.

What will I get out of The Big Bright Smile Challenge?

People who attend this virtual challenge will have access to the following:

5 Days of Live Online Routines

As previously stated, each day will include a 40-minute session with Takatsu and her team on how to employ the power of facial yoga to smooth smile wrinkles and lift cheeks. Each day marks a different phase. On the first day, participants will learn to recognize connections between the face, skin, and mind. Takatsu will show everyone where there is a lot of tension, stress, or tightness, all of which may affect their smile.

Physical and mental blockages will be freed on the second day. Takatsu will demonstrate how to restore balance around the mouth and cheeks using gentle fingertip pressure. Individuals should expect a sense of relaxation, lightness, increased spirits, and, eventually, full-body revitalization. Then we move on to the rebuild phase, i.e., a phase all about developing new muscle memory and activating and deactivating muscles in the face. The latter is deemed necessary for smoothing smile lines and lifting the cheeks.

The fourth day should be spent relaxing, as everyone will have put in a lot of effort in the previous three. The main goal at this point is to strike a balance between stimulating and relaxing the muscles on the mouth and cheeks. The final day of this challenge consolidates everything learned in the previous four days. By combining these poses, individuals will quickly see how straightforward it is to assemble their respective Face Yoga Routines.

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Daily Live Q&A Sessions

There will be daily live question-and-answer sessions to supplement the scheduled daily learning. These workshops are said to be led by a qualified face yoga instructor who will answer any questions or concerns coming directly from the audience. To make the most out of these sessions, individuals are encouraged to set aside an hour and a half daily for homework and ongoing support.

The Opportunity to Network

One of the primary purposes of this challenge is to create a community of like-minded individuals. Those who plan to participate in the Big Bright Smile Challenge are all in to gather as much as they can on facial yoga, making it a terrific network of people to meet and engage with. One can anticipate feeling inspired and supported on the road to healthier facial muscles.

Lifetime Access to Face Yoga Fundamentals

Knowledge is something that the learner will retain until the end of time. This challenge will provide a wealth of knowledge and skills on depuffing, firming, and tightening the face. Short educational videos will target a combination of the face, body, and mindset.

When is The Big Bright Smile Challenge scheduled to take place?

The Big Bright Smile Challenge is set to take place in October 2023. The challenge will be held on Zoom. Once your registration is complete, you will receive the link. Meanwhile, the following is a summary of the topics to be covered and when to expect them:

  • Day 1 – Recognize
  • Day 2 – Release
  • Day 3 – Rebuild
  • Day 4 – Relax
  • Day 5 – Repeat

How much does it cost to attend The Big Bright Smile Challenge?


The Big Bright Smile Challenge, valued at $129, is now available for just $19! Individuals can purchase the downloadable version of the Challenge Success Book for an extra $18 at the checkout. This eBook is said to contain the routines, lifestyle, and result-driven details discussed during the five-day challenge. It is critical to remember that each session will only be available for 24 hours after they conclude.

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Meet the Instructors: Fumiko Takatsu, Tina Scholl, and Naomi Sakai

Fumiko Takatsu is the creator of the Face Yoga Method. Takatsu was living her life, content with her skin’s youthfulness despite being in her forties. Until one day, a car accident left her face uneven and heightened her self-consciousness about her appearance. One day, while standing in front of a mirror, she had an epiphany: if body muscles could be taught to be more defined, she should get similar results if she put in the same effort and isolated her facial muscles. This epiphany resulted in the development of the Face Yoga Method.

After a few weeks of performing the exercises she honed, people began to comment on how much younger and firmer their faces seemed. Takatsu is well aware of the frenzy that comes with attempting to locate products that can help tighten her face and make her look more symmetrical, hence, the reason why she took matters into her own hands. Nowadays, she has a burning desire to educate the masses on the power of facial yoga while increasing accessibility to essential tools, including the 5-Day Big Bright Smile Challenge.

Tina Scholl and Naomi Sakai make Takatsu’s supporting team. Tina is a Certified Face Yoga Method teacher, physical therapist, massage therapist, and certified organic skincare formulator. She is claimed to have mastered the interconnection of the body, muscles, and reflexology, which is relevant for the Big Bright Smile Challenge. Naomi Sakai, on the other hand, is a Certified Face Yoga Method teacher and a Hatha Vinyasa yoga instructor. Her yoga practice is based on tradition and facial lymphatic massage, which she feels will balance and renew the face for ideal alignment.

Concluding Remarks

The Big Bright Smile Challenge aims to improve people’s smiles through specialized facial exercises. Every day represents a phase of practice, whether it is understanding what your facial muscles are connected to, eliminating blockages, relearning muscular activity (while deactivating the redundant sort), or relaxing. This challenge’s structure, in our opinion, is creative, as participants will get to explore the many aspects of the face and how to control various movements for optimal transformations. The instructional part is the foundation for developing a routine, which we admire.

It’s also nice to know that there are professionals out there educating the masses on neglected muscles, especially at a time when bodily muscles are heavily prioritized. If there’s one thing people should remember, it’s that nothing beats a healthy smile, improved circulation, and alleviated signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. How can anyone ignore the abundance of resources, instructors with decades of experience, the ability to network with like-minded people, or the drastically lowered pricing? To register for the Big Bright Smile Challenge, visit the official website today!