Suspect assaults officer in a hospital | Police blotter

Selected crime reports for June 11-17. This is not a comprehensive list of incidents in Bellevue.

Sunday, June 17

Exposing: A female jogger on a trail at the Blueberry Farm came upon a male suspect who had his genitals exposed. Officers were unable to locate the suspect.

Warrant Arrest: A suspect called police and stated he was taking a Lyft to the hospital and needed police help. Once officers talked to the suspect they realized he was suffering from mental issues and was paranoid about everyone around. It was later determined he had an outstanding DUI warrant. The suspect was booked into jail.

Saturday, June 16

Car Prowl: The victim called after seeing a man inside of her vehicle as she exited a coffee shop on 44 Bellevue Way NE. The male fled the area in a truck.

Theft: A suspect stole alcohol from a store on the 15000 block of SE 32nd St. He was caught and booked into jail.

Friday, June 15

Trespass: Store manager contacted police to report an unwanted subject on the 800 block of 116th Ave. NE. The officer arrived and discovered that the subject was on the property in an attempt to gather signatures. The officer was also able to determine that Whole Foods met the criteria for a standalone business, and a trespass notice was issued in conjunction with asking the subject to leave.

Drugs: An officer contacted both suspects in a vehicle passed out from narcotics usage on the 2000 block of 148th Ave. NE. Narcotics paraphernalia was seen throughout the vehicle and suspects were detained. Victim was contacted regarding stolen credit cards found in the vehicle, and advised the Officer he was a victim of a Bellevue car prowl from 3 months prior. Suspect was arrested and booked into jail.

Thursday, June 14

Residential Burglary: Between 1500 hrs and 2350 hrs, a suspect forced entry into residence by prying the door handle on the 14800 block of SE Allen Road. Several items were stolen.

Child Abuse: Witnesses reported seeing the suspect hitting a child in a parking lot. Officers located suspect and his two children. The 5-year-old victim had visible injuries The suspect parent was arrested for Child Abuse and booked into jail. Case also forwarded to CPS.

Wednesday, June 13

Theft: An unknown subject entered a local dentist’s office and removed items from the lobby area on the 1500 block of 116 Ave. NE.

Retail Theft: Two suspects stole several vitamin products from the drug store on the 4100 block of Factoria Boulevard SE. The investigation is ongoing.

Monday, June 11

Possession of a Stolen Vehicle: Officers were in the area looking for a suspicious subject when they discovered the suspect inside a van rifling through the interior on the 2600 block of 148th Ave. SE. The subject was detained for investigation of prowling. Further investigation revealed the van was actually reported stolen from the parking lot of a Seattle hotel. The subject admitted stealing the car and driving it to Bellevue. The suspect was booked and the vehicle was returned to owner.

Assault on an Officer: The suspect was at a hospital on the 1000 block of 116th Ave. NE being checked after falling off his bicycle. A Bellevue Police Officer was at the hospital for an unrelated call. The suspect became very argumentative with a doctor and nurse regarding his care, and became so disrupted he was ordered to leave the facility. The officer overheard the disturbance and offered his assistance. The suspect refused to leave and assaulted the officer who took him into custody with the assistance of security officers. There were no injuries to either party. The suspect was booked into jail.